Midas Episodes 20 & 21 (Final Week)

So we’ve arrived at the end. Was it as exciting as one would have hoped? Well…


So episode 20 starts off with ShinHeung Bank announcing its alliance with Lone America. After exchanging pleasantries with the ShinHeung Bank manager, Bad James asks to speak with Do Hyun in private. Why? Because it’s cards-on-the-table time and he wants to know the real reason Do Hyun is working for the bank. When he replies that it’s because he’s got a 4% stake in it and believes that it’s got a bright future, James counters that the real reason is his revenge against In Hye. And that if they partner up, they can both get what they want. And what does James want? To personally own ShinHeung Bank.

As Do Hyun leaves the meeting, he runs into the killer dude who worries that his cover has now been blown. But James tells him that everything is fine since he now owns Do Hyun’s ass.

While the two stupid brothers sit in Lawyer Choi’s office talking about the slush funds, In Hye pays him a visit. Of course they are supposed to put on their poker faces so as not to let on to their sister that her kin is conspiring against her but you can imagine how the First Brother Idiot acts.

The good lawyer tells In Hye that the rest of the money is ready which means that it’s time to put their plan of diverting the funds into action. Do Hyun tells him that he’s ready but leaves the act of getting the brothers to fight in the lawyer’s hands. The lawyer then goes about poisoning the brothers minds by asking how they will split it.

Of course Sung Joon doesn’t think his brother deserves half because not only is he not doing his fair share to acquire it but he’ll most likely misspend it. Big brother feels slighted and while he’s trying to figure a way around it, the second part of Do Hyun’s plan is set into motion.

The story of Lawyer Choi’s clandestine relationship with the Yoo patriach’s ex as well as his double crossing ways is revealed to the FBI (ironic name) who obviously has a breakdown and decides to spill it all to In Hye.

A panicked In Hye who also learns that her funds have been diverted then spills it all to Gramps who then makes the brothers return the money to In Hye.  That in turn gets it to Han Young Bank as planned and all is well in her world.

At this point, I think that Do Hyun is either a moron or a genius. Because if he hadn’t double crossed Lawyer Choi and gotten the stupid eldest brother worked up, their plan would have worked without a hitch. But on the other hand, was this all part of his master plan?

In the meantime, Gramps confronts Lawyer Choi on his relationship with his ex and from my interpretation, it looks like the woman was Lawyer Choi’s prior to meeting Gramps and unless I am getting it wrong, looks like the the old bastard raped the poor woman. If not rape, he somehow forced or pressured her into a relationship with him. Then the mistress reveals to Gramps that Mi Ran is not his. The lawyer gives some bogus reason for staying in Yoo’s employ despite this but if it were me, I would have killed the old bugger. Which makes me think this Choi-Mistress storyline is a last minute addition to the story.  We all know the lawyer is a green grass snake but still, his greed being the only reason he stayed employed despite hating the sick pervert just doesn’t quite seem to fit even though it does fit with the overall theme of the drama.

It’s time to take the usual 5-minute break from the money madness to watch Myung Joon and Jung Yeon. Yes, they have nothing to do with the main storyline and the producers don’t feel like spending money on extras so why not have him have a birthday party for two? You know, just him and his friend and to kill time, make him play a pretty tune on the piano? So he plays and sings and she tries to look touched (and fails), then he reads a poem from his birthday present as they say goodbye to their nomance. Wish it could have happened sooner.

All that’s left now is for the banks ratings to be announced. With HanYoung getting its full investment, it gets the highest rating of A+ while ShinHeung gets an A-. One would think that HanYoung’s time would be better served taking over a bank in the B-range but In Hye refuses to stop her attack on ShinHeung. Why? Because we need more conflict in this drama.

So it looks like Do Hyun failed especially as he’d taken time out of his day to threaten the MOFIA guy against supporting HanYoung plus now James is mad as hell since he also wanted to take over HanYoung Bank and the A+ rating killed his dreams. But our avenger still has one trick up his sleeve.  He approaches the good lawyer about revealing the In Jin Group slush fund to the public.

