City Hunter Episodes 15 & 16

When I was watching episode 15, I thought, “Well, this drama is getting a little less interesting.” Then I watched episode 16 and it changed my mind. I hope the last four episodes are explosive and take me back to the excitement I felt when I watched the earlier ones.


Yoon Sung And His Mother

Yoon Sung has spent 28 years of his life not knowing the true love of a parent. Instead of manipulating him with his loved ones to get him to shoot and hurt others, he actually has someone in his life who cares about his well-being and happiness which is why she gave him that ring. She could tell that there was something up with his relationship with Nana and wanted to help steer him in the right direction.

And not only does she care about his love life, even though they haven’t been together long, she can tell that something is bothering him and that there’s something really shady going on. I don’t understand why she would have gotten rid of all of Moo Yeol’s photos. Was she lying to her son because there’s something strange about his true parentage? Of course, he couldn’t tell her but it would have been nice for him to have a parental figure in his life tell him not to continue with the revenge.

Now, if they really want to screw Yoon Sung up, she will not survive her treatment. Can this show go there? Even though I hope it doesn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised if it does. It will make him mad as hell at his father – whoever that might be.

Yoon Sung And Whoever His Daddy Is

Well, since my interest was kind of waning for a bit, it picked right up when I heard that the president might be the father but the more I think about it, the more I understand why some others might hate it. Yoon Sung never knew Moo Yeol but he was avenging him mostly because Jin Pyo pushed him to it and partly because he’d been robbed of a father. But if it turns out that Moo Yeol isn’t even his father and the president is, what is he fighting for? The loss of the idea of a father? Can he really seek revenge solely because Jin Pyo wants him to?

So apparently, Yoon Sung doesn’t like beans and neither does his father as his mom confirmed. And this is a trait shared by Da Hye and her father. Unless the drama is just screwing with us, which would be annoying, President = Papa. What does that mean for Yoon Sung’s revenge? The man, so far, appears to be nice but even if he didn’t want to, he went along with the Crooked 4 and chose to kill those 21 soldiers. And people say that birds of a feather flock together so am I to believe that he’s friends with 4 greedy crooks but is nothing like them? And when the time comes, will Yoon Sung be able to punish his father just like he’d wanted Young Joo to punish his?

Jin Pyo is someone I irrationally like. When he revealed Yoon Sung’s real parentage when he was 17, wasn’t it because he thought that he might die and that he wanted him to know the truth? But if his father is someone else, why would he do that? Unless he’d always planned on using Moo Yeol’s death to make Yoon Sung kill the president but had to reveal it much sooner because his future had become uncertain.

And also, does he love Yoon Sung at all? Did he really only raise and train him for 28 years just to get him to kill his own father? Watching son and mother reunited and wondering if they could understand the person he’d become…. Why would Yoon Sung understand him if he wants him to kill his own father? Unless every time he told him his mother had abandoned him, he was really talking about his father. And his intense hate for the president…  is it two-fold? He hates him for impregnating Kyung Hee and not marrying her and also for killing his best friend?  Is Yoon Sung simply just a tool for his revenge?

What would really be a twist is if at the end, Jin Pyo learns that Yoon Sung really is his son and it was just one big misunderstanding and Kyung Hee never slept with the president. lol. Maybe he hates beans too.

The City Hunter and the Criminal Hunter

The Criminal Hunter is now so single-minded that all he wants to do is stop Yoon Sung. At one point, he said following the City Hunter would lead him to Target #4 but what’s all this about investigating Thai connections and his background? That’s got nothing to do with the target.  The fact that he saved his life doesn’t even seem to have softened him even a little. This dude needs to get a life.

