A Review: Cyrano Dating Agency

I was anticipating this movie. There’s something about it that got my interest. At first I thought, it was just out of curiosity and the story seem to be cute. What a reason, right? But as I watched it, I think now I truly understood why I was so into watching this. It’s fun and it really shook my heart, in a very good way..

One more thing, Daniel Choi is love. I’m surprised myself. He’s ridiculously a GOOD actor! He owned this movie!

WARNING: This is not going to be a detailed recap. As in, I won’t be describing the movie like retelling it here. NO. I won’t spoil too much on this movie for you. Because I think, you will enjoy it better, if you watch it first. The story itself is felt with the characters in it more than the concept of the story, IMO. So I dare you to take atleast two hours of your time to watch it yourself. Then go back and read my review.

Instead of a summary, I’d focus on the actors because I loved each and everyone. The roles they played was awesome!

But before that I have to say, I’m not not familiar with the “Cyrano” theme. The plot is kinda new to me. Yeah, I’m too young at the time it was shown.. Honest! So to orient myself, I watched a trailer of “Roxanne” and “The Truth about Cats and Dogs”. I even read the gist just so I would know what I’m getting myself into.

Moving on. I’d divide this review into two sections: The BOYS and The GIRLS. Let’s start with the latter.


Hee-joong (Lee Min Jung) is a beautiful woman and has an issue with trust. Her past relationship damaged it. At present, she simply rides her scooter, regularly attends a boring service and living alone. She’s a woman who firmly believes in destiny. She’s an ordinary girl, like us, who simply wants to be loved, sincerely.

Min Jung is charming and she definitely have a great on screen presence. Though not a powerful actress just yet. But Hee-joong is such a light character and it suits Min Jung. I just wished someday she’d evoke more feelings and transcend it better than what she did here.

Min-yeong (Park Shin Hye) is the only girl at Byung-hoon’s agency. She’s also the stylist and the “girl” expert, obviously. Her facade is a professional but deep inside, she’s fighting for a love too. In the group, she’s the logical and practical side.

Park Shin Hye is actually under utilized here since she plays a minor role, a support role. But what I like about her here is she’s so different from her character in You’re Beautiful. She turned herself as a woman here with conviction. Strong willed and all out. Except with love. Haha. Good contrast with character roles that Shin Hye are choosing.


Byeong-hoon (Uhm Tae Woong) an actor in every sense of the word. Smooth and confident unlike Sang yong. A typical man who wanders more than aim. At one pint in his life he met Hee-joong and lost her. His biggest regret. Good thing though, he was able to realize the worth of what he’s lost and did something great with it. Letting go freely.

I’m reminded of Lee Seon Kyun while watching him. It must be some of his facial expression or angles that resembles Chef.

Sang-yong (Daniel Choi) jolly, simple minded, witty and very vulnerable. He’s like a child, pure and very innocent with love. And yet when he confessed his true feelings for Hee-joong, it was sincere. I was actually worried with his character because he was ill-tempered and easily angered. But then I realized his simplicity and that’s actually his persona that Hee Joong liked. He’s not flowery with words. He sucks at words! The moment he said “I Love You.. this is ME talking.. this is pure from my heart.. no more fancy words.. all I can say is I love you..” then it hit me.. One more line I loved from Sang-yong is “Cuz I want to be a good man to Hee-joong..” Simple yet directly targets the heart.

Sound so cheesy right.. but watch carefully how Daniel Choi delivered those lines.. my heart strings were tugged.. It was better than the script or what Byung-hoon delivered.

It’s a delight seeing both male lead be playful and yet has depth. *love*


This movie is highly anticipated by me, I’m happy I was not disappointed.

The plot of the story where love is staged or there’s a certain set up for it, is absurd. Like what Byeong-hoon’s agency is doing. Their clients are like stage actors, with lines to throw and backdrop to enhance an ambiance. All to help win the girl of a mans dream, so to speak.

Nothing against set up dating or match making of some sort. That’s not my point. Getting help is good too. Just that, the way this movie presented it is ridiculous. No wonder at the end, one of their clients’ relationship failed. The man lacks sincerity since I believe if a man wants to pursue a woman wholeheartedly, he’d have his own ideas and ways. He’d exert an extra effort himself. That’s why I’m glad for Sang-yong’s part. He showed his own sincerity by telling how he truly feel and shutting down his connections with the agency in two of the most important scene in the movie. Also, he did patiently waited and done his own part to win Hee-joong. His determination is vital and that’s why he deserves the girl.

I was a bit bored when the story focused on Uhm’s past with Min Jung. But thank godness for Daniel Choi! He brought my attention back! He’s such a charming guy. He can make me cry and laugh the next. Ridiculous, really, but he has this thing that can pull you down and feel him.

