Midas Episodes 4 – 7

Guess who’s back? Guess who’s back? Guess who’s back? Yep, it’s clockwatcher (msclockwatcher if you’re nasty)… gosh, why are my jokes so lame?

Anyway, back to what I was saying. It looks like I will be recapping this alone so if you don’t like snarky comments, sorry! 🙁


We left off at the family meeting with the ass-kissing older brother telling his siblings to support Second Brother Idiot as he inherits the family business. The younger siblings aren’t going for it and instead of Second Brother Idiot to fake some humility, he pretty much calls them mistresses children and tells them he’ll sever ties with them once the will has been made public. Nice going there, Idiot.

On seeing this, MsMoneyWon decides it’s time to bring in the big guns and now, not only are they going to fight fire with fire, they also going to get the authorities involved. Second Brother Idiot, you’re going down!

Then it’s time for our lovebirds to try to patch up their relationship which means it’s event time! His lady gets picked up by a private car, gets taken to a restaurant with no other customers, gets serenaded, gets a necklace and to end it all, a nice kiss from her beau. AWW.

But alas, paradise can’t last longer than an evening because when she goes to work the next day, she learns that the necklace is worth about a million dollars. Say what?

In the meantime, it’s time for Gangster Daddy to get in on the stock price scheme so he goes to a loan shark to borrow some funds.

Also, since Do Hyun is working against Second Brother Idiot (SBI), the stock price has risen rapidly which means that if he wants to acquire all the shares he wants, he needs to spend even more money which leads him to getting his father’s accountant to loan him $30 million. Oh wow, it must be nice to be rich. The only way my dad’s accountant would give me $30 million is if I was asking in Zimbabwean dollars.

On discovering that her necklace is so expensive, Jung Yeon demands to know where her fiance got it. But he tries to evade the question till she tells him how expensive and hard it is to come by then he has no choice but to fess up.

She’s understandably irked by this knowledge. And the guy is a moron. If In Hye decided to give her a gift for whatever reason, why not tell her who it came from? Why pretend he got it? And of course she’s not going to want to accept a gift from someone she’s suspicious of. But on the other hand, I would have kept it. What can I say? $1M is not that easy to come by.

But they get into a fight and she’s mad that he’s changed so much. And he’s mad that she’s mad that he’s changed. We all change but dude, yours has been too quick. And not only are you now money hungry, your girlfriend is no longer a priority and you even have the guts to warn her to stop bugging you otherwise you might break up? Idiot.

Then it’s back to Gangster Daddy celebrating because the stock price has gone up. They bought it at 7.2K won but now it’s at 23.5K won which means they’ve already gotten over a 200% return.  A normal person would at least cash out enough to repay the loan shark but he’s greedy and lacks common sense so he decides that he won’t cash out till the stock price is at least 5 times his purchase price and to show us just how dumb he really is, he and his crew decide to spend money they don’t even have. This is exactly why some people will always be poor. I must say that I’m quite surprised that they have credit cards with high enough limits to do all that shopping. And let’s not even talk about the car.

Once the stock price reaches a certain threshold, it’s the next step in the Take Down SBI plan which is to sell all their shares and make the price come crashing down. Which means that both SBI and Gangster Daddy are now screwed. Make a sound if you didn’t see that coming. Crickets?

In the meantime, Jung Yeon’s friend makes her go drinking with her but it turns out that our cute Myung Joon orchestrated the plan because he wanted to see her. But an engaged woman must play hard to get so she rebuffs his advances. Despite that, he tells her that whenever she’s sad or lonely, he’s a phone call away. Awww.

Rich Daddy finds out about SBI’s dirty plan which means that he’s out and MsMoneyWon is in. Score!

So it’s back to Relationshipland and our pretty nurse’s father tells her that sometimes, love comes above pride and she should suck it up and make nice with her greedy fiance. So when she learns that he’s in Busan on a business trip, she decides to surprise him. In Dramaland, when has this ever been a good idea?

So she goes to Busan and the sexy Sang-Bong-of-Dr. Champ-fame-who-has-like-one-line-per-episode-in-this-drama gives her the key to Do Hyun’s room so that she can wait for him. But ever the loyal employee, he tells his boss she’s waiting.

