adding another Kdrama staple: BACK HUG

BACK HUG is not as common as piggyback, kdrama style, or see it as often as actors drink soju in a series. But this year alone, I’ve seen this gesture being displayed often like any other Kdrama pop culture I know. It plays a significant part too as it is a way of “skinship” and to show affection or even to stop anger! Since my online buddies will put their steak on Kdrama KISSES (watch out for that!!), I’d dip myself into this one sweet yet simple way of showing LOVE.

I’m happy to be doing this! The year is nearly over and I’d take a look back. Yehey! I miss most series I truly enjoyed early this year. So I’d rather cut the chase!

Going back the sweet memory lane.. now..

PASTA brought back my love for Kdramas. I thought it will take longer before I sink myself again to another series having bitten by the Boys Over Flowers (2009) virus. I know, I’m one addict BOF fan! But I’m glad to be on board this year.

Pasta is such a delicious series. The set up may not be as compelling or angst driven since it has a simple plot. But it was peppered with sweetness and it was just enough to tease me and start the year light.

I love Chef!! And to see a toughie like him go weak in the knees just by Yoo Kyung, all the more he became such a sweetheart!

This scene happened in Episode 17. Chef is unemployed since he confessed his love, in his very own kitchen, no less. He lowered his pride just for his lady love. And now, in this scene, he even acknowledged Yoo Kyung as she managed to make the Ginseng Pasta into perfection, no longer bitter. I’d take that as a metaphor for changing Chef! Moreover, the use of back-hug here is significant because Yoo Kyung used it as a way to convince Chef to go back and work for La Sfera! Nice one girl! I think, Chef couldn’t resist any longer..

This is actually my favorite scene in this series. So as an added bonus, I’ll throw in the dialogues!

Yoo Kyung: “Chef.. Without Chef, I don’t want to do well. I want to do well in front of you and by your side..”

Chef: “What’s wrong?”

Yoo Kyung: “You probably didn’t know how many times a day I think about Chef. 12 times.”

Chef: “As many as twelve times!?”

Yoo Kyung: “I should leave. Chef shouldn’t, but I should. Chef needs to stand at the Chef’s table. I think about that, 12 times.. I never thought you could like me enough for you to give up your Chef position. If you come back and stand their again, I could really do well.. Having time together, I didn’t know it would be so precious, Chef..”

Aww. Sweet.

Chef’s back feels like uber lovely to hug!! Haha!! broad and comfortable.. I can hug him all day..

PERSONAL TASTE was not only peppered with sweetness but it was overwhelmingly full of it! I’m quite complaining!! Hahaha!! For the sake of fan service they did cook up a lot of couple moments here. One of the most unforgettable one was the nape kiss scene. That I think, it was the first time I have scene it in Kdramas. But we are talking about back hug, right? Well, the nape kiss scene and the back hug all happened in Episode 13.

The scenario. Gae In suddenly fell ill as she stood under the glass ceiling located at the basement. A very bad memory was recaptured. Good thing, Jin Ho was there to make her feel like a princess. Jin Ho prepared a soothing bubble bathe for her. Sweetness ensues as Jin Ho continue on with the pampering.

It was a heart stopping moment for me (as a MINSUN shipper). But it was Jin Ho, I couldn’t complain more! So instead of being bothered by it, I thought it was so sweet of Jin Ho to do, to show that kind of care for a feeling sick Gae In. No use of leaving grudges here!! It was cute. All the Personal Taste fan was happy. Enough for me then.

MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO, by far showed the best use of a back hug this year! This was such a significant moment and I was driven by it that I even cried. Unbelievable noh! I guess, Lee Seung gi had me there! Dae Woong hugged Mi-ho desperately and yet so loving that just by saying “Mianhae” made my tears fall. Sorry, can’t help it!! No wonder Mi-ho’s anger subsided. Woong-ah is just so.. sweet!

The bad side of being a Gumiho was shown in Episode 11 and we saw another blue eyed monster. Scary, make that very scary Gumiho on the loose!

Mi-ho was angry because she felt her bead was broken by the kiss between Dae Woong and her bad noona. As Hye-in make a run for her life, she was still cornered by a fast Gumiho inside the production set. As Mi-ho was about to whip her strength, Dae Woong came just in time and back-hugged her to stop her from literally killing Hye-in. Though Dae Woong was hurt, he worried more for Mi-ho not because she’s going to hurt Hye-in but moreso because in the end, she’ll regret and get hurt.


It was just a brief moment but it showed, care, concern, forgiveness and love all in one! Let’s all virtually hug Woong-ah!! *hugs*

In SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL, the back hug was used when an angry Yoon-hee was arguing with Sun joon regarding the situation he let himself into just for Yoon-hee. Yup, sheltered boy Sun Joon who haven’t had any mosquito bites EVER let himself be beaten by men. This goes to show that he chose Yoon-hee over his own father. It must be love…

This is the back-hug of forgiveness. Sun Joon is better with words so I’ll let him do the talking..

Sun Joon: “I wanted your forgiveness. For having to fill your father’s shoes, and take on the burden of disguising yourself as a man to make a living.. and to take care of a sick brother. For those days you suffered, cold, hunger and loneliness. I, wanted to bow my head for forgiveness. During those days, for having studied under a warm roof w/o knowing anything. That I, too, I can’t forgive myself. That I’m sorry.. If it’s possible, that I want to turn back time and pay you back for all the privileges I enjoyed. So, please forgive me..”

The hats almost ruined this scene!! Haha!! But Sun Joon with his touching words and his hands wrapped around Yoon-hee made this scene one of the sweetest Yoon-hee & Sun Joon moment. An outburst of emotions in one.

So there you go! I bet back hugs will be shown more in the next coming years like the piggyback. These are chances of skinship so the plot better use it wisely like most dramas this year.  I’m looking forward to what’s in store for 2011. But before I think further, I better go back and catch up with all the series shown this season.

À bientôt :)


  • goodange says:

    Dude, you’re freaking awesome! What a way to keep the blog updated! 🙂 I have to wonder if back hugs are a part of the Kdrama conventions, but probably not as common as a piggyback.

  • goodange says:

    I need to read your post first. Haha. You already mentioned the piggyback. Shoot.

  • leila8mae says:

    you and clock are my inspirations!! haha!! plus I’m a writer-wanna-be.. I’m just venting my thoughts and practicing my freedom of speech!

    anyway, I even like back hugs more than the piggyback now.. the latter is already a legend but still very much enjoyable and makes ANY couple look cute, even in drunken state! haha.. but the back hugs, aww-inducing 🙂

    can’t wait for you articles!!

  • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

    I love back hugs because in relationships, it usually just means: I just want to hold you. I love seeing it in dramas too. Much more sensual than a regular hug.

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