I Need Romance Week 3: Screw You, Sung Soo!

So episode 5 begins with In Young and Sung Hyun working when they hear that some lady who’d been at the casino for 13 hours has collapsed. But boy those slot machines can be addictive especially how, just when you are about to give up, the machine dings with just enough winnings to keep you motivated yet too little to make your greedy self cash out and call it a day. Then before you know it, five hours have gone, along with your rent money. Slot machines were made by the devil!

Anyhoo, they take her to the hospital and have to find her next of kin… who happens to be her husband who’s out on the town cheating on her (how refreshing). They save her life, he shows up but instead of expressing gratitude, slaps In Young for losing his wife’s diamond ring.

In Young gets back to the office and finds Sung Hyun’s resignation letter on her desk. She’s in shock when he walks in talking about how the ring issue has been resolved. She’s stunned so he worries that she’s still traumatized by the slap but she waves his resignation letter and says that that is more traumatizing. It’s his one year anniversary at the job and she was hoping to work with him longer.  You don’t need a Ph.D in fortune telling to see that his one year training is over so it’s time for him to assume a much higher position at the hotel but of course, In Young’s mind doesn’t go there.

They go out for drinks and she’s still whining about his departure, begging him to change his mind because she grew fond of him over the course of the year. He suggests they go on vacation together then she jokes about him liking her and says that she regrets turning 33 with no affair to think of, jokingly suggesting that they have one. Even though she jokes that she always knew he liked her, I think this is one of those cases where one would say, “there’s truth in jest.”

She falls asleep on the drive home and being the gentleman that he is, Sung Hyun doesn’t wake her up and instead, tries to make her comfortable by unlocking her seat belt. But dude has been crushing on her for a while so the close proximity to her leads him to do some slightly pervy things like caressing her cheek and earlobes and lightly running his finger over her lips. In Young is aware of all this happening but doesn’t move a muscle.

When he stops, she opens her eyes and says, “I just woke up!” which clearly shows that she’d been awake the whole time. She starts babbling nervously so Sung Hyun does the one thing the scene calls for which is to kiss her passionately. She panics, thinking that a woman in a relationship shouldn’t be engaging in such clandestine acts like kissing another guy but gets swept up in the moment and kisses him back. And when they finally come up for air,  he caresses her face affectionately.

She’s shy and things are appropriately tense till Sung Soo’s car shows up. So now it’s time for our not-in-lovebirds to go hide so he doesn’t catch them. This is when my love for Sung Hyun begins to wane. Because of how he reacted when he saw Sung Soo pull out a key and let himself into her place. Given that he knows she’s got a longtime boyfriend, doesn’t it make sense that he would have a key? But I guess I should cut him some slack since no one ever said that jealousy had to make sense. But that’s not the only thing. It’s that he then suggests that they have an affair for a year… which is when he figures they’ll get tired of each other (which I am sure is an excuse he added, hoping it would be convincing).  Maybe I am out of the loop but is this what young people are doing these days? And I say young since it’s the younger one that suggests this nonsense.  Last week was the skank and now it’s you, Sung Hyun? Pourquoi?

She’s in disbelief when he confesses that he does like her then she gets a call from her beau and makes a big show of their conversation so that Sung Hyun can know his place. Yes, they kissed but it’s not going to lead to anything else. She reminds him that when she was six years old, he was only a year old. She walks away but turns back to look at him, noticing that he is hurt. Poor you but surely, you need to value yourself more. You want to be her undercover lover?

Then later that evening,  after doing some coupley stuff like looking over his manuscript and what not, it’s time for the couple to have sex which is when In Young makes Sung Soo caress her face like Sung Hyun had. HMMMM.

Then the ladies meet at a spa for some rest and relaxation where In Young tells them about kissing two guys in one night.  She dreamily describes Sung Hyun’s kiss as electrifying, soft, gentle and moist. Which is the segue into the ladies talking about how they like to be kissed with Seo Yeon loving the feel of a man’s 5-o’clock shadow. And apparently, Tae Woo is a sloppy kisser (is there anything good about this guy?). It ends with In Young declaring that she likes moist lips – something that Sung Soo lacks and now she fears she will always think of Sung Hyun when kissing him. I don’t see how that’s a bad thing.

