I Need Romance Week 7: What does In Young want?

Last week ended with In Young rushing to work to help find a lost contract but finding Sung Hyun’s seemingly cheating ass instead. Episode 13 begins with a broken hearted In Young at the city dump surrounded by trash. As she crouches with all the rubbish around her, she muses that Sung Soo is trash for cheating on her, Sung Hyun is trash for dating her while engaged and most of all, she’s trash for being a fool for love yet again. She and her colleagues rummage through the trash trying to find the lost contract to no avail. They are lamenting about losing their jobs when someone mentions that the hotel will probably get sued for losing the $300 million contract. Well, in all honesty, are you trying to say that no one made a copy of a $300 million contract? And worst comes to worst, won’t they just have to contact whomever they are signing with and ask that another one be drawn up? It’s a big deal but not one without solutions.

Anyway, a lightbulb goes off in her head and In Young decides that they should stop wasting their time at the dump. The hotel getting sued means Sung Hyun will be screwed and as far as she could see, what would be so bad about that?

They return to the hotel only to learn to In Young’s disappointment, that the guest unknowingly had the contract the whole time. On their way back to work, they run into Sung Hyun and his fiancee who’s been dubbed “nuclear bomb” for her shitty attitude. And not only is the fiancee shitty, so is Sung Hyun because apparently when he was living in America, he’d had an affair with a married woman. After leaving the guest’s room, the shitty couple passes by them and the crazy bitch yells at them for their stench. Of course, anyone with any common sense would guess that didn’t normally look like that so there had to be a concrete reason for their state but whatever.

Throughout her stay, the witch had been rude to all the employees and each time, her hubby-to-never-be had given them looks that told them to just ignore it. But when she harasses In Young, for the first time, he intervenes and tells her to stop it. The run-in also gives our couple a chance to exchange some meaningful glances.

When Sung Hyun had broken up with this fiancee, he’d told her that he’d fallen for an RH employee so now she’s on the rampage to find her.

In Young goes home and thinks of her sweet moments with him and also remembers that he’d specifically asked for a one-year affair. She feels like a fool so she stuffs her face with pizza. She doesn’t call her friends for moral support because she already knows what they would say and frankly speaking, she’s not in the mood for it.

Then it’s time for some Seo Yeon-Joon Hee action. She drops by his place to hang out and when she notices his plants, he tells her that she can take one. She refuses because she says that it jinxes her relationships as she always breaks up with guys who give her plants. He points out that she breaks up with every guy she dates – regardless of if he gives a plant or not. And besides, the only man she’s currently dating is Alex.

They flirt a little and he makes lunch. Earlier on, he’d overheard her talking to Alex so he reminds her that he’s waiting and that she should leave. He also says that she should stop flirting with him because he’ll soon start to begin she likes him. Then he says that if she doesn’t leave in 5 minutes, he will kiss her. She tells him to kiss her right away since she wouldn’t be leaving in 5 minutes and dares him to see if he could kiss her and not want to go any further. He kisses her and she ends up missing her appointment with Alex.

For five days, Sung Soo has been unable to get in touch with In Young so he shows up at her place. He arrives and she’s a hot mess – still wearing the clothes she’d worn to the trash dump, stinky, and is surrounded by boxes of pizza and chicken.

He cleans up the place, carries her to bed and makes her change clothes. Then he convinces her to go to the sauna with him and while there, she talks about how this heartache is different from the one he caused her perhaps because she’s got prior experience. So this one is more bearable. When they return to her place, he stocks her fridge with microwave food and calls Seo Yeon over to take care of her friend.

While In Young is eating, Hyun Joo stops over for help with her crisis. Turns out that Duk Soo has lost his customers because she’d publicly accused him of infecting her with AIDS. It’s possible that I skipped over it but did they actually clear things up? Did he give her an STD or not?

Anyway, Hyun Joo’s solution to the problem is making posters declaring his innocence. She puts them in the local paper and places them around the city and it’s when she’s posting one on a wall that Duk Soo finds her.

