City Hunter Episode 9 Thoughts

Since we’re both enjoying City Hunter, leila and I will be writing about it.


This drama is moving so fast that I wish there were three seasons.

Nana and Yoon Sung

I believe that Nana had an inkling that perhaps Yoon Sung was the City Hunter pretty much throughout the entire episode. But if you were in her shoes it would be hard to believe, wouldn’t it?

It was cute that they both couldn’t sleep because they were worried about each other. Yoon Sung couldn’t sleep without at least making sure she was alright after having a nightmare that she’d fallen to her death. And this time, instead of being annoyed that he was probably having a one night stand, Nana was genuinely worried about him.

Which meant she had to go to the rooftop at 2 am for some fresh air. LOL. I guess she really doesn’t have a balcony, huh? And that led to their first real kiss.

But perhaps for Nana, that kiss meant the start of something new. So she didn’t quite understand what was happening when Yoon Sung began to leave her with a long list of advice because for him, that kiss was the end of something that couldn’t be.

In reality, if your roommate meets you on the rooftop and you decide to make him coffee, wouldn’t you ask him to come inside with you? After all, he does live there, right? And they weren’t out there for fresh air because it was stuffy, but because she was worried. But it’s no big deal since it’s clear that the drama wanted him to make a clean getaway, which he did. Right before they reminded us he was doing it to protect her.

So he starts to pull away from her for her own benefit just as she, too, begins to protect him. When Young Joo interrogated her about the City Hunter, she hid her suspicions and tried to protect him which was made very clear when she hesitated when she realized that she’d let it slip that Yoon Sung had given her the Pororo toy. Although in all honesty, Pororo should be common enough to not be considered any kind of solid clue but I suppose this is one of those situations where it’s the sum of all parts that matters.

Even though Yoon Sung had begun to keep Nana at arm’s length, he doesn’t officially move out of her place till his father shows up there and scares the bejeezus out of him. Isn’t funny that he moved in with Nana to protect her and now he’s moving out for the exact same reason? Very typical of this drama.

However, it’s while he’s performing this final act of protection… when he comes over to say his final goodbye that she finally confirms her suspicions of his other identity. I give the drama a pass for having her confirm his identity with his eyes closed otherwise, there wouldn’t have been any way for her to find out without his knowledge because her reaction would have given her away.

So what do I want from Nana? At this point, Yoon Sung is a lost cause. He’s going to push her away for what he perceives is her own good but I hope she doesn’t take it at face value now that she knows he’s the City Hunter. Perhaps it’s time for her to go to full protect mode: do some research, investigate and help him in any way she can. The ajusshi-mom left an envelope at her place. Perhaps in that lies the key that Nana would need. I’m looking forward to watching their love bloom and to seeing her take a more active role in the overall plot.

Father and Son

This is phase 2 of their relationship. Jin Pyo has always been able to control him but now that their ideologies are at odds, Yoon Sung has picked his own side and is intent on sticking to it.

When Jin Pyo decided to play Russian Roulette with Seo Yong Hak, both father and son calculated how many times the trigger would have to be pulled to reach the bullet. Both had the same goal – to get the names of the other three but they also had different ideas of how the game would end. Do I, just like Yoon Sung, believe that Jin Pyo would have killed that man? Yes. So Yoon Sung came prepared and thwarted his father’s plans with some gas. I am quite sure the game would still have ended that way even without the prosecutor’s interference.

When he was a child, Jin Pyo used Yoon Sung’s surrogate mother to control him and now that he’s an adult, he applied the same tactic. Surely, I can’t be the only one who thinks the ajusshi is more like a mother than a friend to our City Hunter, can I?

But Jin Pyo has learned a few things in the weeks he’s been a City Hunter and clings even tighter to his convictions. Now, more than ever, he wants to protect those around him especially as he sees their lives threatened. So this time, instead of accepting a beating from his father, he stops him. Instead of trying to make a deal, he makes his position clear and he reiterates that he will not let the cycle of violence continue. I especially like that he implied he will protect Jin Pyo from himself.

But Jin Pyo is just as stubborn as his son and also reiterates that he will not let those five men live. So when Jin Pyo shows up at Nana’s house, what exactly does this mean? Is this Daddy being a Selfish Daddy who wants to threaten Yoon Sung into submission? Or being Tough Love Daddy who’s trying to explain the ways of their world to him? I’d like to think it’s the latter even if I am wrong. Despite all he’s done from drug dealing to killing, why do I still feel there’s some good in Jin Pyo?

