To “Protect The Boss” With A Kiss

I am still yet to watch this week’s episodes but it seems like our Eun Seol finds herself thinking about her childish boss all the time and doesn’t know why. Does she care about him as a man or a man-boy? Her boss offers up his lips for an experiment. What will the result be?

This scene didn’t appear in episode 8 but let’s hope we see it in ep 9!

Credit: Soompi


  • yumi says:

    thanks for posting.

    I enjoyed episode 8. The cast has been doing wonderful work. Choi Kang-Hee is doing a marvelous job portraying a bright woman falling in love against her better judgement. You can just feel the character’s struggle as she knows loving this guy is the same and ruining her life.

  • Pik says:

    I can’t wait for next episode. I’m so in love with this drama.

  • m2 says:

    Hi, 1st time reading Couchkimchi (know it from Soompi). I just want to say, I really love how u said about the kiss “Her boss offers up his lips for an experiment.”, it’s perfectly said. Can’t wait for ep.9, I want to see how JH & ES deal with the kiss…the preview said it’s gonna be awkward…

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