City Hunter Episodes 13 and 14

A City Hunter And His Two Moms

So in episode 13, just like he’d done earlier, Ajusshi-Mom takes it upon himself to try to find Yoon Sung’s biological mother.

After finding her last known location, and before he can deliver the news, the surrogate mother gets hit by the surrogate father.

Seeing this, Yoon Sung understandably goes nuts and is full of vengeance.

When Ajusshi-Mom wakes up from his coma, his first words are to tell Yoon Sung where his biological mother is.

Even though his mom was sick, she waits for him like she’d been doing for the last 28 years. What’s the point in living if she misses her son? But luckily, he finds her before it’s too late and they have a tearful reunion.

Yoon Sung has always had a very interesting but simple relationship with all his mothers – he loves them unconditionally. When his Thai surrogate mother got hurt saving him, he sought revenge. When his Ajusshi-Mother got hurt, he was a lot angrier at those he thought were the perpetrators. He wasn’t going to kill Young Joo’s father but he also wasn’t planning on showing any mercy… till he remember what it felt like to lose or almost lose a loved one. This, I believe, is the root of his compassion. He knows what it’s like to lose a beloved and doesn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone else.

The person who’s used his love for his mothers against him most has been Jin Pyo. When he was a child, he used it to get him to practice. As an adult, he used it to force him to have a taste for revenge. It’s understandable that while Yoon Sung might want to seek revenge against the Group of Five, he isn’t bloodlust because he never knew his father.

But now, his most important mother has  returned to his life. Can Jin Pyo use her like he’s used the others? I wonder, because I think it’s pretty obvious that he loves that woman. So I don’t think he can really endanger her life just to control Yoon Sung. And even if he uses her, she will most likely be in safe hands.

So what about a much, bigger and badder enemy? What will Yoon Sung do if his mother is used as bait by a much scarier enemy? Or worse, what if she’s hurt by one of them? What will Yoon Sung do? I’m looking forward to finding out if that happens.

The City Hunter And His Evil Dad

Is Jin Pyo his biological father? I don’t think so. Even though there was a strange vibe in the scene with Jin Pyo, Kyung Hee and Moo Yeol, I think that was simply because Jin Pyo had a thing for her. But I feel it was unrequited. Having said that, I’ve been known to be wrong.

What exactly is going on in Jin Pyo’s head? I have no clue. Are the writers bored and make him do strange things for excitement or is there actually some logic to it? Like him pointing that gun at Nana?

In order to control Yoon Sung, he hits Ajusshi-Mom. Yoon Sung finds out and is at his wit’s end trying to make his father understand what it’s like to have one’s loved one suffer on their behalf. So he stabs himself. One thing is that no matter how Jin Pyo acts and no matter what he does, Yoon Sung is certain that he loves him. This is why he used his body as a shield to protect Nana, why he stood on that car earlier on to stop the bus and why he stabbed himself in episode 14. Is this because Jin Pyo once risked his life to save his or that underneath it all, he really knows Jin Pyo? Or is it just wishful thinking?

But now, the tables have begun to turn. In enacting this revenge, Yoon Sung has become more and more confident about his abilities and also more assured in his own methods and ideology. Earlier on, Jin Pyo warned him not to get in the way of his revenge but now, Yoon Sung is the one who’s begun making those warnings. Is this a role reversal?

The Criminal Hunter And His Evil Dad

I don’t know if I can give Young Joo a pass for knowing about his father’s involvement in Nana’s parents’ accident and doing nothing about it. Some say that he was young but being just is being just. If he wasn’t too young to become Nana’s Daddy Long Legs, he wasn’t too young to come forward with the truth.

When he confronts his father about it, the psycho shows that he is a megalomaniac and justifies his actions by saying that his life is more important than theirs and that Korea’s educational system would have suffered without him… even though he’s the selfish, crazy fool who stole $200 million dollars and hid it in his house. And when his son pleads with him to turn himself in, he refuses.

I think it’s because I do not like Young Joo that I don’t sympathize with his dilemma. Maybe it’s because he still has that horrible smirk and constipated demeanor when he talks to other people he considers criminals? Regardless, instead of turning his father in, he kept stalling and stalling, begging him to take responsibility even though the old man made it clear that he wouldn’t.

Having his father appear at his award ceremony raises a red flag and he knows it is the City Hunter’s doing so he waits in dread for whatever the City Hunter planned to unfold.

