Kang Ji Hwan (+ Hyun Bin and others) Nominated For Seoul International Drama Award

I have no idea if this is considered prestigious or not. All I know is he got nominated for playing Lee Jin Soo of Coffee House. YAY!!!!

He’s nominated alongside Park Yoo Chun (SungKyunKwan Scandal), Jang Geun Suk (Marry Me, Mary),  Song Seung Hun (My Princess) and Hyun Bin (Secret Garden).  Since this is all about the international fans, I think Jang Geun Suk and Hyun Bin have a much better shot at getting this but I’m just happy that he’s been nominated. He really did a great job with that character.

For a drama to be eligible for this award, its first episode must have aired between April 2010 and April 2011. And must have been exported to at least 10 countries or earned over $3 million. FOR REAL?

Which explains why dramas like Marry Me, Mary made the cut. I personally couldn’t get through ten minutes of it but I know it’s an international hit. Perhaps the same will happen for Lie To Me next year.

Other dramas nominated include SungKyunKwang Scandal, Baker King, Kim Tak Goo, Dong Yi, My Princess, Dream High, Athena, Queen of Reversals and several others.

The award ceremony will take place on August 31. Good luck to all nominees.

Source: SDA and 10 Asia


  • yitiantulong says:

    Hooray! Recognition for LJS at last! :)))

    Yeah, sounds like there’re bigger fish in that list (i.e., Secret Garden’s Hyun Bin, or possibly Park Yoo Chun’s fan base will take the cake) but I’m thrilled…. now if only PSY could get a nomination too?

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      So the battle is between Park Yoo Chun and Jang Geun Suk. Ji Hwan is a far third (so no hope for an upset).

  • leila8mae says:

    I’m uber happy and proud for Ji Hwan!! he’s already a winner in my book.. hopefully this is not a popularity award of some sort.. and it will be judged accordingly..

    all the best for the nominees..

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