Midas: A First Look

Midas is a tale of relationships with a backdrop of mergers and acquisitions. A story of greed, excess, debauchery, sex, violence and drugs… yeah, right. Hello, this ain’t HBO.

But what is Midas really about? How about we start off with the characters?

Kim Do Hyun

A genius who grew up with a single mother. After she died, she left him with about $40K which he invested in the stock market and used to pay off his college tuition. A whiz with numbers, after working successfully in the financial world, he changed careers and went to law school. The first episode is about him attending interviews and acing them. Jang Hyuk is attractive but not my cup of tea so no drooling from me. ๐Ÿ™

Lee Jung Yun

Loyal, beautiful and a hardworking nurse. She’s been dating Kim Do Hyun for ages and both start the series off in a functional, healthy relationship. In an effort to win her father’s heart, Kim Do Hyun works at his job and even learns to sing some song. I guess it was sweet.

Yoo In Hye

Ambitious, a financial whiz,ย  probably ruthless, most likely money hungry, loves money, loves money and loves money. Honestly, that’s all I know about her character – she loves money.

Yoo Myung Joon

Yoo In Hye’s younger brother who’s like 100 times prettier than her. I don’t even know if he has a job. All he seems to do is lie half naked in his bed with chicks around. Likes women, likes partying and likes women who party. No Min Woo is clearly a good looking guy but too pretty for me. I don’t need to be walking down the street with my man and have people confused as to which one of us is the girl. So again, no drooling here. ๐Ÿ™

The story starts off showing us how Kim Do Hyun’s relationship with money began. His mother worked hard to raise him and apparently, the money smelled of fish. But Momma died and her sonny boy learned to fend for himself.

We also get to see the sweetness between Do Hyun and his girlfriend. They have an easy relationship that works for them. Both are happy and content and it’s clear that they are headed down the aisle.

Do Hyun is a whiz kid and even the haters at his law school know it. His professor recommends him to a law firm that’s so secretive you can’t even get any information about them through Google (say what?). When he goes to their office, he sees that many prestigious lawyers are in their employ and instead of an interview, he’s instantly offered a partnership position.ย  And instead of a salary number, he’s given a blank check. Then finally, he gets an interview fee for his time (how come they don’t do this in the US?) and it’s freaking 100M won. An immediate offer, a blank check and 100M won for five minutes of his time? To someone with common sense, alarm bells would begin to sound. But to a greedy guy and the lead in a drama about greed, it’s party time. It’s your birthday…

It’s Do Hyun’s first day at work and after checking out his new digs, he waits for work. But instead, gets called to go and meet the grandpa from Secret Garden and since he’s so amazing, he also gets his approval.

He gets told to go and find some girl who’s partying. He finds her making out with some guy before going to a private room with him and doing what we suspect is some rather grown up stuff. Minutes later, the guy comes out and after waiting impatiently for the girl to do the same, Do Hyun goes into the room to investigate only to find her almost passed out and fully clothed. I mean, so fully clothed that not even one article of clothing is out of place. So what was she doing in there? How disappointing. And yes, she did drugs… but not even something fun like coke but some pills? Is that supposed to be speed or what?

He takes her to the hospital and his mentor dude tells him to make sure the press doesn’t get wind of it. In the mean time, his girlfriend has been promoted to the VIP section of the hospital and guess who her patient is? Do Hyun is upset that his lawyer job seems to be more like babysitting and just when it looks like he’s about to bail on it, in comes the Money!Money!Money! woman that he’s clearly interested in.

The next two episodes introduce us to more characters and more parts of the story.

So Do Hyun’s blank check job is to be the personal lawyer of some rich old man. Rich Gramps has been married 4 times and has 6 kids.

The oldest is some seemingly sweet buffoon who’s been married three times and been taken to the cleaners three times.

The next is some mean money grubbing idiot who thinks he’s all that and knows that he’s all that because of his track record of success in business. He’ll most likely be Rich Gramps’ heir.

The third is Money!Money!Money! (MsMoneyWon) but she wants to be heir instead. And she otherwise might have been in the running for the position if not for those pesky things she’s got called boobs. (The milk-carrying kind so man boobs don’t count)

The fourth is GirlsGirlsGirls(Jay Z) and apparently, his father doesn’t like him cos his mother cheated on him and he just might be suspicious of his true parentage. That or he did something really foul.

