I Need Romance Week 4: I Don’t Want To Love You

After In Young learns of Sung Soo’s infidelity, she keeps herself busy during the day – maintaining her usual routine, entertaining herself by watching movies and playing the guitar. But at night, when she’s alone in bed with nothing else to occupy her mind, her thoughts inevitably go to her ruined relationship. She tries to sleep but she can’t… and this is when the crazy In Young takes control of her body.

So she calls and yells at him for being able to sleep peacefully after cheating on her. And warns him not to take her calls anymore. To stop herself from making any further calls, she throws her phone away… only to turn around and call him with the one Sung Hyun got her. She then promises herself once more never to call him again… but only manages to keep this promise by going over to his house and harassing him.

Basically, there’s a battle between her head and her heart. She knows she needs to break up with him, she’s mad at him for his infidelity and she just wants to forget him but her heart wins over her head every time because she still loves him.

And despite his actions, he still loves her in some capacity which is why when she somehow finds herself at his place one night, he takes her home, spends the night and wakes up the next morning to make breakfast. I’m making it sound romantic but I really think he sucks and wish he’d stop acting like her boyfriend.

While they eat, he tells her not to come over that night because he’d be busy working and she retorts that she wouldn’t be going  to his place anyway. And of course, she breaks her promise but this time, instead of harassing the man, she harasses his car with her key. Then she sees Skank Hee’s car and decides to scratch it as well.

Then the owner catches her in the act and starts acting like a bitch, talking about how In Young is childish for taking her anger out on the car when she could have just spoken to her woman-to-woman. Uhm, how about you be a woman and find your own man?

She says that In Young should woman up like she has and be cool about it but In Young calls her out on her cavalier attitude. Can a woman who’s been ditched for another like she had on that fateful day at the pension really be fine about it? At her age, how could she involve herself in someone else’s relationship? Couldn’t she tell that they loved each other?

This causes Skank Hee to let out her frustrations. Yes, it’s true that she’s not fine with their situation and she’s mad that In Young got to Sung Soo first. Why did she get to love him first? Why did she have to meet him first?  BitchKang Hee, weren’t you like 3 years old when they first met? Or you think he’s like Jacob imprinting on a child or whatever the hell went on in Twilight?

Skank Hee confesses that she never envisioned that at twenty-three, she’d have such a messy love. Yes, she’d been hurt when he left but as an actress, she can use it in a future scene. Her feelings for him are real – they work together and share similar interests and somehow this leads In Young into believing that the skank loves Sung Soo more. HUH? I’m not sure how she arrived at this conclusion but if this makes it easier for her to let go of him, I’m all for it.

Meanwhile, Project Defloration is underway and Hyun Joo has written down a long list of things he wants from her partner and the names of the people who meet her requirements. But Guru Seo Yeon comes to the rescue and reminds her not to be too picky and that things like intelligence and fashion sense are not the criteria she should go by. “Will I have to see him in a work setting?” “Will he blab about our encounter?” are probably more in line with the questions she needs to ask herself.

Armed with this, she narrows down her list but  the only person left on it was a guest at her fake wedding. Speaking of which, Hyun Joo, why don’t you just call up your handyman and see if you can rent him out for the night? Problem solved!

The dramagods and I must be on the same wavelength because guess who shows up at her place later that night with photos from their wedding? She asks him to help hang the photo on her wall and since there’s nothing sexier than a man hammering a nail into a hole…

Uhm, where was I? So she enjoys the sexy view as he works and when he’s done, he offers to put in more work if needed. After he leaves, she looks at their wedding photo and realizes that he’s the perfect candidate for Project Defloration. Duh!

Since he’d invited her to play ping-pong, she takes him up on his offer. During their lesson, she realizes one thing – while he’s hot and sexy, he’s also stupid. What a turn-off.

Her friends try to remind her that she only needs him physically but she’s still skeptical. Not that I can really blame her. Since she’d waited so long for her first time, it’s only fair that it be perfect. But isn’t waiting for the perfect moment with the perfect man part of the reason she’s still a virgin?

This leads the ladies into talking about their fantasies like Seo Yeon wants to get it on in a phone booth at 4 in the morning while In Young wants to be on a beach at sunset… with Sung Soo. Could there be a more boring answer? Of course not. Even her friends think so and suggest a new fantasy man. One whose name starts with Sung and ends with Hyun.

The next day, while playing tennis with Alex, In Young tells him about Sung Soo’s infidelity. She hasn’t told her friends because she’s embarrassed and I can’t say I don’t understand it. If she tells them, of course they will try to convince her to break up with him and deep down, her heart doesn’t really want that.