It is my first time to see Daniel Choi. Though I’ve watched few episodes of World’s Within. But I never get to tap Choi’s acting just yet. In this movie, I gotta say, he’s such a good actor that I was teary eyed and touched during the car break up scene. Such a good beat he had there! Also the scene he had with Uhm while asking to help him, you can just feel his pain.. brilliant acting!

Uhm’s acting, on the other hand, he’s a veteran and you can’t question him. When the story dealt with his pain, the love he once had but he let slip away, there’s such a great impact with the emotion he gave. Realizing a person’s worth must really feel that way.

The issue of trust. One of the foundation of any relationship is trust. Byung-hoon did not trust Hee-joong that caused failure in their relationship.

The moral of the story is, giving the person you love his/her happiness, even if it’s not with you.. Loving a person can be shown in a lot of ways and doing something that is best for the person you love is one of the greatest.  Bottom line, we want the person we love to be happy and being with them bring such. But sometimes, letting go is the best way of giving happiness too. Being unselfish and letting the person we love have a better life without us.

Yeah, easy to write but so hard to do.

I will forget the ending and pretend that it ended with Hee Joong and Sang Yong. Heh. Overall rating 7 out of 10. I laughed a lot and my heart was happy. So its worth my time 🙂


  • goodange says:

    I’m glad you weren’t disappointed. I saw this a few weeks ago, and I’m okay with it. Uhm Tae Wong holds a special place in my heart, but I guess the movie didn’t live up to the hype for me. I agree with your rating.

    I mentioned this to you in my Soompi message, but you should watch L’arnacouer. I watched it a day after Cyrano, and I think the two films are very comparable. Whereas one movie has a team helping lovelorn men (people in general) win the hearts of the women they desire, the other film has a team breaking up relationships— not necessarily breaking the women’s hearts, but making them realize that they’re better than the men they’re currently with.

    Great review! And Daniel Choi was pretty good and funny in this movie.

  • olive says:

    I don’t understand your last comment that you pretended that HJ is with SY. Isn’t that the ending? I just saw it a few days ago and thought it was quite different than what I expected – focused a lot on the past and barely on the current relationship of HJ and SY so the ending was rushed. But it was a pretty good movie overall, in my opinion.

    • leila8mae says:

      the end part showed Min yeong and Uhm’s character in a set up like what they used to do.. which i kind of dislike.. that’s why i chose to delete that and have the ending when Min Jeong said YES to Daniel Choi 🙂 that’s what I meant with my last comment.. I really thought they’d put an end to all that dating set up only to have it again in the end was kind of off beat, for me.. although it’s the whole concept of the story.. or should I say I dislike Shin Hye’s character with Uhm, can’t imagine them be together.. I like their character as an individual 🙂

      thanks for dropping by!!

      • olive says:

        true. I actually didn’t understand that last scene =)) it was like, so they are doing the job again, or they are getting together? or someone orchestrated for Shin Hye’s character to be with Uhm’s? I was confused lol

  • leila8mae says:

    haha!! Olive I think Shin Hye seem to be the client now who seek help from an agency since she’s in love with Uhm.. everything seems like a set-up.. maybe she thought it will also work for her!! hehe.. good thing Shine Hye looks mature here.. but I still can’t get out of my head that she’s the innocent girl at You’re Beautiful and thought she’s too young for Uhm Tae Woong..

    it’s an open ending.. I guess imagination works here.. anything goes 🙂

  • ray says:

    i never thought i would hear a greek soprano like agnes baltsa in korean movie.i feel…proud…
    great movie by the way!:)

  • ko says:

    Wow this is great, I really like this so far. Very clever and cute and just fun. Reminds me a bit of Hitch.

  • meijie says:

    It’s a good thing i came to read this blog, the comments here enlightened me on some parts of the film, because the dvd I bought had bad subtitle. Somehow, the ending, for me, is quite clear — it suggests that Min-yeong (Park Shin Hye) sought the help of their team mates (of course, without Byeong-hoon [Uhm Tae Woong)] knowing it) to match her up with him. All throughout the movie, it was obvious that Min-yeong liked Byeong-hoon).

  • smile says:

    i found the movie very slow and boring…

  • No says:

    Typical chick review. I wholeheartedly disagree and hated the ending. I liked the main lead but thought the secondary guy was a ‘lil bitch. And when he was trying to reconcile that with his ex that bitch came in and ruined it?! I’d have said, “I’m out you A-holes take care of the theater on your own.” – very disappointing movie – VERY UNREALISTIC –

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