Heartstrings Week 1: Meeting You

Music is a driving force for me. Dream High was totally off the charts and Heartstrings is moving towards the same road too, with melo on the side.. Is it going to live up to my love for PD Pyo Min Soo’s creative juice? Or is it going to be just one of the many out there?

I heard a song from Maroon 5 in Episode 1. And since I love that song, I’d share it with YOU. Here’s I CAN’T LIE.. I feel the mood of the song, that I think fits this series.. So enjoy!!


Lee Kyu Won (Park Shin Hye) is a free-spirited girl, tough yet with  a marshmallow heart. She has been raised by her grumpy, traditionalist Grandfather who also served as her mentor in playing a classical Korean instrument. Kyu Won’s relationship with her grandfather has loop holes that she tries to deal with, every single day. On the other hand, we have Lee Shin (Jung Yong Hwa) cold, aloof, campus hearthrob who happens to be the lead vocalist of the band The Stupid. He doesn’t like attention much, and declared he’s tired of girls confessing to him their feelings of affection. He blatantly rejects every single one, like what Kyu Won have witnessed.

Our guy has given his heart to someone else, someone older than him. This woman happens to be Jung Yoon Su. And since we are on a “melo” territory, some spice has been introduced. Kim Seok Hyun is a musical director who shares a bitter past with Yoon Su. Looks like their hearts hasn’t moved on and both are harboring some form of hatred with a pinch of love still, on the side. The adult love line will provide us with angst as good as the youth OTP. I find this angle interesting.

Shin and Kyu Won studies in the same university. They also happens to have the same class. But since our lead guy is only focused on his own world, he’s too preoccupied to take notice of anything that’s out of his range. However, something came up that made their world collide. Kyu Won happens to be helping her Professor who is currently confined in a hospital due to cancer. She made a fund raiser together with her group, The Windflower. Kyu Won had asked The Stupid band to play alongside them, just so tickets will be sold more.

It worked as planned. But Shin did not appear on the said event. Kyu Won was pissed. And to add salt to the wound, her beloved Professor died on the same day. This provided a scratch on our leads relationship. Surely they don’t like each other. But what’s worse is they’ve labeled each other wrongly without getting to know more.

Shin and Kyu Won’s rift did not end just then. Shin tried to make amends to Kyu Won, which she rejected harshly. Shin even handed Kyu Won the payment back but it has no use already, though at that time Shin has no idea why. Since they are trying to prove both wrong, they’ve entered themselves into a bet. A battle of the bands will be held. The loser will be the winners slave for a month.

Both group eagerly prepared, even losing sleep. They each practice thoroughly and picked music over until they’ve find the right vibe. Since both agreed that no one will sing, it’s purely instrumental. Shin’s group will be using guitars and drums while Kyu Won’s group will use the traditional Korean instruments. Sounds cool!

Let the battle begin!

Shin’s band was first to perform. Every fangirl cheered for them loudly. When it was the girls’ turn, the Traditional Music Department cheered on the side. The Windflowers portion was actually better than I have expected. I even found myself enjoying their performance! But then drama decided to break the moment just when the girls are about to have their climax. Darn string, it broke! This only means that Kyu Won’s group lost. Though I agreed with grandpa and Shin, the girls could have been the runaway winner. 

But then where’s the fun in that? We need some interactions for our OTP, so on with slavery!

Personal Thoughts:

What I really enjoyed in the first episode is the fusion of music! I love that the “traditional” music is played side by side with a newer, modernized version. Which is very appealing to most youth watching. I love that we are learning both genre at the same time. Surprisingly, the mix is beautiful. I hope drama will keep up with this kind of tone.

I’m actually expecting something light about this drama, that delivers right on my taste. Though I’m also enjoying the angst on the side. All that bantering of Shin and kyu Won provides a good tension that i enjoy. I love that Kyu Won is not head over heels with Shin or felt like she’s “in like” with him the first week. I actually love the fact that they don’t like each other. Which makes me anxious on how they’d find each other’s heart to beat for them.

I have to cheer Jung Yong Hwa and I’m thankful for his growth. He actually isn’t bad in this! Yehey! I fear he’d be bland and flat. But thank goodness, he fits Shin’s character well. I love his emotional expressions, not great but a far cry from his Shin Woo hyung days. I’m saying this because I really loved his scene with his father while playing the guitar. He received that scene well enough. I love his attitude to, that stereotype lead guy we know, he’s bringing his own “umph” factor. I’m not expecting too much from him. But improvement is much appreciated on my end.

