Han Hee Jung’s heavenly voice

She’s the kind of singer that simply brings me a peaceful feeling whenever I hear her sing.  There’s something about her voice that I love listening to most especially when I travel, simply calming.  It feels like my day will be a lot better.

Han Hee Jung’s “The Day we First met” has a beautiful lyrics and rhythm! It’s from the album 12 Songs about You. Ever since I heard that, I lurked around and found her song list for String, which is actually my favorite album of her. It’s what an indie fan like me loves, raw and heartfelt. The collaboration she had with Nell’s vocalist, Kim Jong Wan, for the song Remaining as Melodies is magical! I mean, hearing it for the first time, it literally sent shivers down my spine because of their voices. Such a perfect combination!

Who can top that? Two of my favorite artists singing one song.  A fantastic harmony! I can just listen to that song the whole day and won’t get tired of it.

Han Hee Jung is one indie Korean artist that I truly admire and love. Her soft, angelic voice is so easy to listen to.  It’s the kind that won’t make you fall asleep.  Instead, it brings an opposite effect that makes you want to sing together with her. How I wish I know Korean.

As a bonus, hear her sing LIVE and be mesmerized by her voice.

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