Intro To Bollywood, Movie #8: Rules Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula

Rules Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula is about a photographer’s assistant, Radha (Meera Vasudevan), who gets the rare chance to meet her biggest celebrity crush, Vikram (Milind Soman), when gets to work with him. What does one do when they finally meet the man of their dreams? They do everything they can to make him fall for them. And this is exactly what Radha does with the help of her grandma who teaches her the five rules of love.

Rules is a charming romantic comedy that takes us on Radha’s journey of love as she implements each of her grandmother’s rules (more like directives). It’s a very fluffy movie with quite a few interesting side characters and subplots like Radha’s gay co-worker whose parents are arranging a marriage for him, her cheating, married co-worker and her silly boss.

Why do I like it? There are a few reasons:

It’s a cute fanfic-come-to-life story. Since I’m never going to meet Takeshi Kaneshiro and make him mine, I can live vicariously through Radha as she embarks on a romance with her celebrity crush.

Even though some of Grandma’s rules are a little bogus, they are all fun to watch enacted. Plus she and Radha make an entertaining pair.

There’s a real kiss! More and more Bollywood films have kisses these days but back in 2003, this was a real treat!

Awesome music. I think I fell in love with the ballad version of Chhodo Na Mujhe before I fell in love with the movie itself.

However, it is true that I happened to stumble across this movie right at the part this song was played. I fell in love and just had to see it in its entirety and thankfully, was not disappointed.  The entire film was great and I found other songs I liked.

But most of all, despite its predictability, it was done with honesty and a full heart. I’m not sure what that even means but what I do know is that it put a smile on my face.

I’m not really sure how to describe the chemistry between the leads. Milind was quite wooden but cute as Vikram so I wasn’t surprised to learn that he was a model-turned-actor. This was Meera’s first movie but it didn’t show. While her character could be kind of annoying, she did a good job expressing her emotions so in the end, I forgave her for her bubbly, naive girl routine. The movie is low-to-mid budget so there are no fancy sets or popular actors but it did have an entertaining script and good direction. The scene of one of the gay characters talking about his struggles was quite touching.

It’s a popcorn flick through-and-through and one I enjoyed for its simplicity and romance. Her obsession with him was a little creepy and the ending was unnecessarily over the top but nonetheless, this is a movie I think of fondly. Love it!


  • Triv says:

    Haha. OMG, I remember this movie. I watched it some years back and tried to incorporate the rules that Grandma gave in it. Some worked, some didn’t Glad you liked this movie. The Grandmother in this movie is actually the mother of Kajol, the actress from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      Hi Triv. Yeah, I think this movie is so cute especially after she dumped him and he went nuts. “I feel sorry for you!” lol

      The Bollywood dynasty families are quite fascinating. I wonder if Kajol’s kid will also get into the business.

      • Triv says:

        It depends if Nysa wants to pursue an acting career, Kajol’s husband Ajay is not too keen on letting his daughter become an actress but he won’t forbid her if she chooses that career path. Kajol gave birth to her second child, who is a boy, last year, so chances of him going into acting are greater.

      • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

        I didn’t even know Kajol had another child. I really am out of the loop these days :D. Considering both her parents are actors, I somehow think their daughter will want to pursue the same path. But who knows? lol. Still a long way off.

  • Triv says:

    Ya I think Nysa will get into films ’cause all the females of Kajol’s family are actresses. Rani Mukherjee, the second lead from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is Kajol’s cousin. Kajol’s younger sister too tried acting but couldn’t pull it off.

    And about the kiss in this movie. LOL, the director added it for attraction value. Milind Soman was infamously famous for his naked photoshoot with his then Girlfriend model at that time, so he didn’t think he would mind kissing in the movie.

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