Full House 2 On Hold: Actors Don’t Fit Their Characters

What da bloody hell?

From allkpop:

A representative of Core Contents Media commented, “We decided to postpone filming because the characters in ‘Full House 2‘ did not work well with the images of Hwang Jung Eum and Noh Min Woo. Currently, we are negotiating with the ‘Full House 2′ production company.

There’s been some recent news that No Min Woo was favorably considering starring in a sitcom called “Vampire Idol” scheduled to air at the end of the year. And knowing how tight filming schedules are, I reckon it would be impossible to film that sitcom and a drama at the same time. With no planned air date or even a broadcast station linked to Full House 2, I suppose it would be easiest to drop.

After all these years, the production finally found a cast and began filming and now it looks like they might have to go back to square 1. And so soon after announcing that Jo Yoon Hee of Lie to Me will be joining the cast. Perhaps they can rework the script so that a compromise can be reached. Good luck to all involved.

Additional source: Osen via Naver

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