I Need Romance Week 6: Sung Soo & In Young Forever?

To be honest, I kind of dragged my feet regarding watching this week’s episodes. From the preview, I already knew In Young was going to get weak-kneed when hugged by Sung Soo so despite her hot make-out session with Sung Hyun, I didn’t expect her to be over him. Would this drama be more interesting if it were the love story of In Young and Sung Hyun? For me, yes. Sung Hyun is a second lead with lead characteristics like his chaebol-ness and a fiancee he doesn’t love. What does that mean for us? I haven’t the faintest clue but how I wish we’d just move on from this Sung Soo – In Young relationship. But alas, they are the lead characters so what can we do?


Episode 11 begins with In Young’s colleagues wondering if she’s really broken up with Sung Soo because if she has, how can she be so darn happy all the time? Well, as we all know, it’s because she’s begun a romance with hottie Sung Hyun. They’ve got their own sign language and manage to communicate with each other even when others are around. She manages to tell him that she wants some apricot pastries and for our chaebol, anything In Young wants, In Young gets. This guy is just too cute. Will I throw a fit if this drama doesn’t end with him finding happiness?

Things have begun to change and unlike before, In Young has begun to pay attention to him. Now she notices the shape of his ears and the hot bod hiding behind his clothes. Really, girl? It takes liking him to notice his hot bod? Come on! I’m not in love with him and I wouldn’t mind jumping his bones.

Things are going well and they kiss a lot but when it’s time for them to go further, she always pulls the brakes. Yes, just like me, she wants to jump him too but doesn’t want to come off as being easy so she’s playing hard to get which frustrates him.

Elsewhere, there’s someone else who’s gagging for it who goes by the name Seo Yeon. She and the photographer have gotten closer through their partnership but instead of only focusing on their work, she spends some of her time staring at him. She convinces herself that it’s attraction and not love.

Sung Hyun also keeps teasing In Young by not buttoning his shirts up properly and exposing his sexy chest. So sometimes, when they talk, she can’t help but imagine naughty things. She talks it out with her girls.

Hyun Joo tells her to keep playing hard to get so that he will cherish her more while Seo Yeon tells her to seize the moment and jump him. I see both points but the problem with Hyun Joo’s tactic is that if you reduce the relationship to a game, you risk the danger of it never being more. Or has she never heard of a hit-and-run?

But at this point, we all know that Hyun Joo the lawyer, who at first appeared to be practical and a quick thinker, doesn’t know much. Even though she no longer wants to be with the dumb Duk Soo, she can’t stop thinking about him. Lady, if you want to forget him, why do you still have your wedding photo hanging on your living room wall? Does that make any damn sense? Seo Yeon tells her that it’s love but she says that it’s just guilt. She says that if they are to meet again, fate will intervene, which it does on the day she’s pressed to use the toilet and can’t hang around to chat with him. Okay, am I now very biased about that slap or is their storyline as juvenile as I think?

In Young and Sung Hyun visit the doctor concerning his tennis ball-induced headaches. He’s got the all clear for now but is warned that he could have died from that hit. LOL. Apparently they’ve had a few cases of such deaths. This gets In Young mad so she yells at Sung Soo for attacking her sexy boyfriend. Not-so-sexy Ex runs into Sexy Boyfriend and both men start battling it out by attacking each other’s professions and Sung Soo is pretty much winning till Sung Hyun mentions In Young and rubs it in his face. He then suggests that they settle their previous bet and have dinner.

The couples meet up and after they both try to show each other up, Sung Hyun asks Sung Soo about what In Young was like a child. This gives them an excuse to show us a flashback of the couple at thirteen. These two really are going to end up together, aren’t they?

Both ladies get calls and have to leave the table. When In Young’s call is done, she turns to back to the table with both men and starts to look at Sung Soo with loving eyes. Puke. Then she goes over and sits next to him, acting like they are still in a relationship. They talk about ordering desserts and Sung Hyun, who’s now very embarrassed and is trying to get back her attention, mentions that he wants some peppermint. She dismisses him like she did back when they were only friends and her focus is still entirely on Sung Soo till Skank Hee shows up and kicks her out of her seat, snapping her back to reality. Sung Soo looks smug while Sung Hyun is heartbroken.

