Heartstrings Week 7: At your side

What I’ve really come to love about Lee Shin and Kyu Won’s relationship is that they are open and that their foundation is built by them not leaving each other, staying together amidst the rain.

And to have someone like Lee Shin beside you in this storm is the sweetest thing EVER. Yeah, like enjoying that cup of coffee in this cold weather. Just perfect.

Most of us have different opinion with regard to this series. Every angle has a side you see that I don’t. So instead of doing a recap for this week, I’m just going to share my random thoughts. Most of you probably have watched it already 🙂 I guess by the story’s flow, you’d be able to know what I’m talking about. I hope photos will help you. Enjoy reading!

Everyone’s fear of a break up did not happen. Thank heavens! Sure enough I said that Kyu Won is the type who wouldn’t leave anyone alone. By that, I think it was Shin that she wouldn’t leave at any cause.. she’s still true to her character.. I’m happy drama went on this route because I personally would not want it to be like one of the many kdrama staple. Break up is so common in dramas and I’m happy we wouldn’t get it here..

It’s refreshing to see a couple in a drama talk things through with regard to their problem. Shin is really an ideal guy because he’s never clouded by other people’s opinion, he seek Kyu Won’s explanation and believes her. Simple yet sometimes in kdramas they exaggerate rumors much and forgets a key point, listening. And Shin does that well enough that’s why problem such as this gets resolved without the needed drama. He may sound like an overprotective parent wanting to know your every move.. but I think its one of his flaw that I find sweet, seriously! He simply cares for her welfare and I think for someone as selfless as Kyu Won, she deserves a guy who is completely into taking care of her.

My favorite song for this series!

The “Comfort Song” is true to its word. Gosh, to have Shin sing to you that song *melts into a puddle of goo*.. what a lucky girl Kyu Won is! That said I think Shin is really a man of his word. He said that he’d never leave her side. I really love that he believes in her more than anything and that her happiness is a priority for him. I know that they are just starting but its really nice to see these things coming from a guy.

The level of maturity of Shin and how he handles his relationship with Kyu Won is really admirable. I’m happy we are not getting those usual conflicts we know (by heart) happens in most Kdrama. That couples have to split and get back together as a form of obstacle that was caused by an external conflict that’s so shallow to begin with. I’m so glad that Shin stood by Kyu Won’s side, its the sweetest thing.

Jun Hee, Jun Hee, Jun Hee.. Ottoke! He did lose appetite this week. Good thing though, he was able to apologize and confess to Kyu Won even if he made Shin furious! I love how Shin shows when he is angry, when he is jealous or simply when he feels something bad and just say it all to Kyu Won. You can see different sides of Shin but him being a doting boyfriend is a stand out.

We had a little flash back about the Jeju trip our couple had at the beginning. Okay, so they are really fated to be together.. I love the contrast of then and now. Shin is brighter now, he’s smiling more now.. gone is the cold, aloof guy who wonders alone stalking Professor Ballerina.. Yehey to change!! And I love that Shin finally closed his chapter with Yoon Su by throwing away that necklace. Anyhow, did I already mention how I love that Shin can just do whatever he feels like infront of Kyu Won?!? He’s intense, I tell you! But since we are dealing with minors here youth here, Shin has to tone down.. that back hug at the balcony can suffice.. it is the sweetest back hug to date.. like everyone wishes they were Kyu Won at that very moment (yeah?!)

We have to balance out the sweet stuff with some bitterness. Hee Joo and her Mum is just too much. I can’t even imagine having a mum like hers! If she really wants her daughter to succeed in Hee Joo’s Broadway dream, her motivation needs to change. Why starve your daughter? She has to come clean. Hee Joo clearly has talent, technical skills are a good foundation. But before asking her to shoot for the stars, maybe the Mum should learn to love Hee Joo first. Hee Joo does not have any inspiration to get her emotions from. That’s why it lacks heart because her root is rotten. Unlike Kyu Won. Even if Grandpa is, well Grandpa, atleast she knows how to keep it clean. Fighting fairly even if she has to sacrifice herself. One need not to step on anyone just to reach ones dream.