Unfortunately for him, he’s not fast enough to prevent his father from getting captured. But later on, when he listens to the tape he’d planted on him, while confessions are being made – like for example, the October 1983 incident –  and it is clear that the City Hunter wants his father to pay for the crimes he committed, what Young Joo mainly hears is his father being threatened, and that his father really loves him.

Earlier on, I’d wondered what would take precedence in Young Joo’s life – family or duty. And it looks to be family. Yes, duty is still very important to him but he’s nowhere near as zealous as he normally is with his family. But if this is the case, how come it was so easy for him to always pick duty over his relationship with Sae Hee (where’s she hiding?)?

And in the end, the Evil Daddy almost dies trying to protect this son. Not only to protect this son from falling for the City Hunter’s trap, but protect his son from being disappointed in him. It’s amazing how many people can commit crimes but the shame of committing those crimes only becomes unbearable when they are exposed.

Now, even though eye witnesses have confirmed that the City Hunter didn’t push his Evil Daddy over the bridge and he knows that he’d been after the documents that would have proven his crimes, the Criminal Hunter still blames Yoon Sung for his father’s fall. His lack of objectivity is expected but it is rather annoying for someone who clearly knows the truth.

The City Hunter versus The Criminal Hunter

Now that Yoon Sung is responsible for Young Joo’s father’s downfall – even though he brought it upon himself being a criminal and all – the Criminal Hunter really wants to catch him.

He’s still a moron who doesn’t see the big picture but now it’s become a battle of wits. It was smart of him to try to entrap Yoon Sung by planting the information about the orphanage but luckily, Yoon Sung smelled a rat. But my question is, shouldn’t a nun know better than to lie?

So now that he’s sure of the City Hunter’s identity, it’s just a matter of setting the right trap to catch him. Time and time again, the show has emphasized Yoon Sung’s humanity but now that he’s saved Young Joo from death, will this be one of the instances where a good deed doesn’t go unpunished?

Yoon Sung And Nana

There’s a reason why the conflict in love stories only get resolved in the last episode and that’s because once that’s done, the story gets really boring.

So after showing us a few cute scenes here and there, we’ve reached a lull. What to do?

Yoon Sung is still very worried about Nana’s safety but still wants her around him – he just doesn’t want her to be that involved in his revenge plan. On the other hand, they aren’t really dating. Because if they were, when Yoon Sung pulled her on top of him, why didn’t that lead to a kissing session? I guess they don’t act like a couple because they aren’t one.

Perhaps this is where this drama is failing. Because I suspect that Yoon Sung will have to face a major dilemma regarding his love for Nana sometime in the next six episodes so the drama should focus on the couple’s love deepening and not stalling like it has. Won’t it make their story much heart-wrenching later on?

I guess they can’t decide if his need to protect her trumps his desire to love her so we’re left hanging.

So while the writers bid their time till the stakes become a lot higher, can they please make Nana less annoying?

I must say that I’m a little irritated by her insistence on helping Yoon Sung. Ajusshi is his partner and you don’t see him whining and begging to be let in on the action, do you? If Yoon Sung wants her help, he will ask for it. And if he doesn’t, she should stay out of it. I honestly feel that this revenge is not really her business and sometimes her presence just seems like more of a hindrance.  I would prefer that Yoon Sung reluctantly ask for her assistance than for her to be like a fly buzzing around him but he can’t because the drama has written itself into a corner. Yoon Sung can’t ask for her help because his priority is to protect her but they need to work together for the sake of the plot, which leaves us with Annoying Nana.

And what’s worse is going to speak to Jin Pyo. What planet is she from? She saw that guy point a gun at her, knows that he hit ajusshi and also that he’s screwed up Yoon Sung really badly. One thing I feel is she needs to stay out of their family business regardless of how much she thinks she loves him. Second thing is what was she hoping to achieve? Does she really think she’s a match for Jin Pyo and in her head, she really feels she can protect Yoon Sung from him? I’m confused. Instead of making Jin Pyo feel threatened, she just provided some amusement for him for a few minutes. A part of me gets why she did it but most of me is just irritated by that act. Instead of finding it romantic, I just found it foolish.

But who knows? Maybe that was written in so that Jin Pyo can see the fire in her eyes and use her at a later date.  Which would still make her a fool.


With six more episodes, I’m hoping for a really tight plot. We have 2 more targets and the incident of October 1983 to deal with. Or perhaps the incident will be used to get the final target? Regardless of what it is, I’ll be looking forward to it.

Till next time!

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