Heartstrings / You’ve Fallen For Me Episode 12 Video Preview (Update w/ Text Previews)

Translations are pending. The fans at Soompi are awesome for providing us with translations for the video and the text preview. (Update: Video includes Close Captioning.)

It’s painful to watch Gyu Won go through such difficulties, but at least Shin continues to be a supportive boyfriend. So, does that mean they were able to have a calm discussion after that ultimatum?

And Taejun just makes me … GAAAH. Wipe that smug shit smile off your punchable face. He’s obsessed with taking Seok Hyun down that he will involve the ruin of an innocent girl. I hope his comeuppance will be satisfying.

Poor, guilt-ridden Jun Hee. I hope he snaps out of his infatuation with Hee Joo. They were cute, but I don’t care anymore if the responsibility of doing the right thing falls on Jun Hee, thus, denying Twiggy her grand redemption. She’s pitiful, but she doesn’t deserve his friendship.





English translations c/o saturnkr @ Twitter and shared by thao_2512 @ Soompi:

Gyu Won: Is he really quitting?
Gyu Won: How can he run away like this?

Yun Soo: Do you think he ran away?
Gyu Won: Is it because of me?

Shin: Will you go to the musical practice?
Gyu Won: I must. I should go.

Shin: I am on your side, don’t worry.

Taejun: Lee Gyuwon, you don’t need to come to the practice from today. We will go without an understudy.

Gyu Won: I will not be able to see falling stars here.
Shin: To make a wish?

Gyu Won: I wish our 100th anniversary performance succeeds.

Shin: I really hope it succeeds.

Text Preview Version 1 (c/o peaches_2280 @ Soompi)

Due to the scandal about Seok Hyun and Gyu Won going around campus, the former thinks of resigning from his post as the director of the musical production.

In the meantime, Shin manages to persuade Gyu Won to stay with him instead of returning to the campus.

In Seok Hyun’s absence, Taejun has taken over his duty as the director of the 100th anniversary annual musical production. He has also removed Gyu Won from her role as the understudy for the lead actress.

Apart from this, Taejun also coerces the Chairman’s wife when she encounters certain difficulties/problems.


Text Preview Version 2 (c/o thao_2512 @ Soompi)

Director Kim Seok Hyun quits! After the ‘scandal’ with Gyu Won broke out in school, Seok Hyun quits the post as director.

Lee Shin tries his best to stop Gyu Won from returning to school.

Meanwhile, Taejun takes up the post as director. He changes the script completely and stops Gyu Won from being in the musical. He also threatens Hee Joo’s mother…




  • leila8mae says:

    OH MG GAAAHHHH!!! finally a guy who stays by his girl’s side.. Lee Shin, you perfect dummy you!! ♥

    and that back hug is love!! so sweet.. can’t wait to see and recap episodes this week 🙂

  • Evilia says:

    Love this Previewwwww 🙂

  • restiee says:

    when is the next episode?

    • goodange says:

      The show airs Wednesday and Thursday night in Asia. If you’re in the U.S., Pacific Time, it would be on Wednesday/Thursday at 6 AM.

      • ody says:

        yes! at least I can sleep calmly without thinking the Shin N LGW would part ways… thats the best thing to do stay by each other side.. BUT STILL i have to wait for WEDNESDAY N THURSDAY ans wait for the ENG SUB until FRIDAY……aaahh!! what a loooooooong wait.. does anyone knows if they are getting a good rating in Korea right now… THIS IS A GOOD SHOW! more power to them!!

      • miya says:

        ya right. im also eager to know their ratings.

  • Sidah says:

    Hehe..i cant wait for this ep. <3 Heartstrings very much!

  • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

    Cute but I think I’m the only person wishing it would be less cute. Can we have some angst (and not just related to that retarded show)?

    • goodange says:

      Heeh, I don’t mind it either way, but I was afraid the show was stocking up on too much cuteness. I wonder if it has anything to do with the ratings.

    • goodange says:

      I just learned that it’s been officially cut down to episode 15, so, maybe it has something to do with that??? I don’t know. Damn you, clock! Now, I’ve started analyzing Shin. Lol. I’m kind of missing his rough edges (even his stalkerish ways), and when he would give Gyu Won a hard time and bicker with her. He’s so cute being romantic and supportive, but he has become a bit too good to be true, huh? I don’t want this character to fall flat … And I don’t mind if Gyu Won gets a little bit indignant with him because of the ultimatum. Eeeek. I’m on the fence because Gyu Won does need his support, and it’s great that she doesn’t have to tackle her problems alone … It’s ideal and relatable at the same time …

      To be honest, I am a sucker for the pairing. 😉

      • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

        Lol… sorry for making you a Shin analyst 😀

        Hahaha… too good can be boring and flat but I guess it can also make the fans swoon. I would like to see them face a major obstacle in the final four episodes and not just their mini fights that get resolved in two minutes.

        I’m glad he’s being her rock but would also love to see her friends rallying around her and lending their support. All of her friends should quit the musical because they all know it’s a lie. They know that a lot of people were searching for Hee Joo and also that she’s not having an affair with her director. So they should all quit. I doubt this will have any impact on their grades.

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