He sympathizes with her and tells her that at times like this, one needs a distraction so she decides to hold a concert at her home. Yeah, I’m not making this up.

Later on, while she’s practicing at home, Sung Hyun shows up so she goes outside to see him. This happens to be when Sung Soo also shows up so she decides to make him jealous. She tells him to kiss her on the cheek but to everyone’s delight, he chooses to be a different kind of cheeky and kisses her on the lips instead.

She sends Sung Hyun away so that she can rub their relationship in Sung Soo’s face, saying that she’s going to date him. Sung Soo gets upset, reminding her that he’s already apologized and acknowledges that he’s in the wrong so she needn’t go this far. He’s angry that he doesn’t want to lose her and never has – unlike she who tries to break up with him every time. HELLO?!?! It’s not like she threatens a break up whenever she wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. She does it because you sleep with other women. How can you try to play the victim? Argh, this fool.

He leaves, saying that he’s not going to let their relationship end and that no matter what, she can’t date Sung Hyun.

It’s house concert time so Alex shows up at her place which is where Seo Yeon takes a good look at him and mentally draws a huge target on his penis. As In Young performs, strumming her guitar and singing her song, she sees Sung Soo standing outside. That makes her think of how he’d saved up for four months just to get her the guitar.

She doesn’t let the hurt look on his face derail her plans and the next day, goes out with Sung Hyun. They have a good time at a b-boy performance and at the end of the night, she tells him that if he really wants to go out with her, she requires just one thing – romance.

He happily agrees to her condition and they begin to date. They spend a lot of time together – watching movies, attending shows, having dinner and it feels nice. She likes the comfortable feeling because it lacks the tension that usually comes with love. My poor Sung Hyun.

He’s clearly smitten and tries to make a relationship out of their courtship but her heart simply isn’t in it. How could it when the one she loves is someone else? So she doesn’t pay attention to him like she otherwise would – don’t respond to his texts, doesn’t call him and frankly speaking, doesn’t really think about him which offends him because all he does is think about her.

He joins In Young and Alex for their tennis matches and gets jealous of Alex touching her in his very platonic way. In Young finds it cute and this, as usual, makes her think of how she used to get jealous when Sung Soo looked at other women. Considering that they shared 10 years together, I am sure every single situation will trigger a memory for her but can they spare us the numerous trips down memory lane? Especially those of us hoping she ends up with Sung Hyun?

After spending the days with Sung Hyun, she spends the nights thinking of Sung Soo, snuggled up to a pillow covered with his t-shirt. And one night, while she rides her bike over to his apartment complex, he parks his car in front of her house and disappears.

The next evening, she goes out with Sung Hyun who decides to give her the romance she so desires. So when they pull over to enjoy the night air, he plays some Brian Mcknight, puts his jacket on her to keep warm and wraps his arms around her. But as always, they are on different wavelengths. She tells him it feels nice – referring to the music and ambiance and he agrees that it does feel nice – referring to the time they are spending together.

Then he whispers into her ear that they should spend the night together. He drives her home and when he sees Sung Soo’s car parked there, it’s back to the same old thing – “Why is he here?” “Focus on me when we are together!” “Think of me!” “Consider my feelings!” Sung Hyun, if you want to be a woman’s #1 man, don’t have an affair with one who’s already taken. Which is pretty much what she tells him. He drives off in anger as she admits  to herself that she’s not yet courageous enough to sleep with him.

The next day at work, she sees Alex and Seo Yeon playing tennis together which tells hers one thing: score! Except she’s not quite happy about it since a sensitive guy like Alex deserves to be with someone who isn’t such a man eater. She’s stunned that Seo Yeon can sleep with someone she doesn’t know which confuses me because did she just meet her? The absence of love is what’s keeping her from sleeping with Sung Hyun and she wonders how Seo Yeon can have sex without love.

She’s still angry at Seo Yeon being so callous with Alex’s feelings when she finds Skank Hee waiting for her. She’s worried sick about Sung Soo because he hasn’t shown up at home or work for several days and is not taking her calls. In Young decides to be petty and lies that he’d been with her the whole time. Does this make her give up? No. Instead, she shows up at In Young’s house.

Once again, she lies about his presence at her house and rubs it in by wetting then hanging up his old pajamas and her undies.

She feels bad for being cruel to both the skank and the idiot and starts to have nightmares of her actions driving him to suicide. She constantly texts him and he reads the messages but never replies as he’s on some pilgrimage, reflecting on his actions. Like dude, you need to walk around the countryside just to realize that you shouldn’t screw around?

