Heartstrings Week 5: The Killer Smile..

Do you know how it feels like just smiling even without knowing you are? Have you ever experienced that…?

This week Drama was able to make me smile even with the simplest of gestures.. This is how falling feels like.. Since Shin is indeed on the verge of having to love someone who has a potential of loving him back.. his smile says it ALL! And how cute Lee Shin is whenever he does?!?! Simply adorable.. Butterflies in my stomach can’t help but flutter in a very happy flipping motion.. I can’t even stop myself and continue to smile like a loony..

This week, we start as Kyu Won sings her audition piece  “I Will forget.. You”. She was not able to get the lead role because the vote favored Hee Joo. But then, Kyu Won has more cause for celebration as her friends join on stage to congratulate her for having sung beautifully.

Seok Hyun drove Kyu Won home and Shin was left to join ride with them. Shin surely can’t leave Kyu Won alone.. stalking mode definitely is on her side now. Kyu Won went to talk to Grandpa about her sudden escape, while doing so Shin and Seok Hyun waits outside her gate to rescue her just in case Grandpa goes overboard. Luckily, Kyu Won did not need any Prince that time.

The next morning, Shin was outside Kyu Won’s home waiting for her. EEEeee, I always love when guys do this. And since Shin happens to be the King of excuses in Week 5, he simply told Kyu Won that he left his bike at school that’s why he’d be riding the bus. Another gesture that had me smiling was when both are just standing side by side at the bus stop. You see, both can just do that and not talk at all and I’d be a happy camper.. Once more, Shin’s gentleman side is protruding more now as he lets Kyu Won get in the bus first. Where are guys like Shin nowadays??

Speaking of that, Jun Hee surely knows how to comfort a wounded girls heart as well. How sweet of him to come beside Hee Joo as she cries having received brickbats. The song’s lyrics does reflect Jun Hee’s affection for Hee Joo. Atleast, Hee Joo has someone to be with her in times like this. Such a touching scene to see from Jun Hee..

Kyu Won decides to quit the Acting team and would gladly go back to the Music team. But when she went to Seok Hyun to talk about this, all she gets is a scolding from him. That definitely dampen her mood, even while walking out she didn’t recognize Shin. The latter was even all smiles the moment he saw her, but that ended in a quarrel. I love how we can all relate to this. Surely we know the feeling of having an off day, and when someone doesn’t have a clue on how we feel, things get even worse.

The day isn’t over and our couple can’t get away with being together. Especially when situations call for them both. Kyu Won is doing some charity work later that day. And since their Professor who’s leading the Music team suggested that Shin learns from Kyu Won, he was tagged along to see the Windflowers performance for the Elders. This is such a cute scene from Shin, dancing together with all the Granny’s while having fun doing so.. I guess for Shin, just having to be with Kyu Won is enough reason to be happy and not complain at all..

After the performance, Shin and Kyu Won join the elders for an afternoon drinking session. Since Shin can’t drink at all, Kyu Won happily drinks for him and got drunk. She was resting in the stairway when Shin saw her. This scene happens to be a Favorite of the Week. Head on shoulders are always a couple staple in Kdramas and won’t go stale in time. Seeing Yong Hwa finally has this moments with Shin Hye makes me giddy like a Highschool student. This series makes me feel young even more! Not that I’m too old for this 🙂

Drunk leads is always a cause for some piggyback! Shin carried Kyu Won and sends her home. Good thing Grandpa acknowledged Shin’s efforts. But that scene was nothing compared to how i felt when Shin went inside his home, smiling like a loony, on HIS own. And of course, our mother won’t be left not noticing such a bright aura. I can’t help but enjoy Shin’s smile even more at that very moment. It’s good to see him enjoy what he does.