At this point, the lawyer has been backed into a corner because now both his and his woman’s lives are in danger now that their relationship has been revealed to the Yoo clan.  So he sacrifices himself and tells the world about the slush fund.

Now In Jin Group is screwed and so is Lone Asia/HanYoung for accepting illegal funds.  In Hye get arrested so is that the end for her? Well…

To the police she insists that Lone Asia has nothing to do with In Jin Group even if she’s the glaringly obvious connection. But they get nothing out of her. The Yoo father contacts the MOFIA dude and threatens him but is told that the only way out of this mess is to donate the slush funds to charity.

The two oldest brothers can’t fully accept that solution so they do what rich people do as a tax shield and decide to run their own charity.

It’s once again time for that 5-minute break and this time, we get up and get some snacks while Myung Joon dies. Jung Yeon visits him and he says that his dying wish is her forgiveness. Not for himself but for his beloved whispering sister. And just as I’m thinking how unfortunate for him that the pretty lender is the last person he sees before he dies, in walks In Hye. PHEW! But what about his other siblings or his father? Nobody else cares? WTF?

Anyway, he’s on his last few breaths and struggles to tell his sister that she’s got a disease worse than cancer. What could be worse than cancer? Actually, it’s a really popular one that everyone knows… the topic of numerous books, songs, movies and even documentaries. Er what? Measles? Alzhemiers? Carpal Tunnel? No. Then what? Loneliness. Oh.

So apparently, her loneliness led to her greed so now he feels bad for leaving the world and adding to it. I thought her greed was payback for her bad childhood. Oh well, I suppose you can spin anything to sound related to loneliness but this was kind of lame, even for you, Noplayboy.

Well, so he dies and she cries and reflects on her life.  Which means it’s time to leave Lone Asia to her deputy/former backstabber whose name I finally learned in the last episode of the drama. Anyong haseyo, Cha Yeong Min.

Do Hyun’s work is done so to everyone’s regret, it’s time to leave ShinHeung Bank. It’s sad and everything is resolved, right? Oh, no. We still have Big Bad James.

Due to Do Hyun’s interference, the cases of the deaths of the first Righteous Dude and Stephen are being re-investigated. Earlier on, In Hye admitted to her wrongdoing and said most of it stemmed from her attempt to break free from James’ clutches. So she advises Do Hyun on what to do to get rid of him.

So James wants to get his owning a bank thing rolling so he contacts ShinHeung about his investment. But see, the deal he made with Do Hyun no longer stands since he no longer works for them. Oh, so that’s why he quit? So James tries to contact Do Hyun but our avenger is now unreachable. But a well publicized fact is that no one can double cross James so guess what he does?  No, I mean, just take one guess. Yes, the most obvious guess! What is it?  Yep, you got it!

I rolled my eyes a thousand times because I could see that coming from a million miles away. So Do Hyun meets with him because he has to save his girl and James tells him that he’s risking his life by going against the biggest baddest wolves he knows (Lone America) so how dare he try to get away from him? As it always happens in this genre, Do Hyun gets him to admit to killing his two victims on tape and before we know it, he gets a call from Dallas, showing that his bosses know of his covert operation to own a bank behind their backs. And as he speaks, the killer dude receives a text from someone we can all guess is Lone America. A frustrated James hangs up the phone and yells at Do Hyun for ruining all his plans. Then he tells his lackey to waste Do Hyun. So Sexy Lackey pulls out his gun and points it at our avenger. But we all saw him receive that text and know this is all to kill time because moments later, he directs it at the real target and James gets a bullet to the chest. Am I the only one who thinks this James plot is entirely weak?

So what’s the moral of the story? It’s that no matter how much of a big baddie you are, there’s someone bigger and badder than you, and the In Hye/James/Lone America killer also works for him.

Two years pass and it’s time to end the story. So Gangster Daddy has now stopped chasing after fool’s gold and has become a Cooking Daddy instead. The parents of the lovebirds meet and all is well in their world.

The lawyer gets jail house visits from the two women in his life.

Do Hyun has set up a nonprofit foundation and now his life is dedicated to providing money for the good of mankind. In Hye goes back to Lone Asia and now the company has a new name and new focus. From Lone Asia to CoRising, instead of hostile takeovers, they will invest and grow with companies as they meet their potential.