Yada yada yada, they end up in bed together. Again, did they clear up the STD thing or not because why in the world would she sleep with him again? Well, the real reason she slept with him is she wants to hear bells and whistles like all the books describe. Poor woman. I hope this won’t be like a search for a leprechaun for her.  But on a more serious note, some movies and songs can be way over the top. Case in point. The sun, the moon, the mountains AND the rivers? Really?

In Young returns to work a day early and learns that Sung Hyun’s fiancee has been looking for her. She gets called in to meet her and basically the bitch wants to know who her fiance has been seeing. She heard that they are close – eat dinner and play tennis together so she must know who the girl is. In Young immediately blurts out that it isn’t her and she’s like, “Duh! You’re old and short. Of course, it’s not you!” lol. She then tells her to find out who the girl is or she will be fired.

In Young leaves the room and meets Sung Hyun in the elevator. She’s convinced that he was just playing with her and wonders if he’d been having fun. He reminds her that he asked her to trust him. He grabs her arm and makes her look at him and looking into her eyes, reminds her that he loves her. She’d promised to give him a week and the time was not yet up. So she should please trust him as she promised and he will explain everything to her later.

Since Sung Hyun’s fiancee can’t get any intel on her rival, she decides to snoop through his things and finds a cute picture of him and In Young. Now that she knows who the Sung Hyun-stealer is, she finds her at the pool where she’s hanging out with Seo Yeon and Alex, slaps her and starts pulling her hair. Seo Yeon immediately tries to intervene but Alex pulls her away (WTF is his problem?). The bitch then pushes her into the pool and orders her to come to her room in five minutes.

As she starts to leave, Seo Yeon stops her and bitch slaps her. Okay, does this writer has some kind slapping fetish or something? This is like the fourth slap so far. She then tells her that In Young would never have gone to Sung Hyun if she knew he was engaged and the reason he loves her is that she makes him happy.

Sung Soo randomly shows up at the pool (did Alex call him?) and takes her away. They spot Sung Hyun driving in as they walk to his car. With In Young sitting in the car, Sung Soo grabs Sung Hyun’s shirt and warns him to stop messing with her. Sung Hyun tries to go over and talk to her but Sung Soo stops him, something that Sung Hyun says he has no right to do. He acknowledges that but says he refuses to see In Young hurt by him. He’s still holding on to his shirt, yelling at him when In Young comes from behind, hits and kicks him.

“How dare you yell at him?” she asks Sung Soo and sends him to the car. When they are alone, he wipes a tear off her cheek and tells her not to cry. He’ll be explaining everything to her shortly so she just needs to hold his hand and bear with it a little longer. But from where she’s standing, all In Young can see is that he wanted to date her for a year. So whether it’s now or a year later, they will be breaking up. So sorry, she can’t hold his hand and bear it with him. I don’t blame her. So she should bear it and be getting slapped by some young girl? I don’t think so.

The fliers work and Duk Soo gets his customers back. The dumbbirds go on a date and all is well. Gosh, they are so boring to me now. lol.

In Young and Sung Soo go out to dinner. In their drunken states, they talk about In Young and her man troubles. She asks him if he thinks Sung Hyun is a bad guy and of course he does. Then she reprimands him for saying nasty stuff about him. He asks her if she really likes him that much and she says that she does even though she hates that he lied to her. She starts to cry, saying that she misses him so much and regrets that she didn’t hear him out at the parking lot because she knows that being the great guy that he is, there must be an explanation.

She passes out and Sung Soo cries her home and she notes that his back is comfortable and familiar to her. At this stage, they are friends and I wonder if this is where it will stop. I was reading a Fran Drescher interview the other day. She met her ex-husband when she was 15 and they were married for twenty-one years and after their divorce, he came out of the closet. She doesn’t feel like all those years were wasted because in the end, they’ve reinvented their relationship and are now very close. Maybe that’s the point of the In Young – Sung Soo storyline. I’ll be crossing my fingers.