I’m glad we are seeing Yoon Su in a very different light this week. I’m happy for Professor Ballerina because she knows the Director well enough to be an add-on to his burden. Instead, she’s there by his side telling him what’s wrong and yet supporting him still. She’s actually giving the Director a different view about the problem that’s why he was able to go back. The Director is blessed to have her. Because the last thing you need is a whining, jealous, immature girlfriend. Her proposal might have been her last straw to save her namja chinggu, but she was able to understand the situation and opted to just respect Seok Hyun. Their love for each other can’t be questioned. The problem that the Director had is not even worth to destroy what they have. I like that we are seeing a different approach in maintaining a relationship. This series surely knows how to pass a simple message. In a relationship, couples should go through problems together and face it with open mind.

The hoopla about the Musical and Seok Hyun was a bit brief. Its good that the Director went back to continue what he has started and make that jerk Tae Joon be placed right where he belonged. I love the scene where the Director came back and everyone warmly greeted him and Tae Joon was left unnoticed. Hah! Serves him right. A word for Tae Joon, “GO!” Seriously, you have to know that being a Director entails someone who has heart to motivate his subordinates. No wonder why the whole Production does not respect you. And Seok Hyun has a way with building up a talent when he sees one and will never let it go. He surely provides that fire to keep his actors ignited. He believes in his students and help them develop their own craft.

The parents’ issue, well I’m relieved we are not into a past romance igniting here. For a brief moment there I thought we’d be dealing with another conflict that will leave us thinking Shin and Kyu Won are siblings! Goodness.. We should thank Mum for this. Nothing more to say, really. Since this was never a big issue anyway.

Let’s go back to our couple now. Shin never fails to help every girls heart swoon in every gesture he makes. Okay, maybe some hearts aren’t affected 🙂 Nevertheless, Shin is really endearing and Kyu Won isn’t one to complain because Shin does everything for her.. Kyu Won, your boy deserves more than a forehead kiss you know.. Anyway, I love that Shin sung that comfort song again to put his girlfriend to sleep.. Goodness, I’m finding ways now to hate this guy.. haha.. he’s uber perfect..

By the way, Jung Yong Hwa is the hottest guy whenever he plays that guitar! And Shin is the hottest guy whenever he makes an effort to give Kyu Won those glances while he’s singing.. I love the jealousy arc that ensued after the performance! Shin is the cutest when he’s jealous! I enjoyed that little battle of “I-can-do-it-too-so-don’t-even-dare” LOL. But our couple surely knows how to make lovers quarrel seem to be the sweetest thing on screen nowadays. It’s fun seeing them bicker because Shin knows the right thing to say, every.single.time. I appreciate that they don’t beat around the bush and outright Shin told Kyu Won he’s jealous. It’s fun to know that, but so much better to hear. Young love is sweet indeed..

Let’s talk about the Musical.. I personally did not understand a thing! Haha.. It feels like Hee Joo’s scenes are rushed like she’s off to do something important after.. like that hug and kiss was gone in a blink.. But that aside, I really enjoyed the music and the dancing parts.. not to mention Ki Young’s exposure! Kidding aside, that scene certainly brought back my years being part of my School’s Theater Arts Guild. The energy when performing on stage and being a part of a production is elating! I miss it.

The ending was amazing!! Though it was sad seeing Kyu Won sing backstage while Hee Joo is infront of the lime light. What really gets me is Shin and Kyu Won’s duet.. What a harmony! It’s not just their music that became one at that moment, but essentially it was Shin and Kyu Won being together. Kyu Won surely made another selfless act but we are rest assured Shin will still be there with her..

Personal Thoughts:

Everything about this show is just perfect for my taste. The only gripe I have is Kyu Won not reciprocating the same level of intensity I would want her to give Shin. Let me set an example. You see after that “comfort song” that Shin sang for her, the first thing that I expected was that when she sees him she’d just literally throw herself at him, but she didn’t. It was even Shin who hugged her. I just wish Shin Hye will just push a bit more. Not to say the gesture isn’t sweet or touching, I guess I’m asking for too much.. Then again, I’m with goodange (angieknows_11) about the next possible kiss.. please spare me Shin Hye, you’re not a minor, for goodness sake!! Nothing torrid people, passion doesn’t have to mean a Lee Min Ho kiss, you know..