Yoon Sung and Sae Hee

Now, this is a pair that confuses the hell out of me. We all know that in a Korean Drama, a man who loves a woman the way Yoon Sung loves Nana will never stray – even if he’s a fake playboy. Which is why I find their interactions confusing. If this were an American show, I would say that he was flirting with her in this episode. Especially when he teased her that she now knows another of his secrets.

I think it’s the tone of their voices and the look in their eyes when they talk that makes me think that something is going on. Then I pinch myself and remember what I am watching and decide that it’s nothing but friendship – at least on his part. She’s simply someone who can tend to his wounds and be a confidante of sorts. They both know that she’s aware that he’s the City Hunter and right now, I think she’s so bored with tending to sick animals that she’s just having a little bit of fun with humans. Which is why she didn’t say anything when she first found a bloodied Yoon Sung in her clinic, why she didn’t divulge anything to Young Joo when he came snooping around and why she didn’t warn Yoon Sung that the prosecutor was hot on his trail.

I’ll save Young Joo and Yoon Sung for next time.


There are things we always knew were going to be explored in this drama such as: Daddy vs Yoon Sung, Nana vs City Hunter, Love vs Revenge and so on and so forth. But the timing of these events shape the overall plot. I really thought Daddy vs Yoon Sung will begin to rear its ugly head at the tail end of the drama but since it’s being explored in a big way now, it makes me wonder if there’s a bigger, badder wolf lurking somewhere in the dark. I’ve never for once thought that Nana’s life was in any real danger in Daddy’s hands but Yoon Sung seems to think so. But the good thing about it is that he finally understands why his father always warned him not to love. Not because he wants to deny him that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with it but because not only do they become your weakness, but your love puts their lives in danger.

But of course, all this could have been avoided if he’d just left the boy to be raised by his mom.

There’s been a lot of discussion concerning the son’s and father’s methodologies of exacting revenge. One wants to bring shame to the criminal while the other wants to kill them. Killing is definitely not justifiable but isn’t it funny that after Seo Yong Hak met Jin Pyo and that man Russian Rouletted the fear of God inside him, he was more than willing to confess to every crime and receive his lawful punishment? For him, getting stoned by rotten eggs and hurled off to jail is better than death.

I’m not really one for capital punishment so I honestly can’t say what the fair and just punishment the Group of 5 deserve for betraying their men in that massacre is but perhaps that’s why we believe in concepts like Hell so that when we can’t figure this out, we at least hope that in some way and some how, such people will get what they deserve.

Till next time!


  • mskololia says:

    Thanks ladies; nicely done.
    I like the YS and SH angle and will take a dosage or two in every episode, thank you very much.
    They still are not listening to me about modifying NN’s character so I will have to live with her as is.

    I love JP’s character. He’s the one that keeps YS on his toes and vibrant; and allows YMH to act without convictions in this drama. His range is good. Don’t pull back LMH, but go for it.

    • Leona says:

      OMO I love Nana’s character
      she is smart ( she ain’t as blind as Lois Lane and puts 1 with 1 together)
      she is a tough girl (try to be a bodyguard at ermm White House and live to tell us the story – I bet they have BG girls at WH )
      she is a survivor (try to pay debts at 17)
      she is a fighter ( when she was convinced that CH is a bad guy followed him alone and shot him) also known as she does he job well
      she is a hardworking girl – somehow Cinderella ( he bought her apartment back)
      she ain’t clingy – I didn’t see a scene like : “oh GOSH handsome guy don’t leave me ” when he left her
      she is the normalcy he needs – although anyone else than his Dad is normal – but an out of the box girl wouldn’t be right – this is a drama about him and not about the IncredibleS

      in fact I love her because she is an outstanding person without being a superhero like he is or she ain’t mopey – coz this story is about him fighting with bad guys and not about him protecting her

      In the manga she was a tough girls too

      c’mon aren’t u fed up with damsel in distress thing? if ain’t a ragdoll ain’t a good heroine? I want to see that in another drama 🙂

  • goodange says:

    I need time off to watch this!

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