Park Shin Hye is adorable! I can’t wait for Kyu Won to love Shin! I know the road will lead to that, and yet I’m still anxious about it! Haha! This goes to show how I love Shin Hye and Yong Hwa! Though I will savor their banter and bickering for now..

The actors here, especially Yong hwa, is very blessed to have PD Pyo as the director. To be held by his hands, I bet they are having fun doing this. I have a huge respect and admiration for PD Pyo Min Soo ever since Coffee House. though I’ve watched Full House and bits of World’s Within. PD Pyo always manage to serve some heart in his dramas and this one surely suffice.

I love some moments here showing that. Example is the scene with Kyu Won and her Professor at the hospital. Also the scene of Shin with his father. Totally tugged my heart on cue. This is why I know that I’d have a good time watching this drama. I always love stories that has depth, and that has lessons to be learned. Surely I’ll also enjoy the sweetness on this series. I mean, the OTP is enough for me. So I don’t mind sticking around unto the long haul..


  • goodange says:

    The reviews for this drama have been very mixed, but I think I’m into it. Its bite for me would have to be the butting-of-heads of the young leads, and there really is something there (the show). I really want the drama to get better. Otherwise, it might become like Playful Kiss for me—inexplicably liking it despite the overriding cons. I’d rather like it in a similar manner that I enjoyed Coffee House. Well, it can’t really come too close. The Coffee House addiction was stressful, but boy, it was soooo good, too. Lol.

  • leila8mae says:

    what I really love about this is the music.. the OTP is already a bonus.. I’m just hoping to seat back and relax watching this one.. I know PD Pyo isn’t really much associated with high ratings.. given that Coffee House isn’t that high.. but I’m loving that this series have heart.. It is just starting.. I’m anxious what will happen next week.. let’s watch out for clock’s reaction about this 🙂

    I just recently read some comments.. different bloggers have their own thoughts.. but personally, I’m sticking to this with no expectations.. i’m just gonna let it flow on its own and see what the end product would be..

  • anne says:

    Okay! Though I wasn’t really into Coffee House, I am loving this series despite the fact that it’s only on the 2nd episode. The music is really the draw for me but I am loving the banter of the main leads and also their family relationships most particularly both leads relationship with their father. KyuWon’s dad left her but she knew from the start that her father wanted her to be with him but her grandfather prevented that but still she has a very loving relationship with her dad despite the distance. With Lee Shin, from what I can gather it seems like his dad left him for his first and only love (his guitar and his music). This is the story I would really like to know how the end will be? Will Lee Shin be able to forgive his father? Will he really find closure that he seems to need from this said abandonment? I want to know how Lee Shin’s story will be brought about. Because I want him and his father to have if not a happy ending but at least a good closure before it’s too late. (Its seems dad is dying)

  • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

    lol, ange and leila, you should know the rule by now. If there’s a mixed response to a drama, all three of us will like it! 😀 And this is no exception. I enjoyed both episodes – the second more than the first and am really loving the music. I don’t know if this OTP will become my favorite of the year or anything but so far, I really like them. Plus I like the director and hope to see more of him. I just hope I keep liking it till the end.

    anne, I’m with you. I also want to see how Shin’s story with his dad ends. I am glad that Kyu Won’s dad encouraged her to let them meet.

    • leila8mae says:

      so true!! hahaha.. we do have our own world here in CK.. that’s why I love you and angie!! 🙂

      can’t wait for your POV this week.. I left out issues about family because I think there’s more to it than what has been presented so far.. and i’m loving the adult side dish.. very interesting too though nothing new.. i guess old flames are going to be rekindled??

  • ruihaza says:

    Thank you for the great review, it’s very detailed.
    And btw, do you know who played as kyu won’s father? I googled it but still haven’t found any answer. Isn’t he and Eun soo’s father in Autumn in my heart the same person?
    Thanks you so much.

    • leila8mae says:

      hello ruihaza! thanks for dropping by 🙂

      to answer your question, I don’t know much about the supporting cast.. sorry can’t contribute in that detail 🙂 I’d try to research about it though.. as the story unfolds, maybe we could add informations and more insights.. hope you’d stick around since msclockwatcher and I will be doing highlights for this series..

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