Coffee House Kissing BTS

It’s July 2010 all over again and I’m going nuts. LOL…

The last kiss is a bit different from the one we saw in the drama so how many times did they have to LOVINGLY kiss each other like that? My brain is about to explode.

Thanks to the amazing Kang Ji Hwan fan who uploaded it and shared it with us.

We get close ups and I think this one looks better than the one in the drama. I like the playfulness of it. My little shipper heart is beating like crazy at this point. 😉

I hope someone uploads all the DVD BTS and to make our hearts run even crazier, MNET Japan will be airing 13 episodes of the Making of Coffee House starting today. YIKES! They know how to milk Kang Ji Hwan and I’m loving every second of it.

Visit that user’s channel for more vids, including the MNET making vids.


  • leila8mae says:



  • leila8mae says:

    I live again!! 🙂

    I love how Ji Hwan called Eun Young.. “Si Yeon-ahhh..” ♥ with matching whispers on the side and holding of her hands!! and the way he laughed.. he seems so proud of the kiss.. LOL

    clock, what a treasure.. kudos.. you certified addict YOU!! haha

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      LOL. I’m a certified addict and this video sure isn’t helping me get out of my craziness. LOL. But yeah, loved the Si Yeon ah and holding hands (lol, that’s why I screencapped it). lol… wish we had a translator but it’s all good.

  • mskololia says:

    Some things are not meant to get over…seriously. CH for me is one of them.
    I’m so glad that I made this classic voyage.

  • goodange says:


    Clock, you’re awesome. The KJH fan is awesome. This is awesome.

    Msk, I have to agree with you. Coffee House is unforgettable and can’t ever really be “gotten over.”

    Damn it! They ought to have shown this sooner!!!

  • goodange says:

    Park Si Yeon seemed a bit shy in the beginning … eeeeheeee!!!

  • goodange says:

    I’m too lazy to edit my comments, so, I’m sorry for flooding with multiple posts … but did anybody notice Si Yeon’s hand while they were staring at each other? Her finger(s) was hooked into his jean pocket. Wooot! I kept expecting the two of them to hold hands in the end as they kept walking, but their proximity to each other during the walk was good enough for me. Maybe I’m reading into it too much, but it seemed like Ji Hwan has great respect for Si Yeon. And it seemed like he enjoyed kissing her 😀 Seriously, they need to hook up!!!

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      I actually think he likes her a lot, even if it’s just as a work colleague. With this vid and pics we’ve seen, I guess we were right when we speculated that they didn’t hang out together at the wrap party to avoid rumors. lol.

      Ha… if they had held hands in the end, they would have had to edit it out of the video. LOL

      • leila8mae says:

        one thing is for sure though (I’m assuming this!! lol), they are comfortable with each other.. with all the scenes that they did, they were able to evoke LOVE.. I know Ji Hwan is a great actor but it amazes me still how they were able to transcend such a powerful dynamic.. it must also be the ambiance of the set.. it feels like its a delight while they are shooting and they are simply enjoying what they do.. especially Ji Hwan.. I think he really did have the time of his life while kissing Si Yeon.. I mean, while shooting Coffee House.. LOL

        I love that towards the end of the clip, it’s a happy vibe and Ji Hwan was still close to Si Yeon and kinda talking to her too.. these two will never fail to make my heart skip a happy beat ♥

  • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

    especially Ji Hwan.. I think he really did have the time of his life while kissing Si Yeon.. I mean, while shooting Coffee House.. LOL

    LMAO@leila. Hahaha.

    I keep my fingers crossed for these two. Before I was trying not to ship them because it’s kind of childish but now I don’t care. LOL. JiYeon fighting!

    I have to say that I think the director is a magician. PSY was saying that while filming Red Candy, her costar said that he was jealous that she was going to work with the director because he always makes his sets pleasant. Which is probably why people fall in love on them (like Hyun Bin). Hahaha… and the staff is in on it too because why didn’t they yell “cut” during that kissing scene? 😀

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