In Hye and Do Hyun meet to say goodbye to each other and the life they once shared. They leave on a good note saying that perhaps they will collaborate again in the future but this time, for a good cause. The violins play and the story ends.


So what exactly did I learn from this? That rich crooks always find a way out while the middle class wannabe rich guys who work for them for 3 or 30 years end up in jail. Good to know.

Was the final episode as riveting as one would hope? Not really. Just the same intensity and pace as the rest of the show with slightly more gangsterism than usual. Time well spent? Well, this drama taught me a lot about patience.

Shame that the Myung Joon plot added nothing to this story given it involved a terminal illness. He really was there just to occupy Jung Yeon’s time while she wasn’t with Do Hyun. His death had no impact because he wasn’t a well developed character at all. What about the missing brother? No sight of him, no mention of him.

Jung Yeon also added nothing to this story. She didn’t motivate him to change nor was she even an influence in any way. Plus in my opinion, took him back at a weird point in his cycle. She was simply there to look pretty and give speeches that didn’t have any impact on the story other than to show us how far Do Hyun had sunk or grown. So maybe she was put into the story as the writer’s mouthpiece. He wanted us to think of him as she did. Hate him when she did and love him when she did. Didn’t work for me but perhaps it worked for others.

As I’ve been saying, I wish they’d spent some more time cultivating the relationships and shown a closer relationship between the business and personal aspects of the story. In Hye and Myung Joon were supposed to have a strong loving sibling relationship, especially from In Hye’s side but for me, the stupid brothers actually have a better bond. Both of those characters were well realized by this drama’s standards. I did enjoy Sung Joon and how much he needed his daddy’s approval and Ki Joon was a somewhat amusing fool.

The gold plot really didn’t amount to anything given how much we had to hear about it in the early part of this drama. Figuratively, perhaps but literally it didn’t amount to much. I think there were too many characters with little to do and the plot unfolded in a uninteresting way. But as I mentioned in an earlier comment, they were quite good about their cliffhangers making it just interesting enough for you to want to know what happens next.

As for the end of this drama, perhaps it’s realistic because even if they lost their slush funds and some of their other money, majority of the rich bad guys got away with their crimes. For them, it simply is “another day, another dollar.” It’s a sour but true story of the world we live in.

With this, I say goodbye to Midas. Thanks to those who’ve followed my recaps and thanks for all the comments. See you in the next drama!  Till then, take care!


  • vicka says:

    Thanks to you for you recaps, your patience and your good writing… I agree with you entirely. The only good thing about Midas: the rich guys never go to prison. And as you said it; there were a lot of characters and not all of them well developed.
    See you on the next kdrama…

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      Thanks for reading and leaving comments. It’s much appreciated.

      See you in the next drama 🙂

  • Anny says:

    Thanks for the recaps, I am curious as to how the story will flow and end but too lazy to watch and wait for the English subs, so your all recaps really are really appreciated 😉

  • marmar says:

    Thank you for the recaps..I been looking everywhere for recaps because honestly I didn’t want to watch this drama. I did at first because of LMJ &NMW but I just didn’t feel the connection with this drama. It just never caught my entire interest plus the talk about business &financial was killing it for me.
    So reading recaps will do &thank you for doing them.
    After reading the recaps I figured it’s a good thing I never watched it because it just seem like it was just plain boring. In the end I learn that rich people can always cover their tracks &innocent people will always be sacrifice &money dramas are the most boringest dramas out there xD

    Again thank you for recapping it all for me &others 🙂

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      Hi marmar,

      Well, I don’t want to discourage anyone from watching it because tastes vary. But if you’re watching it for LMJ&NMW, then you will definitely be disappointed.

      You’re welcome 🙂

  • uknow says:

    maybe i’m late to give comment but thanks a lot to you because i just already finished watching midas episode 4 but i really curious what had happen in the end of the story..thanks…i like this drama very much due to the flow of the story is very interesting..

  • janit says:

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  • janit says:

    hi no min woo i love you se much best actor midas nawal morroco

  • janit says:

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