Heartstrings: Written and Video Preview for Episode 4

Courtesy of lemonsorbet of Soompi, here’s the written preview for Episode 4:

Shin: “I’m going to perform … because there is someone who wants to see …” 

Kyu-Won is accepted through her musical audition, but is transferred to the acting team, and is left out/picked on by others. HeeJoo, who is also on the acting team warns Kyu-Won not to go near Shin.

On another part … upon hearing that YoonSoo is participating in arranging the concert/event, he commits and dedicates himself to practicing hard.


Also, check out the preview for Episode 4. Someone’s asking to be fired from her university job … maybe it’s a dream???



And thanks to Soompi’s shocco_locco for the video’s English translation:

Friend: He says he needs coffee … regular size

Shin: Bring it within 10 minutes. Make sure the foam remains.

Band member: Perform? 
Joon Hee: Is it because of Gyu Won unnie?

Shin: Do you enjoy making the woman who you once loved a laughing stock? 

Shin: I like her … Professor Jung Yoon Soo. 

Suk Hyun: Lee Shin wants to perform.

Gyu Won: Why do you want to do it suddenly? 
Shin: There’s a person I want to meet 


  • ripgal says:

    Omigosh, Jung Yong Hwa is so beautiful in that last shot! Read in DB there’s a new character pitting against Shin?

  • goodange says:

    Yep, there’s a character named Ki-Young, who may become Shin’s rival. His scene would have to be the highlight of episode 3. His performance was moving.

  • Prateebha says:

    Need more written updates of all episodes of heart strings.

    • couch kimchi says:

      Heh, sorry. It has been awhile since Heartstrings aired. However, you can read our recaps of the episodes 🙂 Go here. That page may not list all the recaps, so, do a search on our site, and type “heartstrings week”. The recaps were done weekly, 2 episodes at a time. We have not found the time to organize our recaps, so, I hope this will do for now.

      I will also direct you to the fairybluebird’s site. It has plenty of updates on Heartstrings and the Dooley Couple 🙂 Visit here: The Doole Couple or you may visit the The Heartstrings/Dooley Couple thread at Soompi 🙂 Go here. That thread is always moving 🙂

      I hope this was helpful.


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