And since MsMoneyWon is an astute woman who sees that Jung Yeon is the reason that Do Hyun is only 99% a greedy bastard, she does what she can to get the last 1%. So when they return to their hotel, instead of letting him go back to his room in peace, she invites him to hers for a drink.

And somehow (is he on crack?) he not only has the drink but falls asleep in her room after singing some random songs. Seriously, is he on crack? Which means his fiancee spends the whole night waiting for him. And when she steps out of the room the following morning, who does she catch walking out of the old lady’s hotel room together?

If this were me, this would be the end of it. There’s no way on God’s green earth that I would have hidden and gone to cry. WHY? Hell yeah I would have made myself seen and confronted them. Not that I would start fighting but I would have made my presence known. What nonsense!

It’s back to Gangster Daddy and now that he’s lost the loan shark’s money, Secretary Kim gets his life almost beaten out of him. They can’t touch their sunbae but they sure as hell can touch his son. And to think the son is the smarter of the two who wanted to cash their stocks out early. Be strong, Secretary Kim.

Not much happens for a while other than dragging our storylines a bit longer by reiterating what we already know till Gangster Daddy decides to meet his lawyer son for help with his loan issue. But the part of Do Hyun that cared about his dad is long gone (or buried) so he refuses him because he can’t get over the pain he put his mother through.

Then Jung Yeon becomes a desperate woman and contacts In Hye to leave her man alone. She tells her that she’s at her wits end with her fiance so she’s come to the root of all their problems.

Jung Yeon: In Hye ssi, please leave my man alone. I don’t like who he’s become.

In Hye: Well, that’s kinda too bad because I’m loving the man he is.

Oh well. Like what did she really expect? But desperate times do lead to desperate measures, as they say. Too bad they yield no fruit in this case. Well, other than convincing MsMoneyWon that she really needs to separate the lovers.

Then In Hye meets with her siblings. The ass-kissing brother has been demoted from his position till he earns it. Our superflirt will be in charge of the mall. The overdose queen has time to think of what she wants and Second Idiot Brother has been stripped of his position till further notice which obviously doesn’t go down too well with him. Was he really going to slap her in front of everyone?

Then it’s time for In Hye to deal with Do Hyun so she tells him that he’ll be transferred abroad for training in various Lone Asia offices. And when he’s on his way out of the country, Second Brother Idiot finds out through unscrupulous means who was behind his downfall. Oh, the impending drama.

SBI rushes to his office to find out that he’s quit the firm then rushes to the airport to get him. Like is he serious? What was he planning to do when he got there? Stop him from checking in when there’s loads and loads of security there? In the era of terrorist alerts? Give me a break!

Then he rushes to his daddy and reverts to his 5-year old self, pouting and trying to convince Daddy that he’s innocent and was set up by his baby sister. But Daddy rightly reminds him that his baby sister didn’t make him try to fix the stock price. The ass kisser was funny too. So who does he not kiss up to? His kids? Something tells me he kisses their asses too.

Two months later, Jung Yeon is out shopping with her friend who as always gushes about how lucky she is to have a rich boyfriend. But this time, she confesses that they really broke up two months earlier. And just as her friend is amazed at how well she handled the break up, in comes her future (?) man. He gives her a slight nod when he sees her and it’s clear that their story is about to begin.

Jung Yeon goes home and her father does that thing where a parent knows that they shouldn’t bring up certain topics but they can’t help themselves. So her father wonders for what I’m sure is the umpteenth time if breaking up with her fiance really was the best idea and she reiterates that it was because he’s crossed over to the dark side.

Jung Yeon has to make a house call and we all know who her patient is and while there, who does she run into other then her destined(?) one? He’s there to visit his ailing father but is still able to have a woman on his mind so he runs over to her and reiterates that when she’s feeling down, he’s still only a bootyphone call away.

OMG, clock, you exaggerate too much! Do Hyun hasn’t yet crossed over to the dark side! Oh, really? If he hasn’t yet crossed over to the Land of Evil, how can he be so nonchalant about hundreds of employees (including his ex’s father) losing their jobs because all he cares about is the bottom line? Clearly, going to work for Lone Asia eradicated the last bit of humanity in him.

