K-indie Goodie: Fooled But Dreamy



Once in a while, Indieful Rok gets it right with its K-indie contribution to Music Alliance Pact, an ongoing monthly collaboration of 30+ music blogs from around the world. For last month’s issue of MAP, Indieful Rok featured Fooled But Dreamy (속아도 꿈결) by Autumn Vacation (가을방학), a duo of Bobbhy Chung and Gyepy (former vocalist for Broccoli Neomajeo). Simply put, Fooled But Dreamy is cute and fluffy, like comfy earmuffs that cuddle the ears.



Featured image c/o Nam Seung Bo


  • leila8mae says:

    love this!!!

    I like Broccoli Neomajeo ;D

    • goodange says:

      Yeah, Broccoli Neomajeo’s pretty cool. There’s an interview with them by 10asia. We should put it up some time soon. 😉 Haven’t read it yet, but I wonder if they addressed why Gyepy left the group.

  • leila8mae says:

    go and post it girl!!

    I love their music but I’m not that familiar with each member much.. I’m not really good at remembering names especially Korean! except my uber fave of course.. hehe

    • goodange says:

      Lol. Same here. The only reason I know of Gyepy is because of reading up on Autumn Vacation, and her name’s unique.

      • leila8mae says:

        angie, I have several of their songs that I love listening to.. I think they are better known as “Broccoli, You too”.. because of this, YOU made me watch some of their vids at YT!! haha!!

        reminisce mode..

        so sad that most of my fave indie band has disbanded.. e.g. rumble fish, loveholics..

      • goodange says:

        Lol. Yes, I woke up this morning thinking with that intention towards you 😉

        Truthfully, I only really listen to one song of theirs–the annoying neighbor song. Heh, I used it on one of the Coffee House MVs. Maybe the new album has more standout songs …

        Yeah, it’s sad when fave groups break up or when a member leaves.

  • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

    Cute song.

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