Enough of that.

I’ve noticed one thing though.. Kyu Won is an independent girl who does her own thing. She doesn’t want to rely on Shin so much. That’s why she left Shin and cried alone. Though she knows how to listen to him, and to obey him when need be. I love her independence and her will to stand alone doing what she think is right. I guess that factor is why Shin trusts her. Shin knows his girl personality, and understands well enough. It’s kinda refreshing to see this on screen. No wonder we all feel like falling in love with them because this is the kind of relationship we want for ourselves that I want for myself.

Holding hands seem so natural for our couple. Seeing them walk hand in hand just brings a smile on my face and my heart feels blissful.. They are really each other’s strength. And those glances are still to die for in this stage.. it doesn’t get old..  I know that I’m not a fan of fanservice much, especially those kind that doesn’t move the plot. But I’m not going to complain about fanservice overdose in this series.. haha.. I’m really enjoying it.. it’s sweet but not uber sweet that I’d gag.. I guess Shin Hye and Yong Hwa have the kind of chemistry that makes me feel the warmth of true love. It naturally hits the right spot of my heart.

As you can observe, conflicts are pretty much handled fast, especially those concerning our couple (youth and adult) and settled maturely. We can see how Shin apologize to Kyu Won if he made a mistake out of something petty. Like telling her to quit the Musical. Or how Yoon Su and Director handles their problems is very ideal. I think PD Pyo really looks at relationship differently and yet very real. There’s a ring of reality in his characters that I really love. And his take on relationship is not just something written for a story sake but something that is real. Something that makes you think “maybe this is what love is like..” I love PD Pyo to bits..

It’s a recurring theme in this show how supporting your partner makes a difference in a relationship. In troubled times, it’s good to know you have someone beside you that’s willing to listen and support your decision and even guide you through.. When one is left alone a problem can become heavier.. but with someone like Shin or Yoon Su, problems become light because they’ll stick at your side and help you ease that burden. It’s always comforting to know that you are not alone because someone is at your side..

This would be one of the dramas that I’d be sad having to end. Withdrawal syndrome is going to be hard. Watch out for goodange/angieknows_11 *exciting!!!* as she ends this series. I’d be with her and will be pitching in for few of my thoughts about the finale. So till then 🙂

Side Note: This is kinda RAW highlights from me. Subs are not yet out when i wrote this (photos added late) so I would like to thank peaches_2280 at soompi thread and blue of Electric Ground for all translations!! Also KAddictify at YT for the video 🙂


  • lenswish says:

    Really love the way you retell the stories between LS and GW.. and yes, the withdrawal syndrome will be hard to overcome!

  • checkinout says:

    Loved reading your thoughts on the last 2 episodes. Will really miss talking/analyzing/spazzing about this show once it ends next week…. think we might need to start a support group for HS/YFFM withdrawal!

    • Marsh says:

      YES, a resounding yes…I need therapy please after this or else I will have to stalk Yonghwa on thenet again as I did before to no end. I am insanely in love now…with love… as shown in this beautiful drama. Leila, your thoughts is always on point and I love reading them. Your analysis on Heartstrings will be missed after next week but I will comne every once in a while to read until reality sets in that the drama has ended…..

  • Conita :3 says:

    Well…. What can i say? Shin is a sweet guy in the real life and in the drama 😉 Shin Hye…. It` s true, she doesn` t share her feelings from the public who watch this drama but we have understand the circunces because she are a little quiet in the drama, so we can` t wait a pasional escene…. ;c Shin….. is a perfect guy from Shin Hye because he is very intense, good guy and so sweet <3 in the serial. I think they are the best couple in the world but Yung Yong Hwa in the real life is so different, He`s already have who love :3
    Thanks for this…. really 😉

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