The ride home is understandably quiet as Sung Hyun is hurt while In Young is embarrassed by her actions. They arrive at her place and he attempts to drop her off without a word but In Young trepidatiously asks him why he hasn’t said anything about the incident. She explains that after ten years, being with Suck Soo has become a habit and sometimes, she forgets that they are no longer together. She’s really upset about it so Sung Hyun tries to be understanding and tells her not to cry and to just go in and sleep. Frankly speaking, if I were Sung Hyun, I would give her space. Sure, he likes her but can he really keep going through this mental torture? Just end it and tell her to call you when she’s over her ex.

At home, she’s still upset at what she did and calls to check up on him, saying that she misses him. He tells her that he’d be turning the car around and that she should be outside her apartment in twenty minutes. But she’s so excited that she goes out immediately and finds him sitting in his car. He never left.

He’s embarrassed and says that he was waiting for her to switch off the lights before leaving and she’s touched by how much he cares about her. She tells him that she loves him but that she will love him even more in the future. He hugs her and they start kissing then he carries her into the bedroom so that they can do the nasty.

Now it’s time to see how Seo Yeon and her photographer end up in the same hot and sweaty state. After a successful meeting with some potential investors, Seo Yeon and Joon Hee go to her place. She’s in very high spirits and enthusiastic about her work and he tells her that that quality is very charming. This leads her into suggesting a kiss. He refuses to fall into her trap but she’s very aggressive and starts attacking him. lol. Not that I blame her. That haircut of his makes him look very sexy. He tries to resist but it’s time for his small head to be in control so he suggests that they only have a one night stand which she’s fine with.

We’re back at In Young’s crazy job and she has to catch up with some recently checked out guests who’d forgotten their passports in their room. Isn’t the normal procedure to leave the items in “Lost and Found” and just wait till the guest contacts them? Not in this drama. In this one, In Young has to rush to the airport like a crazy woman to catch them so that Suck Soo can be her driver.

She delivers the passports, the crisis is averted and when she returns to the car, finds him asleep. One of the crew from his movie call, seeking his whereabouts and she finds out from him that he’d been up all night working on their film. She watches him sleep peacefully and feels guilty that while he was working hard on his movie, she’d been getting it on with Sung Hyun. Well, other than the fact that you’re still in love with him (barf), what’s there to feel guilty about? Because it’s not like he was hard at work on YOUR movie?

She looks at his jacket and sees that one of the buttons is hanging loose.

Time passes and Suck Soo asks one of the ajummas at the hotel to leave a needle and thread in his room. When he was in the room, why didn’t he just press “0” and make the same request? Because if he had, Sung Hyun wouldn’t have happened to walk by and hear the ajumma tell him that In Young had been in his room sewing the button.

Now, even more sure that In Young still loves him, they have a chance meeting in the elevator and he hugs her so that she can feel his manliness and she predictably melts in his arms. Point made!  Back in his room, he confidently goes to see his jacket button all sewn back on but it’s not. A flashback reveals that after In Young had sewn it, she cut it off when she remembered that he is not the one she loves. Obviously, if you have to keep reminding yourself that you love Sung Hyun and not Sung Soo, there’s a major problem, isn’t there?

We are then taken to Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber. Throughout the entire episode, Hyun Joo had been making frequent trips to the restroom. In addition, she’s been experiencing body aches. She finally sees her doctor who asks her if she’d recently had sex with a stranger and that said stranger needs to also get tested. She rushes off to the ping-pong hall and grabs him, yelling that he’d given her AIDS. Well, she’s clearly a retard, isn’t she? For starters, why didn’t she just ask her doctor what STD (if that’s what it is) she might have?

Episode 12 begins with In Young wanting to go out to the movies with Sung Hyun. He’s busy with a colleague but she uses notes to ask him out but he refuses. Later on, when they are going in opposite directions on the escalator, she asks him again and once again, he refuses. Clearly, something is wrong so she catches up with him and drags him out to talk. He grudgingly confesses that he’s sulking because he’d heard about the button.

She reassures him that it nothing but is happy that he’s jealous.

They see the movie but the tables have turned a bit. They are watching a horror movie and every time she screams, expecting him to hold her, he barely flinches because his mind is elsewhere.  She asks him what the problem is but he doesn’t tell her. Instead, he holds her hand.

After the movie, they stop at a bar where he’s drinking milk (?) and he asks her if she’s thought about her future. Particularly, he wants to know if he’s in it. She obviously hasn’t and reminds him that they haven’t been together long. He wants to be in it.  He wants to know if he can be the one to take care of her in the future. Can he be responsible for her?

