The first song I ever heard from them is “Time Spent Walking on Memories” or “Time it takes to remove memories”.  I was owned!  The lyrics, superb!  The voice of Kim Jong Wan is simply captivating.  I don’t speak Korean, but when I hear him sing, it feels like I do.  He is so emotionally connected whenever he sings.  The pain, love and joy seems so palpable.  He can make any song come to life!  The way he plays the piano, so passionate!  Every note feels like his heartbeat.  Because of this band, I learned to appreciate raw and indie music MORE.

I believe their sound is very distinct and has a wistful vibe to it.  Their music may not resonate to everyone, but once they capture you, the music lingers.  The lyrics once translated in English is just icing on a cake. Since, Jong Wan’s vocals is nostalgic.

Here’s a sample of a LIVE performance, truly amazing vocals and music!

One song that remains so special to me is Drifting Apart. I just love the message because I think everyone of us went through with something like it.  And since I love playing the piano, I just fell in love more watching Jong Wan the entire video. Before we watch it, here’s the English translation courtesy of FLY HIGHHH (NELL soompi thread).

What do we do?
We are both hurting
We are both becoming distant
What do we do?
We are becoming more sad
We are becoming distant

Perhaps it wasn’t love
but attachment?
Perhaps it wasn’t love
but selfishness?

What do we do?
It is silent
We are becoming distant

Perhaps it wasn’t fate
but coincidence?

Probably, we are not forever
but until now.

Serious much?

Heh, not really!! Nell has upbeat music.  Not purely sentimental tones. I believe they always put different flavors on their music making it uniquely NELL.  Nothing like any other sound.  For me, they are best when you simply want to get in touch with yourself and what you feel.  Listen and just be driven freely.

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