Then Seo Yeon leaves us all with a pearl of wisdom. Apparently, a woman needs three men: one for money, another for comfort and a third for sex. Is it just me who sees that Sung Hyun meets all three criteria?

Now it’s time for our Hyun Joo to take the spotlight. She gets some gangsters to kidnap her runaway groom, Tae Woo, and I must say that this is the first time I’ve actually enjoyed a kidnapping scene in a rom com! It’s funny and played for laughs and not the usual that’s added for angst when the scriptwriter runs out of ideas.

Anyway, she wants to know why he didn’t show up for their wedding and he says that it’s because she has no sex appeal. Say what? He claims that in three years and 500 kisses, not once has he felt that little stirring in his little head…. Dude, not even after three beers? He’s saying all these things and all I can hear is “GAY! GAY! GAY!” I don’t care what he says, he’s freaking gay, okay? Let him go try a man and I bet after one kiss that little head will stand at attention.

lol, but my favorite part was when she asked him if their lack of sex was due to his desire to protect her and he’s like, “Why would I want to protect you? Are you a cultural asset?” lol. It very accurately depicts the difference between a woman and a man’s perception of a woman’s virginity.

Then it’s time to check in with Seo Yeon. Hyun Joo defends her in her case by saying that her taped confession wasn’t about sex but merely about sleeping. lol. She is humiliated by this because she always owns up to her mistakes and faces the consequences. Plus it doesn’t help that the husband in question writes a confession admitting to the act.

Embarrassed, she tries to hide from the pregnant wife but can’t because she waits outside to confront her. I definitely understand this woman’s anger but as usual, it’s somewhat misplaced since it should be directed at her husband since he’s the one who broke their vows.

Seo Yeon tries to apologize but she’s not interested in it and instead, berates her. Then she gets so angry that she begins to pull Seo Yeon’s hair which is especially dumb given her condition. Whilst defending herself, Seo Yeon pushes her on the ground and she begins to have contractions so she takes her to the hospital.

At work, In Young get a package from Sung Hyun. In it is a phone with a note telling her to answer his calls on it because he doesn’t want to use the same phone as her boyfriend. This guy is a little childish, isn’t he? She smirks, saying that she won’t be taking his calls but when her other phone begins to ring, she quickly answers the wrong one, hoping to hear his voice at the other end. LOL. Silly girl.

Anyway, the call is from Sung Soo asking her over to make some spaghetti. At his place, she notices a pair of aprons and is pleased at the thought of him getting them couple wear. She then takes notes of Skank Hee’s presence at his place when she sees a lipstick mark on one of the mugs and just to confirm In Young’s suspicions, she lets herself into the apartment.

In Young isn’t happy with her presence. Why is she here? How come she knows the password? Why doesn’t she show her the respect she deserves? Why isn’t she helping her with the cooking? So she yells, letting out her frustration on her which Skank HeeHo handles pretty well till Sung Soo walks in and she sheds some crocodile tears.

It’s after this that In Young starts to notice the aura around them. The couple aprons are not for her and Sung Soo, but for him and Kang Hee. Their interactions are like those of a couple. They wash dishes together in sync, like they’ve done it many times before. What the hell is going on?

Then later that night, she puts on some new lingerie for the idiot and when they being to kiss, there’s something else she notices – his technique has changed.

In Young stays up all night, worried about all these changes. His breathing has changed. His kissing has changed. His body has changed. Who is this man sleeping in her bed? She thinks back to a conversation she had with her coworkers about the telltale signs that one’s man is cheating so she grabs his cell phone and decides to do some good ol’ fashioned snooping.

There’s evidence of Skank Hee contacting him but the message has been deleted. Then she sees a confirmation message of a 6/29 reservation at an inn.

That makes her think of what happened on June 29, 2001.

She and Sung Soo had gone on a day trip and after coyly pretending to not want to make it a night one, he eventually catches on and they end up spending their first night together at some inn. He’d been very nervous and clueless so she’d had to give him the green light several times and in a sense, lead him.

The next morning, she’d woken up a different woman. Everything familiar looked different and it felt like a new world had opened up to her.

She excitedly holds his phone, happy that Sung Soo had remembered that day too. Then she wonders if the problem isn’t that he’d changed, but that she‘d changed. Was this simply the effect of Sung Hyun’s kiss on her?