She’s puzzled by his request, wondering if it’s a proposal and tells him that she will be responsible for her own life. He ends it by asking her to trust him. Just for one week, she should be deaf and blind to whatever she might hear or see and just trust him. She tells him she will even though in her heart, she’s not sure she can trust another man again.

Now we get to see the Dumb Pair again. Tweedle Dumber has taken T. Dumb with her to some river so they can drown their AIDS-stricken bodies. She’d texted strange goodbye messages to her friends and as she prepares to jump in, they call her. She refuses to answer so T. Dumb does and discreetly tells them what’s going on. He tries to stall but she’s ready to die so she grabs his hand and both make their way to the bottom of the river.

A few minutes later, her friends show up and find them sitting at the port. It turns out that both are strong swimmers and instinct took over and forced them to swim to shore. The girls spend the rest of the evening telling T.Dumb about T. Dumber’s quirks.  They share a story about how they met because she’d been crying about her missing 13-year old sister who turned out to be a dog.

Kang Hee and Sung Soo have a location shoot at the airport, which is where Sung Hyun happens to be waiting for a mystery person. The mystery person is someone who runs over to give him a hug and one of the first things she says is that she’s not agreeing to a break-up. She wraps her arm around him and Kang Hee and Sung Soo watch them as they walk together. Sung Soo gets mad but has he forgotten that he started sleeping with Kang Hee and going on vacations with her while he was dating In Young? Dude, better go and get mad over something else.

Later on, In Young is having trouble carrying a potted plant and after some bickering, she lets Sung Soo help her. There’s even more bickering later on when they run into each other at a convenience store and she has to borrow some money from him. It’s just a bunch of, “Treat your next woman better than you treated me,” and “Do you really like that guy?”

It’s basically meant to show what their relationship has evolved into and their break up helps Sung Soo see the person he’d taken for granted. He sees how happily in love she is and worries about it. He notices that she’s changed her perfume and warns her to stop with all her aegyo because at her age, it’s a turn-off.

Seo Yeon is taking a nap at home when Joon Hee shows up. She hadn’t shown up for their photo shoot so he came to check up on her. He invites her out to dinner and she agrees and while she’s in the bathroom brushing her teeth, Alex shows up. Oops.

Maybe it’s my bias talking but Alex is no longer looking so hot. Why does his head suddenly looking so darn long, like he’s part alien? She introduces Joon Hee as her co-worker while Alex introduces himself as her boyfriend. He’s brought a gift and dinner and even though they ask Joon Hee to stay, he leaves, saying he’s not hungry. Seo Yeon chases after him to apologize for the awkward situation. He’s clearly hurt but tries to be nonchalant about it, reminding her that they’d only had a one night stand. Poor guy. He really should have stood his ground and not let his hormones dictate his actions.

Now some more with the couple that just won’t ever die. ARGH! In Young goes to see a movie and who’s she siting next to? You guessed it: Suck Soo! They are surprised to see each other and start to bicker. It then turns out he’d shown up on purpose because when she’d booked the ticket, he’d received the confirmation on the phone because she’d initially signed up with that account using his information.

The next day, In Young is sleeping in because she has the day off but there’s a major crisis at work so she goes in to help out. When she’s at the hotel, who does she see walking out a of car with their arms linked? Sung Hyun and his girlfriend. She remembers that he’d asked her to trust him and wonders if that will be possible.


So In Young and Sung Soo are not truly over and now Sung Hyun has a fiancee. Well, in all honesty, a part of me wants Sung Hyun to forget about In Young because getting your feelings stomped over is not love. The only thing I hate about the fiancee thing is that it’s so darn cliche but I guess we can’t expect 100% originality from a kdrama rom-com.

Is Sung Hyun a cheating bastard? Well, his fiancee was abroad and he did break it off with her so I guess not? Of course, we don’t know the timing. The problem is why is he still hanging out with her now that she’s returned? I know this was just added for drama and I am sure he’s being nice to her because of family connections but if he really wanted to break it off with her, he shouldn’t have shown up at the airport to pick her up. But on the other hand, if they were engaged, the break up should be done in person and my question is, why hasn’t he done it yet? Well, we’ll find out next week.

I think it’s clear he doesn’t love his fiancee but I wouldn’t want him to break up with her for In Young. He should break up because he doesn’t want to be in a loveless marriage and nothing else. Why? Because with the way In Young is with Sung Soo, I don’t think anyone can confidently bet on her feelings for Sung Hyun. So as I already mentioned, a part of me wants him to completely end things with her and let her figure out what she really wants. If she realizes that she really does want to be with him, she’ll find him. If not, good riddance.

