Couch Kimchi celebrates its FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!

Time does fly, literally! This month is a cause for celebration as Couch Kimchi turns ONE!

October is really a special month since we started publishing random articles back then. But it took us months of planning and discussions before we finalized everything. Thank goodness for Internet, Soompi and YouTube as I get to meet two of my best online friends and now full fledged CK ladies 😀

So how did EVERYTHING started?

It took a lot of guts to send a PM. But first, I (leila) thought of putting up a blog just to throw my thoughts to fellow addicts out there. I only thought of TWO people to join me: clockwatcher and angelicaknows of Soompi’s Coffee House thread. I have been an active member of soompi since February 2010 and have known different posters. But I have high respect *cough* for these two. Obviously they are my favorites. They both represent different views and opinions far from my own. BUT we still share one common love: Coffee House. And I think all through the year, we’ve learned to adjust and add more layers of respect to the things we write.

Coming up with a name is really hard! And I’m not really good with that because my suggestions were as lame as it is! LOL. But since I’m with the witty clock and creative angie, help is much appreciated. To make things short, clock only thought of one name: COUCH KIMCHI. Angie and I both loved it, so the rest is history.

At first glance you can think of a couch potato, that can really describe US in one two words. And since Kimchi in Korea has a lot of varieties, we were not only going to stick to the Korean Drama wave and decided to include things ASIAN and a few more tidbits that we find interesting. Angie is really an INDIEholic, as well as me while clock knows about Japanese dramas, so those were added into the mix as well.

To tell you honestly I personally did not expect that with just one year of blogging we’d be able to reach our current STATS.. we are over 400,000 hits! We are ecstatic to be running this blog and I’m glad to be with clock and angie living in the crazy world of the blogosphere! Having viewers, readers, and 34 followers to date is enough of a reward for us. We are hoping for the best and that someday we’d be able to have our own domain as well.

A lot of gratitude should be given to our friends at Coffee House soompi thread, as well as to those threads and blogs who give us support. Also to those random posters who give time to comment, Komowo – Maraming Salamat! It is much appreciated!

Recently ,we are honored and thankful to have guest bloggers join in the fun. You can read posts from Yitiantulong and Choufy. They are our fellow Coffee House mates! You may have noticed a trend?? Yup, peeps at Coffee House are unique as the show itself. A lot of creative minds were surely active during that time. Anyhow, we are hoping to add more guest bloggers on our arsenal. I personally believe in these people because they can really share wonderful thoughts and ideas with us that we can all learn a lot from. 

One year of bliss and sleepness nights! It’s been fun 😀 So we hope that you can stick around and enjoy our growth as writers/bloggers or whatever! LOL. 

We are not just simply blogging. This is a positive community where we can learn and have tons of fun on the side. Look forward to more rants and raves from US! See you all around ♥


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