Anatomy Of A Kdrama Kiss: The Half-Year 2011 Version

Clock: We began our Anatomy series with two articles last year and it’s about time for an update. The year is only half done but enough dramas have aired so why not? We are going to talk about our memorable kisses of the first half of 2011.

Leila: Time does fly ha?! I can’t believe we are doing this again.. Reminisce time for me!! Loveit!! I’m actually anxious about what you will come up this time around.

City Hunter


Clock: Now, 3-step bulb kiss doesn’t quite roll off the tongue easily, does it? But what does roll off Lee Min Ho Lee Yoon Sung’s tongue? Nana’s? Okay, I’m not going to be a bad girl but that kiss was kind of hot, wasn’t it? Well, Yoon Sung did his part and opened his mouth and kissed her till he was out of breath. I mean, it looked like he had missed lunch AND dinner! And for Nana’s part? Well, she parted her lips which is at least something when it comes to Korean drama kisses.

Plus it came at a crucial point in the story so it worked. Definitely one of my favorite kisses so far – partly because I’m a Hunter-Nana shipper and partly because I want to kiss Lee Min Ho too… oops! Did I say that out loud?

Leila: OMG!! I was literally an arms away from my laptop with hands on mouth.. Shoot! Up until now, Min Ho never fails to make my heart stop whenever he has this scenes.. It’s like a replica of the Game Over kiss.. only better because I love how he stopped (to breathe) and pulled Nana to his embrace afterwards.. that got me more than anything..

Lie To Me

Clock: Considering we write posts about Kang Ji Hwan’s big feet and his uberhottness in a drama that might never see the light of day, it’s no surprise that we are Ji Hwan-biased here.  The Karaoke kiss somehow came from nowhere and I had to fanwank to explain it but the Cola kiss was awesome! Yes, the sun came through the window and almost blinded me but there was passion in their eyes, lips and tongues (?) doing gymnastics, participation by both parties (yay!) and later that night,  me having a wonderful dream starring my one and only sexy oppa. What’s not to love?

Leila: I haven’t watched this in its entire episode.. just this video clip at YT.. and it cracked me out big time!! Ji Hwan is the craziest man out there! LMAO 😀 Thanks to our sponsor, Coca Cola, for bringing us such a wonderful Kdrama moment! The kiss was definitely sweet.. though the light is kinda distracting at first.. the follow up kiss made it better..

I Need Romance

Clock: One thing I miss in Korean dramas is watching couples act like stuff  goes on down there in their loins. In six episodes, there have been more kissing scenes in this drama than perhaps all the other 2011 Korean dramas put together and I am not complaining. But the kiss that I care about the most is between Sung Hyun and In Young.

After a year of working together, Sung Hyun is no longer her subordinate and on the drive home, lets his body take over his brain and plants a big, fat, wet one on her. And she responds – with tongue. Gatta love the tongue (yeah, I sound like a perv but whatever). And after the kiss what does he do? He caresses her face so darn affectionately. I wonder how many nights he’d stayed up imagining that kiss. Poor sod will soon get his heart broken but thank you for this kiss! And I hope to see more in the future.

It’s at the 8:58 mark.

Dream High

Leila:  My SamMi still has my most memorable kiss to date. It’s sweet and just right for both. Simple yet truly captivates young love. Sam Dong’s love is just too strong, distance can’t waver it..

49 Days

Leila: I have to admit that Jung Il Woo really did rock with his chemistry too with Lee Yo Won! And I love that they’re the one who had the most kiss in this series, despite of Jo Hyun Jae on the side. Can’t complain though because Il Woo didn’t make me feel like he was kissing his older sister. But more like kissing the love of his life.. Kudos!

Best Love

Leila: How can I leave this one out?? I can’t seem to find a video from Best Love! So good thing I have an archive for them. Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin surely did share some onscreen smooch. Thanks to Cha Seung Won, the kiss is made extra ordinary. I think he feels it more than Hyo Jin.. But who knows right??

I just love this scene the most because I truly felt Cha Seung Won’s JIN character here. He was in his car, crying thinking about Ae Jung. He thought he lost Ae Jung for good. And then Ae Jung came out, cupped his face by the window while he’s tearing up inside. Then, for a moment, he looked at her and shared the most heart tugging kiss in that series..