Sung Soo ends up sleeping over and the next morning, gets a call from Sung Hyun. He picks out some clothes for In Young and tells her to wear them because they are going out. Then he drops her off where Sung Hyun is. Apparently, they’d had a man-to-man talk where everything had been explained and he wants In Young to hear it too. That’s a cute friend thing to do but I will reserve my “Awwww” till I see the final episode. Are they redeeming him because it’s the kdrama thing of redeeming everyone or specifically because they want this couple to reunite? Right now, it looks like their romance is dead and buried but I can’t trust this writer.

She goes into the coffee shop to hear the whole sordid tale. Apparently, a nuna of his who’d been a victim of domestic violence stayed with him because she had nowhere else to go. They’d lived platonically but her husband had accused them of adultery and that’s how he became the black sheep of the family. The engagement was a family arrangement but he fell in love with our In Young while working with her and tried to breaks things off with the witch but it wasn’t easy because of the witch’s family are investors in their hotel. But everything has been resolved now so they can ride into the sunset together. He asks her to take his hand and says that they should never let go of each other.

The lovebirds go to see Sung Hyun’s grandparents at the hospital his grandpa is at. Maybe I’ve been too brainwashed by Korean dramas but instead of looking like the mistress of a huge mansion, the grandma looks like she lives in a rooftop apartment. Anyway, because they know their grandson is stubborn, they will not object to their marriage (Huh? They are already at that stage?) but because she’s old and has a past, she will need to move to America and change her name and age. Also, they would need to come up with a story of how they met. “How about at the Louvre?” Sung Hyun suggests. How about this is crazy talk, people? It’s at this point that In Young realizes how different her world is from Sung Hyun’s. Oh, newsflash.

The girls meet up and talk about how In Young’s life will change. She seems to dig the idea of being a society woman and jokes about things she will buy her friends. Then Seo Yeon fills them in on what’s been happening in her love life.

So she’s at home one day when Alex unexpectedly shows up with flowers in hand. The last time they’d met, he’d shown her house plans for their matrimonial home so basically this dude is very serious about their relationship and wants to marry her. Hmm.

Anyway, she’d let  him in before checking to see who it was so she scrambles to clear out all the evidence. Evidence of what? Evidence of Joon Hee’s presence which she fails at since he walks out of her bathroom in a robe. Busted. Joon Hee tries to cover it up but since it’s not Seo Yeon’s philosophy to lie about these things, she tells Alex that they’ve been seeing each other.

After Alex walks out, Joon Hee feels bad about it and tells her to go after him. He says that he understands that men are not a priority to her but the whole time they were having their affair, he felt bad for Alex. Here’s my thing: Would it really hurt to have at least one principled person in this drama? While I’m still rooting for these two, why did they make him fall into her trap and become complicit in this affair? He acted like he wasn’t that type of guy but in the end, fooled around with her even though he knew she had a boyfriend. WHY OH WHY can’t we have one regular kdrama hero in this drama?

Early on, In Young and her crew had helped plan a guest’s proposal where a ring would drop from an ice sculpture into a glass. It’s her last day at work with her resignation letter in Sung Hyun’s hand and she’s happy that the proposal had gone well. But Sung Hyun has got something else planned to make the day even more memorable.

So he takes her to a hall and starts to play a song for her on the piano. She smiles and he looks into her eyes singing lyrics like, “Are you sure you won’t regret it?” Like seriously. That’s a song you sing at a proposal?

When he’s done, he places her hand on his chest and asks her to feel his heartbeat. He asks her if she knows how much he loves her then whips out a diamond ring. She stops him before he can complete his proposal and says that she can’t marry him. Why? Because there’s someone she loves more than him.

Her last day at work is also Sung Soo’s last day at the hotel before the crew has to fly to Canada to continue filming. He’d walked by the proposal and now, he’s walking away from the hotel – suitcase in hand – looking like his heart has been ripped out of his chest.

In Young apologizes to Sung Hyun again and says that there’s something more important to her than a life with him. If she marries him, she’d be a guest at a society party – smiling by his side, wearing a designer dress and spewing lies about how they met at the Louvre. But in the life she’s become accustomed to, she’d also be at the society party but instead of a designer gown, she’d be in her uniform. And instead of talking about mundane things with guests, she’d be talking into a walkie talkie making sure that the party is a success.