The next day, she’s at work training Sung Hyun’s replacement when the man himself comes into her sight. So she does what every bubbly Korean drama heroine does and hides.

Then she goes back to her office and looks at the phone he got her. She wonders what to do if he calls her. She then realizes that she hasn’t turned the phone on and does so. But there are no missed calls. She waits for it to ring but it’s not. He isn’t calling? Why isn’t he calling?

So she decides to go searching for him. And when she finds him, tells him to follow her outside for a chat.

“Why are you here?” she wants to know. “Since you’ve resigned, why are you still here?” Hmm… maybe because his family owns the hotel? She says that he might not take her seriously because of their kiss but reminds him that she’s thirty-three years old.

He’s not impressed and asks her to quickly say what she wants to say. She wants to make clear that even if the kiss was a big deal to him, it meant nothing to her.  She grabs his hand and shows him that it was as meaningful as holding one’s hand. Then he maintains a grip on her hand and when she begins to feel uncomfortable, sarcastically reminds her that holding a hand is not a big deal.

She doesn’t want anyone to see him holding her but he doesn’t see the big deal. She reminds him that for all intents and purposes, she’s a married woman and this leads him to mention his indecent proposal again. He wants to know if she’s thought about it and she tells him there’s nothing to think about. He’s about to leave but she stops him. Why? Because she thinks he came to see her. But he tells her she’s not the reason he is at the hotel even if it’s true that he does like seeing her and he does miss her. Awww.

She then tells him to agree that their kiss never happened. She needs him to forget that kiss. But he points out that she’s the one that can’t forget it and tells her to leave him to do whatever he wishes with his own memories.

Then we are back with the pregnant lady and Seo Yeon, which for me, were the most boring parts this week. For starters, that woman didn’t look pregnant enough to even give birth to a preemie but whatever. Seo Yeon had stayed with her at the hospital, even giving the doctor permission to perform a c-section on her. Now that she sees the baby, she immediately feels attached to him and finally understands that her body is a temple and not just something to enjoy with four or more guys a night.

She sticks to the no-longer-pregnant lady, stubbornly overstaying her welcome and when she’s sent out on an errand to buy strawberries, returns to find her gone. Angry, she finds her outside with her husband and that’s when the ladies have their final talk. The wife tells her that perhaps in another lifetime, they could be friends but in this one, when she looks at her, all she sees is her husband’s betrayal. Which means that, Seo Yeon, who doesn’t want to part with the child she’d named Kevin, will never be seeing him again.

The ladies meet for a drink and at this moment, promiscuous Seo Yeon now regrets her past and wants to treat her body with more respect while virgin Hyun Joo also regrets her past and wants to finally enjoy hers. She’s upset that she’d always tried to live a good life partly due to refusing to fit the stereotype of the daughter of a thrice-married woman and now she finds out that she lacks sex appeal because none of her boyfriends have had sex with her. Her friends cheer her up by saying that it’s not her problem but the men’s because her self worth isn’t based on that. She agrees but since she’s still mad at Tae Woo, decides to get even. I mean, how are you going to spend three years of your life dating someone you’re not attracted to? Does that make sense?

The girls go shopping for a revenge outfit for Hyun Joo which is where Seo Yeon finds a sexy dress that regresses her back to her old ways. On the way to Tae Woo’s office, Hyun Joo stops by a ping-pong club to use the restroom. Hold up. On the day the handyman saved her cat, didn’t he mention something about going to a ping-pong club? Hmm… I wonder where this is leading.

Well, while Hyun Joo is in the restroom, as expected, we get to see our favorite rent-a-man who we find reprimanding an ajumma for placing some erectile dysfunction stickers in the restrooms. He threatens her with the police and I guess this means he owns (or manages) the place? He seizes them from her and on his way out, catches Hyun Joo trying to peel said sticker off a toilet door. While looking hot as hell in a green sweatshirt, he asks her why she needs it then gives her the stack that he’d just seized.

Then it’s revenge time. Seo Yeon shows up at his work and tells Tae Woo to meet Hyun Joo at the emergency stairs of his office building where he finds her leaning with her hip sticking out in a sexy pose. Then she turns around and rubs her body, moves around sexily, puckers her lips and asks him if he finds her sexy. LOL. Of course he doesn’t for reasons known so she tells him that he’s the one with the problem and not her because so far, eleven men have already noticed her.