Till next time!


  • SprinkledPink says:

    Thanks for the recap! I’m excited for next weeks episode and a bit worried at the same time.

    I hope the screenwriter of this drama doesn’t use Sung Hyun and the finance issue to justify Sung Soo’s cheating. I’ll be upset if they choose to use that as a plot device to pave way for In Young to reunite and forgive Sung Soo.

    I don’t care if Sung Soo and In Young eventually end up together (after lots of repenting on Sun Soo’s end) but I don’t want to see it happen in such a cheap way. Not only would that be a lazy way to reunite the pair (and break up IY and SH), it would be insulting.

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      Yes. I don’t think there’s any need for them to turn Sung Hyun into an ass just to get her back with her ex. I just hope Sung Soo will be a friend to her and who knows, maybe they can redeem him in some way and have him help her with her relationship with SH. Well, it doesn’t hurt to dream.

      I’m already mentally prepared for her to end with Sung Soo since they are the leads. Sometimes, actor status trumps the plot.

  • yumi says:

    Thanks for the recap. Suck-Soo! ;D

    Episode 12 made me very nervous because it seems the forgiveness and had begun between In-Young and Suck-Soo. And all the extended trips down memory lane seems to be setting up a reconciliation. This just doesn’t sit well will me. Unless they pull a Secret Garden where the protagonist goes beyond saying I’ll die for you and put that ultimate sacrifice in action, Suck-Soo (being no Kim Joo-Won) doesn’t deserve a second chance.

    I’m hoping the possibility of losing Hyun-Soo makes In-Young recognize his value.

    I think the un-named fiancee mentioned something about grand parents, so Hyun-Soo’s engagement seems to be something arranged by the couple’s

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      I also hope that finally having some conflict with Sung Hyun makes In Young notice his true value. And the writer has made it obvious that he doesn’t love his fiancee so that’s a good sign.

  • madzgo says:

    Why am I getting the feeling that the writer has been prepping all of us to the possibility of Sung-soo and In-young reconciliation? It’s all there with all those trips down memory lane. Although, in real life, its really hard to let go of a 10-year relationship that was so sincere and sweet at the beginning but has gone wayward because of the man’s infidelity. If the writer is true to his/her Asian double standard thinking which really sucks but oh so true in our society (I am Filipina btw), Seung-hyun would be just a plot device in making IY realize that she can forgive and forget SS’s misdeeds. I bet we’ll be seeing in the next four episodes how they will get back together again. I wish otherwise though for I really hate SS’s smug attitude towards IY and empathize with SH’s love for IY. Will SH do a Kim Joo-won sacrifice? forsake his chaebolness to win IY’s heart? Let’s wait and see..

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      If they really wanted IY to take him back, they should have made him truly repentant. Instead he’s still hanging out with the actress and all that other stuff. In all honesty, she doesn’t need to be with a new guy (Sung Hyun is like a rebound guy). She should have taken some time to be single.

      • yumi says:

        In real life, we have rebound guys. In dramas, with their concentrated timeframe, we find true love and bypass the rebound guy.

  • Gaeina Lee says:

    I hv high expectation toward INR as my rebound drama to cure my longing after “Lie To Me (L2M)” completed.. but yet, I face disappointment…/sigh

    Now, I am wandering again, looking for my rebound guy.. eh, drama,, 😀

  • kDrama lover says:

    Oh my god this was HILARIOUS!!!!! Great recap! Twiddle Dumb and Twiddle Dumber! HA I love it!!!! I don’t care what Suck Soo does or how great his repentance is towards In Young, there is no deed good enough to redeem his previous actions. I would lose respect for IY if she actually ends up with him.I think a huge factor is what lead him to cheat. It’s not like IY-SS were having trouble in their relationship. KH kept after him and he succumbed, what’s gonna happen the next time another girl throws himself onto him, what’s gonna be his excuse then?? And it’s inevitable gonna happen if he’s a film director. If he couldn’t keep it in his pants TWICE he will most likely cheat again!!! Hopefully IY can learn from her past relationship and that help her with her current one with Sung Hyun. I also LOVE Seo Yeon and Yoon Hee’s story! I can’t wait to see how their story develops, as I’m sure (at least I hope so) that they end up together!!!

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