Then it’s back to our possible couple. Jung Yeon is now taking classes at a university and happens to walk by Myung Jun who’s wearing a space jacket. Instead of his usual stop and stare, he walks past her (can their romance move along already?).

There’s some stuff about Gangster Daddy and another get-rich-quick scheme then we are back to Second Brother Idiot. Earlier on, he’d tried to threaten his sister who only reminded him that he’d been involved in criminal activities but he can’t accept that he lost this battle so it’s time to take it out on Do Hyun. He gets his lackeys to bring him over and after slapping him till he bleeds, tells him that he’s going to make him pay for making a fool out of him. Oddly enough, this guy doesn’t realize that he’s one hell of a dummy. He uses his fists and not his brain and more often than not, brain trumps fists which is exactly what Do Hyun is going to use to battle him. I don’t like Do Hyun but I really hate brutes who go around hitting people so I guess I’m on Team Lesser-Of-Two-Evils?

Gangster Daddy (is he wearing a toupee?) decides it’s time for him to hunt the gold he’s had his eye on so he enlists his friends and they mark the ass-kissing brother as their target.

In the meantime, Lone Asia has found their next company and it happens to be Jung Yeon’s father’s steel mill. I don’t quite understand what the situation is but it looks like they use contractors otherwise, why would her father have to buy equipment and all that? Nonetheless, Lone Asia is outsourcing their work which means that they are shit out of luck. And just because he was supposed to be his father-in-law doesn’t mean our greedy bastard will stop his goons from beating him to a pulp.

But apparently, Do Hyun still harbors some feelings for his ex so that look of disgust and disappointment affects him. He goes to the hospital to ask after her father but of course she’s not interested in his sympathy. But the most interesting part is that later, he reveals to MsMoneyWon that he’d always expected to get back with her. Could he take her for granted any freaking more?

So now, Lone Asia is getting even greedier. Instead of only taking over troubled companies, now they want to acquire healthy ones like the Hanyoug Bank which is like the 6th largest bank. And we all know that Do Hyun has to be the one put in charge of the project. When one of the employees protests, as this also means he’s been promoted to General Manager, she tells him that unlike them, Do Hyun is a nasty piece of work who gets his hands dirty and she needs to use his connections.

There’s some stuff about the ass-kissing brother falling into the trap set by Gangster Daddy and the Second Brother Idiot getting some ammunition against Do Hyun from the family lawyer then we’re back to our pretty nurse and playboy.

She’d been asked to make a house call but for some reason, she wasn’t told the patient’s name or even given his medical chart(does this make sense?) so when she walks in and find our cute playboy she gets all indignant and leaves… till she discovers that he’s really sick.  🙁

He tells her that he’d never expected her to be his nurse so if she’s uncomfortable with the arrangement, he’ll ask for someone else to be sent. She refuses him of course (otherwise, how would our love story progress?) and now she’s the nurse who’ll keep the secret of his terminal illness. If this show has any sense, they will spare us from some of the dirty dealings and focus on giving us a beautiful love story between these two.

Do Hyun sets his plan into motion and it’s kind of boring. It’s amazing that his friend who once got pulverized on his behalf  is still willing to work with him. It must be the lure of money.

When In Hye learns that her father has begun to entrust Second Brother Idiot with some of his investments, she warns her playboy brother that they are not in the clear yet so he should be careful with the mall he’s managing. Then our cutie then makes it clear that he doesn’t live for money and wonders why his sister isn’t satisfied with all that she’s got. Then finally, we learn that she’s motivated by the mistreatment she experienced as a child. Honey, visiting a shrink will do you a lot of good.

And just as the playboy is leaving his sister’s office, he runs into Do Hyun and retells a story he knows about the monkey whose trainer put him in nice clothes and for a while, the monkey began to think he was human till one day, someone threw a peanut at him and his natural instinct took over as he bent down to eat it. The moral of the story is that no matter what he does he won’t be able to change who he is.