In the meantime, her friends place the erectile dysfunction stickers on everything he owns while she places one his back which means he gets to spend the rest of the day humiliated. Revenge complete! But somehow, I don’t think it’s enough. Not that I know what would be.

It’s around June 29th so In Young packs a bag and gets ready for her trip. She wonders why her boyfriend is not calling to tell her about it and concludes that it’s because he wants to keep it a surprise. She calls to hint that she’s got some days off but he dismisses her because he’s in a meeting. Then she waits and waits and waits. Till she falls asleep and wakes up the next day. She calls him to find out why he didn’t call but he tells her that he’s out of town at a friend’s funeral.

Now suspicious, she Googles and find the address for La Defense Pension, which is the name of the inn mentioned in the reservation confirmation. She spends the rest of the day like a zombie, processing what might be happening, thinking about why he would be lying. But sometimes, a woman needs to follow her intuition -which she does – and it leads her into a cab and straight to the inn.

She finds his car there and wonders if she’ll one day regret this decision then goes in and looks for him. She looks around and it doesn’t take long to find him by the pool, drinking wine and enjoying his date with Skank Hee. Tears begin to fill her eyes as she wonders if a smarter, better woman would have found herself in this predicament and says that just like she can never forget their first night together, she will never forget this one. She starts to leave then abruptly turns around, determined to make her presence known. There was no way she was going to witness this without letting them know that they’d been found out.  So she throws a stone and breaks a glass, startling them.

She starts to leave but Sung Soo follows her and when he catches up with her, she starts to curse at him, hitting him as tears fall from her eyes. “How could you? Did you have fun making a fool of me? Did your so-called loyalty stop you from telling me the truth?” She continues to hit him, telling him to die (I agree) when he picks her up and carries her into the car.

The drive to her place is quiet as she thinks back to happier times, like the day she had her first orgasm. When they arrive, she gets out without a word but the second she’s at the other side of her gate, crouches down and cries as he looks on.


Yes, I still love Sung Hyun and want him with In Young but dislike his proposal. I know it’s hard to compete against 10 years of love but in reality, things like this only lead to heartbreak. He’s already showing signs of jealousy so does he really think he can handle being the other man knowing that she’s going home to her boyfriend? Of course not! So why even suggest such nonsense? But the good thing is that In Young now knows of Sung Soo’s cheating which is good for him. The only problem is that being the rebound guy rarely works out for anyone and it’s obvious that In Young is going to use him quite a bit. I just hope that through this ordeal, she really falls for him. There are already signs that she likes him a lot and let’s just hope the writers don’t go all weird and start giving us reasons why they won’t work as a couple. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

As for the other men, I am now looking forward to seeing the handyman and lawyer progress as well as the photographer and model. The latter’s relationship is the least developed, so I can’t wait till their story really gets going.

Till next week!


  • punk says:

    interesting storyline

  • krissy says:

    for some reason I find this drama interesting… lol… please continue your recap. thank you!

  • Anca Minuti says:

    Sorry to bother , but can I ask you were from you watched with eng sub ?

    • SparkledPink says:

      If you live in the US or Canada, you can watch I Need Romance on dramafever.

      And if you don’t live in the US or Canada, I think your best bet would be dramacrazy.net for english subs.

    • couchkimchi says:

      In addition to what SparkledPink (thanks!) said, mysoju and jacinda1st have streaming links. And if you want to download, you can check my comments in week 2’s recap for links.

      Enjoy 🙂


  • tessieroo says:

    I’m really enjoying this drama – very different from stupid storylines or characters that make no sense. This one makes sense to me PLUS reminds me of me & my girlfriends. ROFL! Thanks so much for the recaps!

  • Siobhan says:

    Completely agree with your comments and more importantly the title of the post!

  • SparkledPink says:

    Thanks for the recap msclockwatcher!

    I can’t believe I almost let this little gem of a drama pass me by. I look forward to watch it every week- much more than I thought I would.

  • watchumlots says:

    Keep up with the recaps, PULLLLEEEEEASE?? And thank you.

    I’ve found Eng subs on several sites: Jacinda1st.org, epdrama.com, and dramacrazy.net

  • Eve says:

    I wish In Young would leave that fool! A man whose betrayed you twice don’t deserve your love.

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