He wants to know who she loves more than him and she tells him it’s herself. One thing their love had taught her is that she loves herself most. And she cannot give that up for him.


Getting married at 33 is a lot different from doing it at 23. Even though she’d been with Sung Soo for 10 years, she’d led an independent life – worked full time, had a lot of responsibility, took care of her own place and all that great stuff. And if anything, she’d been the breadwinner in their relationship as she supported him while he chased after his dream. But now, not only does she have to give all that up, she also has to give up a job she loves and assume a new identity. Would someone who knows herself and loves herself be willing sacrifice everything for love? Is love really worth losing one’s self?

Anyway, as much as I support these girls, I do want Seo Yeon to pay for her cavalier attitude towards love, sex, relationships and men. But I still want her to end up with the photographer. lol. How can that happen?

So what will happen next week? Will Sung Hyun figure out a compromise where In Young can be a chaebol’s wife without giving up her identity? Will In Young do a kdrama chase to the airport and stop Sung Soo before he leaves for Canada (even though he’ll be coming back but it’s a drama)? Will she embrace the single life? Will Seo Yeon and Joon Hee get into an exclusive, committed relationship? Will I care about the other couple?

One more to go!


  • vasou says:

    Love your recap! Its too bad this drama does NOT get the attention it deserves. If not the best 2011 drama so far, it’s one of the best.

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      Thanks. It’s definitely a good drama but the ending will determine what position in this year’s line up it will get 😀

  • yumi says:

    Thanks for the recap. I disappointed with the development in the In-Young storyline. My disappointment is not so much with the plot point of her rejecting Sung-Hyun, but how the rejection was executed.

    It is clear the creative team have set up the story for a In-Young +Sung Soo pairing. They spent so much time with the In-Young/Sung Soo memories and so little time with the development of In-Young/Sung Hyun partnership that it just seemed rushed and not as layered and nuanced as it could be. Instead of showing us how the In-Young/Sung Hyun relationship failed they just have her decide that it won’t work and end it. Bad narrative choice.

    I hope they do better in the next few episode, but I doubt that they will.


    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      I am still crossing my fingers for next week but I would have loved to see how she fell for him. More often than not, he was giving her love but she didn’t know what to do with it.

      Sung Hyun is a determined guy but they’ve also killed any possibility of Sung Soo ending up with the actress now so what will happen to him?

  • iledrama says:

    Definitely, the best drama of 2011.

    I was angry with IY at first for her continued attachment to SS, but 10 years is longer than most marriages. Now that they are transitioning the relationship to friendship mode, I am okay with that, cause it seems they both genuinely care for each other.

    The SH proposal doesn’t seem rushed to me, he has been pining for her for a year, while they were working together. I do understand how IY might feel rushed though, especially, since she is also being asked to reinvent herself.

    I still love the other couples, relationships can sometimes have messy beginnings.

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      SH’s proposal isn’t rushed from his end but from In Young’s they have only been dating for a short while and a very short while if you only count from the time she was no longer into Sung Soo.

  • anna says:

    Yeah, OK, you felt bad for Alex, yet you still fool around with her anyway. It’s not earning you any brownie points bro.

  • prissymom says:

    Hi, clock! Am not really watching this drama but I have been reading (and loving) your recaps. You write so well, and I love your side comments – I can just imagine you rolling your eyes as you made those comments at the weird goings-on in this drama … lol

    The real reason I have to make a comment is that i see my love, JHJ in his Han-Kang-the-bumblebee-shirt in your header and I just have to squeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Please excuse me, I just miss my man coz he is hiding right now… miss him so much… sigh….

    Oh, and I love this site – very friendly, none of the negativity that has become the staple in some kdrama recapping sites.

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      Nice to see you here 😀

      lol. Thanks and I’m glad you’re enjoying the recaps.

      hehehe, well, that banner was made by leila (I think) so it’s thanks to her. Glad you liked it. He sure is the cutest bumbleman around.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the site and I hope to see you around in the future. Take care and I hope is well with you and yours. See ya!

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