Then In Hye continues to treat Do Hyun like her pet and hands him a limitless credit card and a new car. Didn’t you hear what the playboy just said? A monkey will always be a monkey so get with the program, Bro. If this were an American show, MsMoneyWon would have already called him up on one night and asked him to use his manly parts to relieve some of her tension. And just because you have a convertible doesn’t mean you have to drive with the top down in winter. Or did you also get trapped in an elevator (like Joo Won in Secret Garden)?

Then it’s back to our nurse and playboy and she reveals that she wants to take revenge against the person that turned her ex crazy. The funny thing is she clearly doesn’t know that In Hye is not to blame because  5 years earlier, her greedy bastard of an ex had been involved in some shady deals which had gotten covered up by some powerful people. So in essence, her ex had always been this way – he’d just covered it up and the reason he’d become a lawyer was because he had to leave his old life. But isn’t it strange that instead of wanting to punish her ex, she wants to punish the woman? Should I say that isn’t it NOT strange since this is so typical of women scorned?

In Hye learns from the family lawyer (whose side is he even on?) that Second Brother Idiot is still gunning for her so she decides to protect herself from the bank takeover and forms a new company for that specific purpose. See, if the deal fails, she doesn’t want it to reflect badly on her company, Lone Asia, so she forms a new company called… Lone Korea. Oh, wow, now no one will connect those two companies!

Do Hyun’s past is being investigated by his cute college rival whose glasses make him look like a doctor from a 1920’s movie. And now that trouble has come a’knocking, it looks like In Hye might start a’running… from Do Hyun.


I think many people feel like there’s something missing in this drama and I agree with them. We are used to character-driven stories so we often feel connected to the protagonist as we go on the journey with him or her. With a plot-driven story, the pace has to be quick enough to compensate us for that which is how procedurals work. However, this is a plot-driven story that’s moving slowly so that lack of connection with the characters is very apparent. Are we supposed to root for Do Hyun? Are we supposed to hate him? They haven’t even given us a compelling enough reason for why he’s so damn greedy. So we watch this drama with our eyes and not our hearts which keeps us from getting completely hooked. Well, that’s me, anyway.

But I still want to know where this story is going so I’ll keep watching. Does that cave really have gold? How will the lawyer deal with Gangster Daddy? How will the playboy help the nurse to stop his sister? How will Secretary Kim’s love triangle end?  Does In Hye know that she now has a double agent working for her? Now that Do Hyun’s past transgressions have been exhumed, what will come of him? Will he remain an arrogant prick who never really sees the big picture? I guess we’ll be finding out next week. Till then!


  • leila8mae says:

    I love love love your featured image!! lol

    can’t wait to watch this.. thanks for the recap!! yours is way better 😀

  • imud says:

    “And of course she’s not going to want to accept a gift from someone she’s suspicious of. But on the other hand, I would have kept it. What can I say? $1M is not that easy to come by”.

    LOL, me too, for sure 🙂
    So, maybe that’s why our very own story would never be existed in any drama, eh?

  • Oopz says:

    To me something missing from this drama is the lack of LMJ-NMW scenes, 😀
    Plus i just hope that the writer wont dissapointed me by taking the cliche path, coz right now i have a feeling he might,..

  • iledrama says:

    you hit the nail on the head. Something is missing from this drama, I actually find it boring. I usually like business dramas, and plot driven dramas, but these one is so slowly paced, I almost don’t care anymore. Thanks to your recap, I see I haven’t missed much, and I will hold on and see if things pick up. It reminds me of another slow moving drama, New Adventures of Gisaeng.

    Right now, I am enjoying Thorn Birds, and wish Royal Blood (another lawyer, revenge drama) had more episodes out.

  • Ross Tricia says:

    Always love your drama recaps and reviews here and there… not only did you do an excellent job in recapping what actually happened in each episode… what so funny was all your hilarious comments along your recap… I couldn’t stop laughing while reading them…Thanks again… I have so much fun reading your recaps and reviews… than actually watching the drama… if it was not for Jang Hyuk, I think I would have dropped it… (Jang Hyuk is always good looking and love his acting too) I really hate the girl friend … hahahha… anyway… Please continue to write these recaps and reviews… you are such a great writer! hahahaha…. thanks

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