The next morning, Kyu Won wakes up with hang over. Grandpa went inside her room bringing her a seaweed soup. We know what that means.. it is Kyu Won’s birthday! But Kyu Won was reminded how she was able to get in her house. She was brought in by Shin! That caused her to hurriedly run out, feeling agitated thinking of what she had said to Shin while she’s drunk. Kyu Won slowly went out her gate looking out for some Shin sighting. But she’s looking at the wrong direction as Shin was already waiting at the other side of her gate. Awww.. This has becoming Shin’s routine, having to wait for Kyu Won at her home! *giggles like crazy* I guess annoying Kyu Won first thing in the morning makes his day even brighter! Shin is such a lovesick cute puppy..

At school, Shin can’t seem to stop himself from making sure he’d have reason to plaster his smile upon us. The cause of that of course is Kyu Won. He even asked her to summarize the books about Gukak within the day. Practice ensues and some bonding time for our couple. I love how Shin listens to Kyu Won, not just to learn about gukak but more so to learn more about who Kyu Won is.. she happens to be passionate about Gukak and I love that Shin is reaching out to understand different sides of her.. This moment had to be interrupted by Kyu Won’s friends as they barge in to practice. Though we get to enjoy Shin’s smile on the side as a bonus..

Another Favorite of the Week is the birthday surprise! What a way to end Episode 8.. the whole gang surprised Kyu Won, although Shin was left on the sideline clueless.. I love how Kyu Won just brighten up seeing her snowman cake and be greeted by her friends.. I always enjoy birthday moments in Kdramas! So sweet..

While Grandpa narrates his lifelong journey to Director Seok Hyun, Kyu Won stumbled and fell down a flight of stairs as the group was leaving. Kyu Won was brought to the hospital and her injuries caused her to be confined for few days. But to be nursed by Shin, surely will do her wonders..

Lee Shin visits Kyu Won first thing in the morning. He went to her room but she wasn’t there. Finally Shin spotted her in a corner, listening to music. Clueless Kyu Won, she actually thought Shin just came only to ask her to tutor him with gukak.. Dear, he simply wants to spend time with you.. that’s his true intention.. It’s such a lame excuse, why didn’t you figure that one out?

Moving on, they spent the lessons inside her room. Kyu Won was explaining about gukak and she’s been repeating it for sometime now, but then Shin didn’t quite understand anything. I don’t know if a) this is an excuse, or b) if he’s bored, or c) he really doesn’t understand anything at all, or perhaps d) he really loves listening to Kyu Won that’s why he is insisting on a repeat.. Is it possible to be all of the above? Shin’s smile is soooo misleading..

Anyhow, can we just enjoy Shin’s smile for a while? Darn it, you are such a tease!! You are making me crazy Lee Shin ssi!!!

Suddenly, the hospital became the best place to date! I mean, the place to spend time with someone.. That fireworks scene is daebak!! I love that everyone run out to save themselves but Shin was the only one who remembered Kyu Won and run away with her..

His confession needs more polishing.. I’d have the same answer as Kyu Won.. Clearly there’s a misunderstanding somewhere. The problem is.. Shin. He does not know yet how to win a girls heart.

Let’s take a break and focus on Hee Joo issues. She’s been chosen as the lead actress for the upcoming Musical but she seems to have problems. She definitely has technical skills better than Kyu Won but she lacks feelings that comes from the heart. So her expressions is blunt, tasteless. She went up to Ki Young and get some help. Honestly I’d personally like Ki Young to have interactions with Kyu Won. This is my delusional side itching in me again. But I’m not hoping for it too much, I’d be fine without it too. That said, I enjoy Jun Hee with Hee Joo more. They’re fun together. our doll has more life with him.

At this point, our couple hasn’t cleared up their previous misunderstanding and lovers quarrel ensues. When Kyu Won was discharged from the hospital, they run through Shin on their way inside the house. And since Grandpa insist on tutoring Shin because he’s way better and experienced compared to Kyu Won. Shin obliged and had Grandpa lecture him. He was clueless as to Grandpa’s way of teaching, or should I call it storytelling of his history. Poor Shin, he suffered not just from a long litany, but more from his seating position. He was relieved when Kyu Won stepped in and provided an escape for him. Heh. After all their quarrel, it is good to see Shin’s happy face upon seeing her again.