The fifth is abroad (and I am guessing he’ll make an appearance soon).

The six is the Overdosing Party Girl (OPG)ย  and we still need to learn more about her.

All six are introduced to the lawyer and Second Brother Idiot makes it known that he doesn’t like our dear Do Hyun.

So, so, what else is going on in the plot? Well, our Do Hyun proposes to his woman and she accepts. But guess what? Now that he’s all high and important, working for some rich family, he barely has time for her.

What he does have time for is meeting with MsMoneyWon and spending $5K on a bottle of wine to impress her.

MoneyWon plans on stealing her brother’s inheritance so she enlists his help on that matter. He agrees (I guess because they have a common enemy) and gets to work on that.

In the meantime, it’s hinted that Do Hyun doesn’t have a pleasant relationship with his father. Well, here’s my thing: when you’re dating, it’s perfectly fine to keep secrets about your family to yourself but if your ass is about to get married, you freaking need to tell your fiancee the whole sordid details. Am I right or am I right?

Anyway, our dearest Secretary Kim of Secret Garden fame turns out to be his half brother (I guess these two were destined to work together, huh?) and gets his help in springing their dearest daddy out of jail.

It’s the wedding day and Daddy and Son show up to see their brother on the happiest day of his life. Turns out that Do Hyun’s employer stole a deal from them so I guess something is going to develop on that angle.

The bride is looking pretty and Do Hyun is on his way to his wedding and you just know that The Powers That Be will never let him get married because they must have a love triangle in store for us and it’s far less icky if no married people are involved (again, this ain’t HBO). So his ride to the aisle is cut short by a truck ramming into him. OH NOES!

A dead lead is just not sexy(hold up, what is 49 Days about?) and since that accident was solely to keep him from getting married, Do Hyun’s injuries are not serious.

But those injuries mean that his future wife gets to meet his family because they approach her for details on his condition.

His injuries also mean that while at the hospital, she gets to meet MoneyWon visiting him which sets off a red flag.

And now that Daddy and Son have been introduced, we see that they are trying to get involved (from the sidelines) in the same stock price fixing deal involving Second Brother Idiot that MoneyWon and Do Hyun have figured out.

So, what do I think of this drama so far? Not sure. It’s clearly a plot-driven story which means I really have to see where this story goes to even make a judgment. Will Jay Z steal the now neglected Pretty Nurse? Will MoneyWon and Do Hyun hook up? How does Daddy fit in all this? How far will Do Hyun go before he hits rock bottom? Will the lawyer and nurse make it to the end? Will I make it through 16 episodes? I guess it remains to be seen.

Till next time (Leila will be driving then)!


  • mskololia says:

    You are too funny! Thanks for the recap….

    The game is afoot as someone famous once penned….I hope the nurse bags the pretty boy and does not return to DH…..His actions are atrocious or the acting is odd. JH has not settled into his role yet comfortably to me. I still like the story because of the interesting side characters.

    I hope to make it to the end on this one because I don’t they will compromise our heroine like in SG.

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      lol, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, I’m not really connecting to DH right now but maybe he’ll get better as the story moves.

  • leila8mae says:

    clock, this post is fun!! how am I going to follow through??

    the Noh Min Woo comment crack me up ๐Ÿ™‚ what’s with “walking with the man much prettier than you??” personally, I wouldn’t mind, as long as it is him!

    and to msk, I also like Min Woo’s angle with Min Jung.. so yeah, I do hope they end up together.. Do Hyuk’s character is so taken by money that if he does not redeem himself, he does not deserve the main girl..

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      LOL… hahaha. I don’t blame you on the NMW thing ๐Ÿ˜€

      You’ll have no problem with the follow up – I’m sure you’ll be miles better ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • imud says:

    oh well, you don’t like those two leading actors, so i was going to write that you’ll love the dad and step brother, (it works for me! secretary kim’s new character here is somehow hilarious for me) and then i realized it was you who wrote that exact part previously on soompi LOL

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      Lol. Yeah, I did write that on soompi. I totally love Secretary Kim ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m watching this drama for them. As for the pretty boy, even though I’m not drooling now, I suspect that he’s going to make me fall in love with him later on. ๐Ÿ™ Maybe when he begins to fall for the nurse and do lovely things for her (if the plot goes in that direction).

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