City Hunter Episode 7 Spoiler Pic: Does Da Hye Get Her Way?

It sure looks it. So does Yoon Sung grudgingly become her tutor? Or is there an ulterior motive?

It’s cute how happy this spoiled brat is.

But Na Na, does the bodyguard need to stand so close to them? In fact, seeing as he’s a Blue House employee, do you really need to stand guard during her tutoring sessions? HMM.

Sources: DC with credit as indicated.

The subbed preview can be viewed below.

Spoiler pic for a future episode

He seems to be holding her arm. So would that cost $50 or that only applies when they are at home?

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  • mskololia says:

    Yeah, I think it applies at home. I call foul on his touching her whenever without paying up though…

    The brat wins…..

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