We head to the MT!! It’s like a team building, sort of bonding time with all the members of an organization. It’s purpose is to build rapport, get to know each other and hone some skills. It’s such a fun activity! Of course Shin tagged along because Kyu Won is going as well. Everyone settles in. But before dinner, some are assigned to cook and run errands. Kyu Won and Shin were asked to buy some watermelon. So off the market they go! While there, Kyu Won carefully looks over some watermelons, but she isn’t satisfied with the prize so they go on from store to store. Shin was becoming more annoyed since they’ve been looking around for awhile. At one point while walking, Kyu Won suddenly felt some pain. She called out to Shin but he wasn’t able to hear her. That’s when they got separated. Kyu Won went inside a Pharmacy and Shin lost track of her.

What a lesson learned for Shin. I guess sometimes we have to lose something in order to understand how hard it is to find it. Shin kept looking around for Kyu Won, but to no avail she wasn’t spotted. At long last, Shin saw Kyu Won in one store and hurriedly went her side.

He was so worried wondering if she’d hurt herself. Aww. He was almost losing his mind thinking about Kyu Won while she just busied herself looking for watermelons! I love reversals!! It is indeed Shin’s turn to feel and care and.. fall! I love me some worried Shin.. way better than a jealous one.. a lovers squabble can never be this sweet..

It’s time for a little Night Entertainment. Every group has their own prepared show. When it was the Windflowers’ turn, like a boyfriend, Shin held Kyu Won’s hand and did not allow her to perform, as she was still hurting (from her injuries). She succumbs unwillingly.. as her groupmates perform, Shin and Kyu Won just sat from behind and watched silently.

Suddenly, both had the world on their own.. the music changed and it seemed that they are seeing each other on a different light amidst their surroundings. The mood changed continuously as Shin sings Lucky (by Jason Mraz).. and he glances at Kyu Won as if personally dedicating the song to her.. Then Kyu Won volunteered to get the watermelon for others to eat.

As she walks on her way, Shin follows her from behind. Kyu Won was wearing stilettos and got a sprained ankle. Luckily Shin was there and sweetly attended to her.

Aww!! I love this moment and another certified Favorite of the Week. This two are really killing me with their glances.. sparks, I tell you, are literally flying and naturally ignites when this two are together.. especially this close..

Gosh, I thought for a moment there Shin will just grab and kiss her like what he did with Professor ballerina.. he can just do things suddenly you know.. We are out of luck this week, coz that didn’t materialize since Bo Woon knows how to enter on cue..

Later that night, both had difficulty sleeping because they are thinking of each other.. Shoot, a sign of falling in love.. So both went out of their room. As Shin was walking out, he saw Kyu Won inside the auditorium, seating by herself. He then sat alongside her and both talked about making a wish. Kyu Won pointed how unfortunate that it rained, she couldn’t come out by the beach to wish upon a star.. Suddenly, Shin held out his hand, pointed to it and asked Kyu Won for hers..

I love it that Kyu Won did not grab it.. instead she held out her own and it was Shin who reached out and holds it tightly closer to him. That for me represents that it should be the guy who should make the first move. Finally it is Shin’s turn. That hand gesture alone can speak of Shin’s confession.. holding her hand now spells not letting her go.

Personal Thoughts:

I’m literally smiling althrougout Week 5’s episodes. If only a smile could kill, I’m happily in heaven right now. Jung Yong Hwa naturally has sizzling chemistry with Park Shin Hye that they don’t have to express in words how they feel for each other. Maybe that’s the reason why I’m not bored at all watching this even with less dialogue or even with just music on the background.

