CITY HUNTER: trailer released!!!

I just saw the trailer tonight.. And Oh My Goodness!!! All I can say is.. Min Ho, how much you’ve grown!! I can’t wait to put my whole being into this!! LOL

I get a different vibe seeing both trailers.. It feels like an action drama rather than a romantic-comedy.. But trailers sometimes hardly say anything much about the story.. Let’s see what this drama really has in store for us. Since I’m reading articles that though the story was based on a manga written by Tsukasa Hojo, this series seem to take a different route.

Hoping for the best!!

Episode one will air this coming MAY 25.

Video full credits to owners and to my sis MEOW at YT 🙂

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  • Tyrone says:

    Nice one. I love your site, so superb and full of photos..keep it! !:)

    Yeah, I agree Min Hoo had really grown up.Can’t reach ’em so tall! !.. lol

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