It’s time for Seo Yeon and her photographer. He’d finally agreed to work for her again provided she met some conditions like speaking to him formally, not wearing her strong perfume and being his personal model a few times a month. It’s time to fulfill her end of the bargain so they go to some beach where he takes photos of her.  Their day starts off a bit rough with her making him politely ask her to help carry some of his equipment but after getting over that hurdle, they enjoy themselves taking photos till she cuts her foot on a piece of glass.

She’s too proud and stubborn to tell him that she’s hurt but makes him take her to a pharmacy. He eventually helps her with her wound and that’s when we get their sweet moment. Things are moving at snail pace with these two and I wish they’d just step on the gas already.

Back at the ping-pong hall, the only thing going back and forth is the damn ping-pong ball. Project Defloration is still going but from where Hyun Joo’s sitting, it’s on its last legs because everything about this hot man has begun to annoy her. It’s bad enough that he doesn’t appear to read any books but why must he sing trot music too?

Annoyed as she may be, when he asks her to dinner, she unintentionally blurts out that they should sleep together. The guy is clearly not really all there because if this were any man I know, he’d spend the rest of the evening suggesting they end the night at his apartment. But moving on…. While they are at the restaurant, he serves other customers like he works there. What’s up with him? Is he just very helpful or insane? He carries cat food with him, seems to manage or own the ping-pong club AND has some strange relationship with the restaurant.  Does this mean that as a jack-of-all-trades, he knows everything and does everything… except read books? Plus he has nasty grooming habits like cleaning his teeth with a paper napkin. LOL. Who does that?

The ladies meet up again and get to the root of Hyun Joo’s problem. While she does have some legitimate concerns, the real reason she finds fault with the handyman is that she’s not quite ready to lose her virginity. This leads the ladies into talking about their first times with Guru Seo Yeon telling the tale of how she’d become promiscuous after realizing that love doesn’t last forever. This makes Hyun Joo say she’s envious of her friend’s 10-year love and In Young smiles, intending to let her friends believe that she’s in a perfect relationship till Seo Yeon blurts out that Alex had told her that they’d broken up. She guesses that Sung Soo must have cheated on her but In Young refuses to admit it.

Finally, Sung Soo shows up looking like something the cat wishes it hadn’t dragged in. He asks to be fed and In Young puts up a fuss even though she’s glad to see that he’s fine. She obliges and while he eats, it’s back to their same fight of, “How can you cheat?” She tells him that for all she knows, he could have slept with more women but he insists that there have been only two. He then says that he’d wanted her to forgive him so they could move on but if she can’t do that, she should also sleep with two guys so that they can be even. After that, they can put the whole ordeal behind them and get married.

In Young is still in shock when Sung Hyun calls her phone. Sung Soo answers it and Sung Hyun acts  like a secret lover and doesn’t say a word. Then it’s back to their fight: “Why did you do it?” “What am I lacking?” “What did I do wrong?” Sung Soo’s only answer is that he’s man. How enlightening.

He tells her that he loves her, never fell out of love with her, misses her and if she takes him back, he’d never let go and she wonders how that all ties in with him cheating on her with another woman. And that’s the thing, right? You can be attracted to another woman and want to sleep with loads of other women but what should stop you is your love for the one you’re committed to. More than love, it should be respect that keeps your pants zipped. Respect for her and respect for your relationship. At least that’s the way I see it.

It’s funny how he thinks that letting her sleep with other men is the solution to their problem. Once again, he’s pushing it on her, acting like she’s the one with the problem while all it does is show that he still doesn’t understand the gravity of his sin. And next time he cheats on her, does that mean all she needs to do is sleep with someone else to even the score?

It’s a new day and back at work, Sung Hyun calls, warning In Young of a surprise but she doesn’t have time to talk as she’s busy preparing for the arrival of the new director who turns out to be….


So there’s a serious shipper war going on in this drama. No, it’s not the usual Team Seung Yeon vs. Team Eun Young, or Team Sam Dong vs. Team Jin Gook or even Team Aniston vs. Team Jolie. With this drama, it’s me versus the damn scriptwriter. Hello? Can you freaking get off the Sung Soo ship so that we can all sail away on Sung Hyun? How will their relationship change now that he’s her boss? Writer, can I hope a little?

I must say that with the way things are moving, I do expect her to get back with Sung Soo which I am fine with… as long as after she does so, she realizes that their 10-year romance has run its course. Is that too much to ask for?

If the writer refuses me that small, little thing, how about focusing less on the boring Sung Soo drama? I’m kind of sick of it now. I’d like to see more of the hopefully very handsy-man and the photographer. Yes, that guy isn’t normally my type but with his new haircut, he’s looking mighty fine… well, finer.

Till next time!