The story on the OTP front is just getting better. I love how they bicker here, like any other couple but they are more relatable since their conflicts are what we experience for real, not too complicated. Shin’s character is so much interesting now because his true nature is showing.. not just his aloof, loner self. Thanks to Kyu Won, he’s having a life now and brightly smiling. He’s becoming an epitome of a man in love.. going through tough times trying to win his girls heart. I liked that he’s having a difficult time not because Kyu Won is playing hard to get but simply because Shin is naive, clueless about love. How sweet this times are, falling in love for the first time.. And seeing Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa, I feel nostalgic reminiscing about those days.. The feeling is soo universal..

I haven’t written a recap this long for quite sometime now.. I guess this series really inspires me and I love writing about it. I can be an uber fangirl and this surely brings that one out! Haha. I think Yong Hwa’s stolen glances and his smile captivated me big time..

I can’t wait for Week 6! Previews are out for Episode 10 and I can’t wait to see it.. more interactions with our watermelon couple! I really had fun recapping Week 5 and surely Week 6 will be at par..

Wednesday-Thursday have become my favorite days of the week again..


  • goodange says:

    Lol. That Sweet Potato Couple song is one of my guilty pleasures 😉

  • leila8mae says:

    I heard it just recently as I was watching a MINSUN fanvid and I immediately searched for the song and had on repeat in my phone up to now! I feel like the lyrics and the rhythm soothes my mood right now.. it is soo “bagay” with this series even though I know Yong Hwa sang it for another gir! hahaha..

    and BTW, i was able to find the song even without knowing the title.. it was hard to find since my clue was only Yong Hwa’s voice! Good thing I’m familiar with his voice already or else this song will be impossible for me to find on my own! 🙂

  • sakurakiss says:

    tomorrow’s the most awaited ep 10 — i agree with your thoughts, watching shin and gyu won interact with each other reminds me of my feelings of “first love” that giddy school girl crush feeling wherein you just can’t help having a silly smile on your face…i think this is why i love this drama sooooooomuch…luv reading your recap. komawo 🙂

  • blue says:

    I noticed that Shin is smiling in all the photos. And even when he’s not actually smiling, I feel like I can see his smile in his heart. Or maybe it’s just a reflection of my smile as I watch this couple. Oi, what has this drama done to us?

    I love how concise your recap is, but how it still managed to fully capture the two episodes from last week.

    And yay, Wednesday is finally here again!

    • leila8mae says:

      blue I think we can’t get rid of the smile because personally, my heart is simply loving this series, the glee just surface from within.. there’s really something different in Yong Hwa’s expression during the past episodes.. i feel like he’s falling in love like his character too!! hahaha.. can’t wait for episode 10 tonight

      thanks for dropping by.. your recaps have become my bible for You’ve Fallen For Me.. thanks for supporting our blog 🙂

  • rr says:

    the magic of this drama is really shinhye and yonghwa’s incredible chemistry.i’m so in love with this couple now,i hope they can wotk together again in the future

  • dorsky says:

    i totally agree with the review above, the thing that attracts me into watching this show is its simplicity, no exaggeration in the story like being ultra-rich. I am also very agreeable with the younger generation showing great respect to their elderly it is a big, big plus for me. I admire the genuine concern of the teachers to their students, the plot is believable and credible. The beautiful surroundings of the school also help in a big way. But of course the biggest come-on of the story is the chemistry between Lee Shin and Kyu Won. Lee Shin’s attractiveness is greatly enhanced by his talent in singing and playing the guitar, he is so handsome specially when he smiles, everything lights up everytime he does, and it also helps because his character regardless of being cold-hearted, he always exhibits being a true gentleman and a good son and a loving brother. Kyu Won is the spirited, good-hearted girl next door. She is a natural and her upbeat character is so becoming to her. As a whole, i do not know about the rating, but this is the best among the korean drama/love stories i’d ever watch, simple, bright, light, relatable situations, good-looking protagonists, very catchy and beautiful songs, it stays with you all the time and warms my heart and make me feel young and carefree and loving again. Surely, i will be sad when it ends. Thank you and by the way i am also a filipina and we’re also experiencing the same feeling of anxiety and being crazy waiting for the next episode…it is killing us too…anyway happy viewing everybody.

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