Intro To Bollywood, Movie #3: Socha Na Tha

Unlike the two other movies I reviewed, Socha Na Tha doesn’t have big stars nor did it do well at the box office which is a shame because I think it’s a very cute and pretty well done movie.

Most fictional romances follow the same formula: Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl. Most fans of Bollywood, Korean dramas and American romances are both familiar and comfortable with this trope. Originality of the plot may not be the attraction but the execution of it is.

Arranged marriages is a common topic in a lot of Bollywood movies although it’s often about someone being in love with someone else while his or her parents are arranging their marriage. But what if your parents get it right and arrange a marriage for you with the right person? That’s what Socha Na Tha is about.

Viren (Abhay Deol) and Aditi (Ayesha Takia) meet on a marriage meeting. As Aditi is merely the niece of a wealthy man, she’s already been rejected a few times so when she and Viren get some alone time, she tells him that if he’s going to reject her, he should do it quickly to make it easier on her folks. Relieved by her candor, he confesses that he already has a girlfriend that he hopes to marry. They spend the rest of their time casually and get to know a bit about each other.

That evening, Viren’s family calls Aditi’s to formally reject the marriage. Her family is insulted at the speed of the rejection and this causes a war between them. In the meantime, Viren and Aditi run into each other and he begins to tell her of his woman troubles. Her offer to help means that she gets to meet his girlfriend and at that meeting, they solicit her help in coming up with an excuse to help his girlfriend, Karen, get permission from her family to go to Goa with him and the rest of their friends.

The plan they come up with involves Aditi also going on that trip and because Karen joins them later, Aditi and Viren get to spend a lot of alone time together before she arrives and even after she does.

Some further misunderstandings related to the trip create even more friction between Aditi’s and Viren’s families and while this is happening, Karen and Viren get engaged. Aditi also promises her uncle that she’ll marry whomever they choose for her.

But choosing to marry Karen comes with its own set of problems because they both have to convince their families to accept the union despite the religious differences. So Viren goes to hell and back doing all he can to convince both sets of parents to give their blessing and it’s just after they do that he realizes that he’s really in love with Aditi. lol.

Now he has to get out of his engagement, get Aditi to get out of hers and find a way for both families to get over their newly created issues and allow the union they’d initially wanted.

Both actors were quite new to the industry when they appeared in this movie in 2005. It’s a simple story that succeeds because of its clever and snappy dialogue. Despite the Romeo-and-Juliet-esque family conflict that’s introduced into the plot, it’s not overwrought with melodrama and is essentially, a fun, light-hearted romantic story. Another theme in the movie is Viren growing from a spoiled rich kid to a responsible man.

Despite the leads’ lack of experience, the acting was okay and I enjoyed a few of the songs. The actress who played Karen was distractingly bad but I just ignored her whenever she was on screen. Some of the other actors could also use an acting class or ten but nonetheless, the movie has a well-written script that made a lot of its flaws forgivable.

All in all, Socha Na Tha is a cute story that I’ve enjoyed watching over and over again.


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