I Need Romance Week 2: A Chaebol In Disguise

Okay, I’m liking this show more and more. Very cute and breezy and I wonder if it will get really angsty like other Korean Dramas. I kind of hope it doesn’t because its tone is just right for unwinding on a weekend.


So what happened to our three girls this week?

Stranded at her wedding without a groom, Hyun Joo asks her friends to explain the situation to both sets of parents while she gets acquainted with her handyman. He sees how nervous she is and calms her nerves with some magic tricks. Okay, this dude is so much cuter than that possibly gay man and she needs to jump on him soon. Or I will.

The faux wedding goes well without a hitch so the three ladies show up at In Young’s hotel where a room has been prepared according to her instructions. There are balloons everywhere and rose petals on the bed as it has been decorated for a couple’s wedding night. But Hyun Joo stays strong while the two friends try to make the best of the situation by cheering her up.

Hyun Joo then thinks of her expensive planned honeymoon in Bali and how much she’d been looking forward to it. When she decides that she will go alone, her friends understandably try to talk her out of it till she reminds them that she’d planned to make a stop in Hong Kong and was going to bring some goodies for them. So they quickly change their minds and agree that it’s an awesome idea. 😀

The next day, In Young can’t forget the hairpin she’d found in her boyfriend’s car and can’t stop thinking of him cheating on her with the actress, Kang Hee. She’s at work and Sung Hyun notices that she’s acting strangely but she blames it on hunger. Then there’s a cute scene of her bullying him into buying food for them. From he’s expression, even though he pretends to be shocked,  it’s clear that it happens all the time.

Still stressed about the hairpin, she tosses it into the trash but when she gets home, her boyfriend tells her that it’s the car dealer’s. Happy that she’d been stressing over nothing, she retrieves it but her joy doesn’t last long because her boyfriend informs her that he’s just bought a house… a month ago. If we add it to the movie, magazine interview and car, that makes four, right? So he’s hidden at least four important things from her and worse, he acts so nonchalantly about it. It’s like she’s not important enough to know about the things that are going on in his life. Very annoying!

She’s now very bothered that he’s changed so much because there was a time she would have been the first to know about all those things.  Not only that, she’d have played a part in the decision making or at least helped him freaking choose.

Over at Seo Yeon’s, a fashion magazine wants to interview her about her successful business, YStyle. She meets the editor with her photographer in tow only to find out that it’s her married ex’s pregnant wife. The wife informs her that her husband confessed to sleeping with her in the past week. Seo Yeon, who finds no shame in her game, admits to it. The wife then tells her that since she’s dumping her husband, she can have him but Seo Yeon says that their break up has no bearing on her life. Then the woman whips out a tape recorder and informs her that she will be suing her for adultery. Yikes!

The photographer, who already hates her guts, hates her even more for cheating with a pregnant woman’s husband and quits. I must say, despite his model looks, I find him the least attractive of all the men (less Hyun Joo’s ex).

After confirming with friend and lawyer, Hyun Joo, that it is indeed possible to sue the third party in a marriage for adultery, In Young gets mad at her friend for her awful behavior. She yells at her so that she can really understand the magnitude of her crimes then asks her why she dates so much and gets into relationships that never last long. Seo Yeon tearfully tells her that it’s because she hates being alone. So she comforts her.

In Young hates that her boyfriend in fact got an apartment and not a house since she’d been hoping that their next step together would be moving into one as family but she’s still excited when he calls her for a housewarming party. She’s even happier when she discovers that he’d prepared some things for her like a vanity set. She’s feeling good till the skanky actress just has to show up and take it away. Turns out she lives downstairs (WTF?) and has clearly been to his apartment before. She throws herself at him as always and even though Sung Soo acts like he’s not interested, given that he’d already confessed to In Young that he was “excited” by her, his actions aren’t very comforting, are they?

It’s time for the bitch to leave and instead of just going on her merry way, she drags Sung Soo with her and when In Young follows and see how they interact, she starts to cry. He sees this and comforts her. I personally don’t even get him. He clearly doesn’t want to lose her but there’s obviously something else going on with him. Please leave her alone if you’ve fallen out of love with her. If not, then get rid of the other girl!

At work, there’s a cute scene of Sung Hyun and In Young where she farts and tries to blame it on him. It’s funny because they both know that they both know that she farted but she insists it was him. LOL. Then we get to see what the girls get up to one day a month. Apparently, one thing single career women in their thirties wish is that they are younger. So for one day a month, they dress up, go out and paint the town red under disguises. Instead of being 33, they are 26, have different names and different careers… well, Seo Yeon is still a model.

Part of painting the town red includes meeting guys and flirting with them so Hyun Joo -who’s back from her honeymoon- meets two guys who are waiting for a third friend. The third friend is the grandson of a hotel owner who turns out to be… Sung Hyun. lol. Gotta love Korean dramas.