And when I say get a life, I mean it.  The moron even blames his father for ruining his marriage even though his ex-wife seems to think that it was his job that came between them. While people are out there committing crimes, instead of attempting to stop them, he’s obsessing about Thailand. Which is why the City Hunter has to do his job for him. Barging into that restaurant and acting so self-righteous… UGH. I wish someone would do some permanent damage to this guy. Why is he so freaking smug all the damn time? He acts like crime is some new phenomenon and he’s the only one in town who’s heard of it.  But I guess he did save those prosecutor’s asses to an extent.

Yoon Sung And Nana

Thankfully, Nana got a lot less annoying and told Yoon Sung that she’d stay away from his work unless he specifically requested her help. But on the other hand, Yoon Sung also got quite annoying, acting like she was just a pest.

While there are feelings, in the past few episodes, the couple had seemed a bit platonic or familial and I just wish they’d made them share a few kisses and be a proper couple and this way, this separation would have hit harder. Regardless, Yoon Sung says that he never imagined he’d be able to love but hasn’t he pretty much had her in his thoughts since he was 17? And while he never understood why his father warned him never to love, he got in contact with her mainly to protect her and it would have been preferable for him to be a Daddy Long Legs character who did that from afar. So now he’s got entangled with her and can’t bear to love her and even though she doesn’t want to separate, he places the burden on her to make that happen. Is that honorable or selfish? She should reject you not because she wants to but because you want her to. Isn’t this just the typical guy way of breaking up where they try to make the girl break up with them first?

So he breaks up with her but when he sees her having a hard time, he can’t stay away and turns into Captain Save-A-Nana. First, it is when the stupid shop girl refuses to take the change and then later after she gets hit with eggs. Doesn’t he know that once you dump someone, you should make yourself scarce and not act like you care? WTF is his problem?

And then when Nana was doing exactly what he was doing by reminiscing about their time together, he had to say nasty things. At this point, he’s almost like one of those people who calls you up just to remind you to lose their number. Does it even make any damn sense? “I’m the only person allowed to reminisce! I’m the only person allowed to feel pain! You are the nightmare I keep having!” Bitch, if this is the case, why don’t you stay the hell away and stop telling her to take care of her face and stuff? Stop picking and picking at a sore and then getting mad that it’s not healing. Clearly, he can’t stay away and can’t stop caring which is why he has to keep glancing at her instead of teaching Da Hye. Regardless, he needs to deal with his issues and leave Nana out of it because right now, he’s so annoying!

But poor Nana. His bipolar behavior aside, she just needs one word of encouragement from him. He can’t say anything because that would defeat the point of the break-up. He can’t give her any hope of a tomorrow because he doesn’t even know if he’d live to see that day. But on the other hand, Nana just wants to know that she’s loved.


For starters, we all know that regardless of how many good deeds Nana has performed, she simply doesn’t have enough years of experience to become the president’s bodyguard. So this is one of those cases we have to chant, “It’s just a drama!”

I do wish that Yoon Sung would pick a side and stick with it. This is not the first time he’s pushed Nana away for her own benefit and while this time is more painful and makes the most sense, the fact that he can’t just stay away or hell, ignore her, makes him even more annoying. He cares so much that he keeps attacking her with his tongue (and not in a good way). I actually wish he’d keep to his word and really stay away… even though I guess he did tell her that he can’t do it so she had to do the work for him. Ugh, he’s annoying.

But look at the way he loves Ahjussi-Mom. Even when he’s gone, he wants to take care of him but while he’s alive, he still wants him in his life. He gives no pain to him and shows him only love. Romantic love is supposed to be the most powerful kind but I’m not sold on that concept. Romantic love comes with so many conditions, hurt and pain. We often say relationships may come and go but family (and friendship) is forever. So why is romantic love supposedly the strongest and most sought-after kind of love out there? Maybe that’s why we marry. Because we want to turn that romantic love into familial love. Okay, what the hell am I talking about and why I have gone on such a tangent?

Anyway,  Target #4 is the worst yet. He’s got no conscience and his favorite pet appears to be some kind of psychopath. And now he knows that Steve Lee isn’t just some American investor. So what’s going to happen next? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Till next time!

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