I give my First Love to You

By far, this is only my second Japanese movie that I’ve watched and it is my favorite! When I saw the trailer, my curiosity rumbled in. Good thing, this movie satisfied me to the hilt.

“My love life has a time limit..” and so the clock ticks.

An eight year old Takuma is a frequent patient in a hospital. Mayu’s father happened to be his doctor. Since then, unbeknownst to what real love is, Takuma and Mayu officially became a couple.

It was said that Takuma will only last until the age of 20.  Because of this, Takuma learned to live his life doing the things he loves with no regrets.  He seems to push himself to the limits most of the time, his condition at the backseat.  But that is not always the case when it comes to Mayu.  Takuma seems to hold back because he knows the end product. Hurting Mayu, the last thing in his mind and heart.

Mayu is the exact opposite of Takuma.  She is careless, troublemaker, strong-willed, gullible, courageous, cheerful type of girl.  She’s not really on the dumb side, she has potential.  She excels more on extracurricular activities unlike Takuma who is practically an encyclopedia.  But I like her character because she’s passionate and straight forward.  When she choose something, she focused on it and targets straight on.

Mayu and Takuma fits to compliment each other.

Just when Takuma thought he’d get rid of Mayu permanently by studying in a very prestigious school, Mayu failed him. Since Mayu sticks to Takuma like glue, she worked hard to get herself in.  She also is making the most out of Takuma’s time.  Her unwavering love is truly admirable.

When love seems to be going on its course, then enters two distractions. I mean, trials.

Kou Suzuya, a typical smart jerk who happens to like Mayu arrived. Kou annoyed me at first. But then he fulfills his purpose. That is to make Takuma run for his life and fight for it. Life meaning Mayu. I thought he’d be more significant than that. I guess, this story really surprised me. I love that. It made the whole concept different and swayed the cliche a bit.

What is a love story without the jealousy arc? Teru, a young beautiful girl who also has heart ailment, was a close childhood friend of Takuma. Since they share the same condition, its easier for them to be close. Mayu disliked that fact. The entrance of Teru is not a welcome sign from Mayu who obviously reverted from being clingy with Takuma to staying farther away as possible. This put a strain in their relationship most especially when Takuma confessed having kissed Teru. He wants to be alone, since he does not want Mayu to hurt even more.

I like that whenever a person asks you to leave, the other still stays. There’s really a charm in there that I find poignancy. We don’t want to be alone. And sometimes when we do feel the urge to be left alone, it’s still best to have someone beside you, silence is comfort too. But, that’s NOT always the case isn’t it? So, we opt to prefer to simply leave.

Then the tables turned.

Realization dawned at Takuma and Mayu when Teru died due to heart attack.  Time indeed has its limits and they don’t have a control over it.  Another bad news came.  Kou had a train accident and is currently under coma just in time when Takuma had a sudden heart attack.  There’s no escaping now.  Kou’s heart is the only way for Takuma to stay alive since he needed a transplant ASAP.  Even if it took Mayu to beg, she knelt down and asked Kou’s family for it.  But then, destiny has its own course.  And this time, even the four-leaf clover can’t do anything.  Wishes don’t come true all the time.

Since the time is slowly slipping away, Takuma gathered strength just to spent a few more hours with Mayu. They went to a park for a whole day, then the beach, ate together and just had fun.  I guess in Takuma’s life there’s only one thing he regrets.  That is not being able to fulfill his promise to marry Mayu.


Then Takuma finally had to go. Mayu was left crying while holding Takuma’s will. The will that he had made when he was still eight.

Time passed. As the cherry opens its blossoms, another chapter of Mayu’s life begins. This time, alone. Without Takuma. But in her heart, she is married to him, forever.

Mayu: “I don’t regret a thing. No matter how many times we meet. Even knowing such sadness awaits me. I’d definitely fall in love with you again.”


This movie started with two very young Takuma and Mayu.  I love how passionate these kids are!  Just few minutes of this, I found myself already crying with most scenes and laughing the next.  My weak heart was captured with the simplicity of its premise.  The acting was superb from start to finish. Inoue Mao is simply captivating with her role as Mayu Taneda.  And the kids, adorable!! The eight year old Takuma is really uber cute!! How I wish they’d just remain as eight year old kids the entire movie.

Moving on.  I love how they used the leaf-clover to frame the purity of the characters.  The thought that if you happened to find one can make your wish come true is heart gripping especially when they used it as part of the climax. The first scene with it, at the backyard, classic take for a first kiss!

This movie can really tug your heartstrings.  The story managed to make the usual love angle cliche with a different twist.  Or maybe the actors just did a very satisfying attack on the roles they played.  It is a very sad story after all but then it ended on a light note still.  I spent a good time watching this.

Living life to the fullest and making the most of your time is the best lesson in this movie. Also, LOVE with ALL of YOU and let hurt be not a hindrance for you to love fully.


  • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been meaning to watch this but have been holding off because I don’t like sad endings but I think I’ll give it a shot.

  • Charliezel says:

    i almost cry a liter of tears..T_T..but in the manga series, Takuma survived and they had twins, 😀

    • leila8mae says:

      the most tearjerker for me was when Mayu knelt down at Kou’s parents begging for his heart. Such a great beat in that scene. I’m in awe of Inoue Mao.. and the kids version is simply adorable!

      thanks for the comment Charliezel!!

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