At the end of the night, he’s all, “26- year old ballerina, Kang Ae Ri, is this how you lie outside of work… with your breasts showing?” lol. She also seems to think he’s lying about being the grandson of a hotel owner even though she can see that he’s driving an expensive car that she insists he borrowed.

He takes her home and the next day, Hyun Joo calls to tell her that Sung Hyun been covered in designer items from head to toe. With that information in hand, does she finally get the picture? Nope. Instead, she decides to lecture him about not spending his entire paycheck on luxury items. Such a smart cookie.

Later in the day, she runs into Skank Hee who tells her that she’s interested in Sung Soo and declares war on her.

Back in Seo Yeon-land, the new photographer just isn’t cutting it so she has to swallow her pride and try to get Joon Yi back. So she sends him a formal text message, asking him to set a time and place for them to meet but he ignores it. Then she sends an angry one, reminding him that one’s personal life should have nothing to do with a professional relationship. He then replies that if she wants to do business, she should learn to treat people better. Ouch.

To makes matters worse, she gets a subpoena concerning the adultery case and when she meets with her ex, he pretty much sides with his wife. Now, you idiot, if you knew you wanted to be with your wife, why did you cheat on her? And to make matters worse, you freaking tell her about it? Are you nuts?

The ladies gather to talk about their woes and Hyun Joo recounts a meeting with a married man who’d tried to hit on her. This causes In Young to once again worry about her boyfriend and Skank Hee and takes us back to their story.

As always, In Young lets her imagination run wild and comes up with a scenario of the Skank and her boyfriend together.

Back in reality, Sung Soo comes over to the hotel. He has some other business there but brings along some shoes he’d bought for her. Skank happens to be there because she uses their gym. All three meet up, she continues to be her annoying self but Sung Soo announces that he’ll be taking In Young camping. Skank is jealous (WTF?) and warns him not to go saying she’ll use her special powers to make it rain if they do.

The couple goes camping and of course it rains. In Young gets mad, they fight, make up and make out. Honestly, this guy can be so cute and sweet sometimes but then other times… I don’t even know what to say. It just makes me think that every nice thing he says or does for In Young is insincere.

Then we get to see a bit of Hyun Joo and her handyman. She’s lost her cat and for some reason, he’s in the neighborhood (who came up with such a contrived scenario?). He happens to know a bunch of stuff about cats and helps her find it. Plus he even carries cat food with him. What da heck? There’s some explanation of how he read an article on alley cats so he always carries food with him to feed them but that is clearly not believable. Is he going to turn out to be a vet? Pet store owner? Cat man? I just hope there will be an explanation.

Then we get to see Skank meet Sung Fool who’s relaxing and reading a book. She continues to be her annoying self then asks him what he thinks about her. She wonders if he can like her and that it need not be complicated because they can be together while keeping In Young in the dark. If I’m getting this right, is she asking to be the mistress? She wants to be his secret lover? She wants to be his bit on the side? Am I getting this right?

On hearing this, does Fool make her disappear? No. He kisses her.

Please die in a fire.

Dramagods, please, I am begging you. Have In Young end up with Sung Hyun and not this fool. JAEBAL!


I know I’ve begun to really like a show when I start rewatching my favorite parts and you guessed it – I loved the In Young-Sung Hyun scenes. I am trying not to get my heart too into the pairing simply because the actor who plays Sung Soo shares top billing with the three ladies. I hope that just means that he will get his own storyline and not that his character will end up with In Young. Right?????

Till next time!


  • IBELIS says:

    I am liking this drama, it has a nice pace and does not drag things out. I’m confused by the actress is she the same one he dumped her for?

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      You mean in episode 2 or so when they broke up and he said he had feelings for another woman? Yes, it was this same actress.

  • chello says:

    This sounds like a drama I’d enjoy, except I’m not sure where to find torrents and more importantly eng subs!

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      Someone is posting soft subs on soompi so you can check that thread. They’ve posted subs for the first three episodes. Also, Dramafever subs it really quickly so if you are in the US or Canada, you can watch there.

      I don’t use torrents but you can find raws on the usual sites like mehanata, mediumquality Am Addiction etc etc…

      • chello says:

        Thanks Ms Clock! I’ll have to find a way to get the raws since file sharing websites like megaupload, fileupload etc have been recently blocked in my country, Malaysia. I suppose if I have no luck I can always look forward your thoughts on the drama! 🙂

      • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

        Hi chello,

        Yeah, I heard about that… but I think mediafire and hotfile weren’t blocked. If they weren’t you’re in luck because the raws are uploaded on mediumquality on those servers.


        Also semi-fly posts the torrents on soompi but I don’t know if the older episodes are still active. Good luck!

  • Keane says:

    I am loving this show! We have to be nice and agree to disagree at times. I dunno, I think the photographer guy, Joon Yi, is much more cuter than Hyun Joo’s and Seo Yeon’s ex’s. Right now, I’m having the hots for the handyman-rent-a-date-stud-muffin. Phewwwww~ he’s hawt.

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