Those are the kisses we’ve cared about so far. But what about everyone else? Please vote for your favorite kiss of 2011.


  • goodange says:

    Awesome work, guys. I haven’t had the chance to read this in full, but great job, nonetheless.

    Seeing as My Princess is the only one I’ve seen in its entirety, I’ll have to vote for that one. ;P

  • goodange says:

    Okay, I just watched the I Need Romance video, and that one is hot. And with a title like that, there should be a hot kiss in every episode.

  • leila8mae says:

    just a side note.. last year the “Phone Booth” Kiss scene won over the “Game over” Kiss scene.. i can’t believe the battle is between Lee Min Ho and Kang Ji Hwan again this year.. who would reign supreme this time around??

    • goodange says:

      I think it’ll be Lie To Me, and I’ve never seen an episode! 😉

      Fans of the pairing of Eun Hye and Ji Hwan might hate me for saying this, but I have to be honest, the two of them together really does nothing for me. I don’t hate it. I understand the phenomenon; I’m just indifferent about it.

      • ripgal says:

        Can I say it too? haha.. I love KJH and like YEH no doubt, but seriously, I saw all their kissing scenes in LTM (in skipping form of course) and still felt nothing. I must be blind haha..

      • goodange says:

        Ripgal, of course, you can say it, too 😉 I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels nothing. You’re not blind if at least one more person feels the same way you do. 😀

  • tessieroo says:

    You forgot one of the best – Can You Hear My Heart EP 20

    Hot and very sweet at the same time. Love this couple. 🙂

  • SparkledPink says:

    My favorite kiss (so far, this year) is the I Need Romance kiss. What a passionate kiss that was…

    • goodange says:

      I think Lie To Me would win, but for my pick, it would be I Need Romance. And I’m kind of liking that these actors are unknown to me.

  • kiki_vng says:

    lie to me….hehe…the kiss was so adorable, sexy, and passionate, JUST PERFECT)…and the song playing too made the kiss so much more memorable…<3<3<3lie to me saranghaeyo….<3

    i watch all the other kiss that was shown available…i gotta to say too…lee min ho is a great kisser and i like the one from can you hear my heart, very perfect too….<3<3<3

  • mizweng says:

    Thank you for this post… For me, the best kisses to date were all from LIE TO ME… Both KJH and YEH are good kissers and with their amazing chemistry the kisses were electrifying!!! I was totally shocked to see such a passionate yet very loving kisses in a kdrama… all I could say was they were all hot…. phew i had to fan myself and drink an icy water after watching them… Even now, I still get affected by these LTM kisses…. On the other hand. I admit LMH is a good kisser that’s why I chose CH as my other fave drama kiss…

  • gem says:

    LTM!^_^ although i prefer their finale kiss (with the Jeju landscape as backdrop) over cola or ice cream kiss.

  • la says:

    The kiss in ep20 of ‘can you hear my heart’ is full of meaning and it is very similar to their first kiss in ep12 or ep14 which make it even more meaningful 🙂

  • Grace Smith says:


    • goodange says:

      Please RESPECT the opinions of other commenters. Not everyone has to share the same opinion. I will allow your comment because I don’t believe in censoring subjective viewpoints, but please, observe your own behavior and check the tone of your statement; you may want to take your own advice about growing up. Expressing dissenting views are perfectly acceptable, but it is unnecessary to act like a 5-year-old and ridicule others. Other sites may allow it, but attitude best left on the playground will not be tolerated here. As much as possible, we’d like to foster a positive environment here. Thanks.

  • eli says:

    estuvo super la cola kiss pero tambien estuvo muy bueno el beso final ya mero se comía a besos creo que el mejor hasta ahora

  • fidda says:

    what ever it is, i like “I Need Romance” kiss the most…the best kiss so far in Kdrama! heheh…Choi Jin Hyuk is so hot! @_@

  • LAURA says:

    los besos de LIE TO ME son los mejores que he visto en todos los doramas. voto por YEH Y KJH

  • L Zulkarnain says:

    Lee Yo Won, the first time i watch her film drama : 49 days, i really love her… i love this film… i love Lee Yo Won… i dont sleep for watch this drama serial 1-15 for 12 hours nonstop! without sleep! D#mn!!! i love her! and i hope some day she will come to Jakarta, Bali or Lombok, Indonesia. She have more fans here!…

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