Intro to Bollywood, Movie #4: Hum Tum

Hum Tum is a 2004 movie starring Saif Ali Khan as Karan and Rani Mukerji as Rhea. It’s a When Harry Met Sally-esque movie and there are even certain scenes in the second half that definitely borrowed from that movie. But it’s not a direct copy (Thank God!) and has its own unique charm and story.

Karan and Rani meet on a flight to New York. He’s a playful ladies’ man and she’s a serious girl so they obviously don’t get along but nonetheless, decide to spend their stopover in Amsterdam together. Karan being the guy he is ends up kissing her and you know that can’t end too well.

Months later, they run into each other in New York and this time Karan is with his girlfriend who happens to be someone Rhea knows. And once again, you know that can’t end well, either.

Then years later, then run into each other once again but this time, Rhea is getting married and guess who her wedding planner is? Well, not Karan but his mother. However, since he’s a layabout who’s not serious about his cartoonist job at the local newspaper, he has enough time on his hands to help out with the arrangements. They have their little war of the sexes like they always do but this time, part amicably.

Then once again, years later (how many years does this movie span anyway?) they meet in Paris. But instead of fighting and bickering like they normally do, their friendship blossoms as Karan becomes the shoulder Rhea can lean on during a trying time. Once again, they part on friendly terms but this time it’s tinged with a romantic undertone.

Then months later, Rhea moves back to India and her mother asks Karan to fix her up with a nice man. This is when their romance really gets underway.

I’m a fan of bickering couples and while I don’t mind love-at-first-sight stories, I particularly love a slow build up of love from friendship so this was right up my alley. The leads really played off each other and their interactions were both fun and romantic.

There’s also a side story of Karan’s parents being separated even though they still loved each other. Karan inherited his unserious nature from his father and his parents’ relationship serves as a cautionary tale for him.

Karan is a cartoonist who achieved fame through the Hum Tum series in a newspaper (that becomes a book at the end of the movie) and the animated scenes peppered through the movie were a nice touch.

I do admit that the specific When Harry Met Sally scenes that came up towards the end of the movie kind of made me roll my eyes but they weren’t bad enough to take anything from my enjoyment of this film. I found it to be an entertaining, funny, sweet and romantic movie and I recommend it to anyone interested in watching a  Hindi romantic comedy.

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  • ripgal says:

    I only remember the last scene in this movie hehe.. I think it was the first time I saw a full make-out/lip-to-lip kissing scene in a Bollywood movie?

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