Heartstrings / You’ve Fallen For Me Episode 14 Video Preview (Update w/ Text Preview)

English translations are pending. Please be sure to turn on the CC to read the subs.

According to spoilers, there may be a time-leap. Whether or not that happens in the penultimate episode remains to be seen. While I’m not a fan of this storytelling device for the sake of concluding the story, I’ll try to reserve judgment. But, sigh, onward we go to the end …

The Wildflowers and The Stupid will be collaborating on an album, with Gyu Won providing vocals. Unfortunately, grandpa is not happy about this development, as he expects Gyu Won to jump back on the path he paved for her. Gyu Won’s worries are also diverted by Shin’s injured hand. Hopefully that’s a minor sprain that will not need major surgery.


English subs c/o Park Shin Hye International Fanclub.



Text preview translations c/o peaches_2280 @ Soompi:

The centennial performance was a success. After the musical, Seok Hyun receives news from Broadway regarding the song that he would like Gyu Won to sing. Seok Hyun’s proposal would include making Gyu Won the lead singer of the song. It’s also proposed that the Windflowers and the Stupid would jointly produce the music, and this would be made into an album. On their way to attend the audition screen test for the production of the album, Shin accidentally injures his wrist while preventing Gyu Won from falling to the ground.




  • love says:

    oh no..=( poor Shin, i hope his hand isn’t too injured so he can continue playing the guitar!…

  • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

    To be honest I am stuck at the very beginning of ep 13. No sensible conflict = bored me. And this doesn’t look any better. I wish there were some high stakes and conflict to carry this drama along. Instead it’s little things that get resolved in minutes.

  • Marsh says:

    I on the other hand like this drama very much because it is so straightforwards and none of those insensible conflict which almost all dramas have. This is such a cute love story and the leads are just so great together. Their chemistry just brightens up the screen. Also, I can totally realte to this right now in my life.

  • RabbitPig91 says:

    Hey peeps, after watching episode 14 im feeling disapointed because one they don’t kiss AGAIN! Shin’s sister comes in a stops it which was annoying as they have had many chances to kiss but NO! 2 Why does shin have to hurt his hand WHY! and the last episode looks disapointing as well as it looks like they are fighting again with the posibility of them breaking up. Sorry Heartstrings Im not happy 🙁

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