Quick Thoughts on TVN Drama “I Need Romance.”

I just saw the first two episodes of this drama and enjoyed myself. It’s about three friends as they try to find happiness through their friendship and romances. So it’s totally Sex and the City and I think we have Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte here (no love for Miranda).

The Charlotte character is a 33-year old virgin called Hyun Joo. At the start of the show, she’s engaged to a guy who wants to wait till their wedding night to have sex. As in, she put the moves on him and he rejects her. Gay? Probably. Impotent? Possibly but I think gay is likelier. He jilts her at the altar so she hires a guy to play him at their wedding to save face.

It already looks like the cliche situation of a woman renting a guy she later falls in love with but I’m still looking forward to watching their story unfold. They first meet when she hires him to move some furniture and clumsily pours hot tea (or was it coffee?) on his crotch.

The Carrie of the show is a hotel manager called In Young. Her romance began in a kdrama way – her boyfriend had a crush on her in middle school and came to look for her 10 years later. 10 years after that, they are in a comfortable relationship. As expected of a typical kdrama 33-year-old heroine, she wonders when he will propose. The drama starts off with simultaneous scenes of them having sex and cycling together. Since it’s a cable drama, they kiss a lot.
He’s a struggling director who finally gets to debut. The lead actress of his movie tells the press she’s got a crush on him and he tells his girlfriend that the young girl excites him while she’s like a sister/mother/daughter to him. LOL. Hurt, she dumps him, the press reports that he’s begun to date the actress, he comes crawling back to her, they get back together but I think he’s two-timing her now. And lies to her a lot. He cheated on her 5 years ago and I think they have so much history that he always wants her beside him. But the passion is probably gone even though they still sleep together. I guess there’s just no more mystery in their relationship. It doesn’t help that their sex actually follows a pattern she laid out. Like kiss me first before you touch my breast etc. So I guess he’s bored. And now also likes other women. Or maybe it’s classic kdrama misdirection and he’s not dating the other girl?

There’s also her co-worker who obviously has a thing for her but I think he’s going to end up with a broken heart. I wish she’d ditch her boyfriend but he’s the main lead and the bigger name. Drats!

Then there’s the Samantha of the group. She’s a model called Seo Yeon who’s the self-appointed relationship guru of the trio. She dates a lot and cheats on all her boyfriends. She’s in love with an ex who’s married with a pregnant wife but has an antagonistic relationship with her assistant. I guess he’s like her Smith and will end up with her.
I read some strange criticisms about how people watch Korean dramas because they are not full of sex and focus on romance, blah blah and I wonder if those people actually watched the drama. So far, this is no more scandalous than the average Taiwanese drama. There’s kissing, some PG bed scenes and they showed us some condoms but no nudity so far.  And the only people who are having sex are the couple who’ve been in a long term relationship so surely, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a very light show about women talking about their love lives and certainly nothing I believe that anyone other than an uber prude would take offense to.

All in all, I enjoyed the first two episodes. I think it’s a cute show about love and friendship that’s already way more interesting that its predecessor, Manny. Let’s hope it doesn’t begin to tank as the weeks go by.

I Need Romance airs on TVN on Mondays and Tuesdays.


  • yitiantulong says:

    Ha! Clock, that woud be the day! When a Korean mainstream TV series (bets are off on more art-house movie offerings) gets too racy for the average global TV exposed audience. 🙂

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      LOL. I heard Yacha had some explicit scenes but I bet it’s probably tame compared to some of those HBO shows.

  • alexe says:

    I like that drama

  • Keane says:

    Nah, we have a Carrie, a Samantha, and Charlotte plus Miranda rolled into one, Hyun Joo ‘cos she’s a lawyer and a virgin.

    I’m addicted to this show. Thanks for the weecaps.

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