City Hunter Episode 11 and 12

The whole world has gone gaga over Lee Min Ho, time and again.. Can’t say I blame any of you.. I mean, my Oppa really has the best assets to boot.. Acting, face, body, mind, soul and heart..

What have you done to us, Lee Min Ho ssi ?!?!

The story so far..

Very much engaging.. It’s breathtaking.. literally speaking.. The Big Five Projects has come down to two. Since we are almost nearing the end of the rope, there’s only the President and Chun Jae Man. Though we have few back stories that needs cleaning up. I mean, I want to know more about what’s going to happen with dearest Prosecutor Young Ju and Yoon Sung’s relationship (not that they have one, thisclose). Bromance?? Heh.

My part of the highlights concern target Number Three. Which you all know by now, happens to be Young Ju’s Dad, Kim Jong Shik. After Seo Yong Hak had been surrendered, Jin Pyo was with Yoon Sung and discovered the next target. And we are on again with the Father and Son hunt.

Speaking about Father and Son, lets take a good look on Yong Ju and Jong Shik’s relationship that can be described as strained and worse. How does one feel when your very own Son opposes you and uphold the law rightfully when you don’t, is a good question to ask the Education Minister. Though his Soul/Pride is as cold as ice, surely it hurts that his own Son has lost respect, of all people. But I gotta say, that despite the rift, love is there. Afterall , even Young Ju can’t erase the fact that he is Jong Shik’s son. We are dealing with a harsh reality here.

I love that Young Ju discovered a side of his Dad that is worthy to be ashamed of. When Young Ju discovered the boxes of money his Dad has kept hidden, that was sooo nerve wracking! Your Son caught you red handed, Ajusshi! That’s such a good reveal, better than hearing the Police Siren, seeing him handcuffed and sent to jail. Atleast for now..

Secrets are bound to be discovered. One can’t hide it too long, one day it will be revealed. And since we are few more episodes away, secrets are slowly leaking the Pandora’s box. I’m happy that we are given the chance to savor every course in this series and not be blown away in one go. It is being served right.

Just a back track. Yoon Sung tries to discover more about Minister Kim’s records, which isn’t much because the Minster surely knows how to “hide”. I like that he himself pointed out that law cannot do anything to him as long as his corruption details are not found. No evidence, No case. I hate that, but it’s the truth. There should be a solid proof and no reason of doubt. In this series, it’s getting more clear how law has its own loop holes. Maybe that’s why in reality, many crimes are left without being served justice due its cause. Because some people knows how to get away with it.

There’s more to Minister Kim’s profile. He also happens to be involved in Nana’s storyline. Minister Kim was the cause of Nana’s parents’ car accident, where he bent the rule and Nana’s parents were wrongly accused. Minister Kim bribed the witness to twist his testimony to favor him. The witness I’m talking about is no other than Shik Joong! What a small world. Now it is clear to me that he isn’t Nana’s father, he was only thinking about her because he has done her wrong. Moreover, since Minister Kim is related to Daddy Long Legs / Prosecutor Young Ju, we can see now why his angle with Nana is not going to turn out good, for the heart. So I can say farewell to that.

I am loving Young Ju because he is someone who upholds the law and use it accordingly, even against his own Father. This is such an interesting angle to his character that I’m enjoying. Atleast he’s not just a flower vase type of Second lead guy whose presence is to make the Female lead’s heart beat or one of those who suffer for a love not for them to have. Though his heart surely has problems. We know that he happens to be the ex-husband of the lovely Veterinarian.

I think Young Ju being the Daddy Long legs is just his kindhearted side that he’s freely showering to Nana. Not because he’s in love or something, but because he knows what his Father has done to her. Like, just to ease the blow. Though it is going to be a shocker for Nana once she founds out that the person he hates the most in this world is the father of the person she is most thankful for. The irony of life.

This episode was wrapped up nicely because the 200 Billion Won that’s supposed to serve as a fund for Scholars were returned safely to its rightful owners!! That’s really a good reason to celebrate. When the City Hunter team were distributing it, it feels good to see people happy. Since I really can’t digest the fact that there are people living in this world, using stolen money for selfish reasons. With 200 Billion Won in your hands alone, I don’t know where’s the happiness in that. Surely having money to spent is a good thing. But I love that drama is showing us that sharing is way better.

The loveline..

Sacrificing for the sake of a loved one can never be this.. hurting. I mean, Yoon Sung is out there trying to resist his feelings, and move on forgetting. Doesn’t work though, dear. On the other hand, I love that Nana is bold enough to still be there for him, despite of his stubborn exterior. Of course we know the reason why he’s acting the way he is with Nana.

I love that the story lead us to know how Yoon Sung life is with the thoughts of not having Nane with him. The last scene of Episode 11 was E.P.I.C.!! It totally described Yoon Sung’s love for Nana. Losing her can drive him nuts. We all know that he’s a weapon himself. Anyone that gets on his way will surely be in paradise (hell) soon.

I’m enjoying them together, infernez.. Well, I enjoy looking at Yoon Sung when he’s looking at her.. butterflies are flying, good ones that is. Min Ho can really be very effective, it hurts. But enjoyable still nonetheless. The whole shopping thing, and beauty pampering has all been done, I know. The difference here is seeing Min Ho, that makes it worthwhile.

Rejections, anyone??

Personal thoughts:

This isn’t really a good show – for my heart. What I mean with that is, Min Ho is making me feel like I’d like to shoot someone whenever he gets hurt. I’m always screaming in lines like “Don’t hit the face! Not the face!” I feel for him. It’s bad.

But so much beauty is being showered upon us by City Hunter, story wise and acting wise.. even more. The heart is still the core of the story that’s keeping me from watching. I love that our hero is doing what he think is right despite how Jin Pyo detests. Moreover I believe that it is Yoon Sung himself that would bring Jin Pyo to his senses. Even if it means that he’d be like his father.. Though at the back of my heart, I’m not looking forward to the day drama decides to kill Yoon Sung too.

Don’t you even dare, show!!

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