Couch Kimchi’s 30 Day Drama Challenge: Part 2

We continue on with our 30 Day Drama Challenge.



leila  |  I love the Hong Sisters because their dialogues mostly are far from being cheesy but soooo sweet nonetheless. What really came to mind as an answer for this is my favorite scene in the drama You’re Beautiful.

In this scene, Tae Kyung just had a meeting with his Mum and it didn’t turn out well. He was a tad disappointed. When he arrived home, he saw Go Mi Nam at the kitchen counter. She was fixing the “pin” and as clumsy as she is, the glue sticked two of her fingers together. I just love that scene to bits!

Tae-kyung: Oddly enough, every time I’m full of complicated thoughts because of that person, you’ve come along, so you’ve been pretty useful. Like today.

Mi Nam: I’m glad my fingers were useful to you. If I knew this would happen, I would have glued all ten of them together.

Awwwww …

clock  |  Coffee House scene when Jin Soo asked Eun Young if she’d be happy in her marriage.

goodange  |  I don’t really have a favorite dialogue but more like favorite scenes. The ones that stand out for me are from the movie In The Mood For Love, which mines the characters’ emotions with subtle depth. Instead of confronting their spouses about their suspicions, Chow Mowan (Tony Leung) and Su Lizhen (Maggie Cheung) would re-enact “scenes” from their partners’ infidelity … or at least, how they believed it happened. It’s an odd activity, but there’s a therapeutic and empathetic gain from it. Likewise, the viewers’ perception of the faceless spouses are molded by their role playing, and I think we acquire a slim understanding of the cheating lovers’ own loneliness. Unfortunately, that loneliness also defines Lizhen’s and Mowan’s emotions, and ultimately, their unique activities pave way for their developing feelings for each other.



clock  |  Long Vacation. I really love that drama, what can I say? I think it’s because it seemed so real. There were some scenes that didn’t even look scripted.

leila  |  A Youth Drama is really close to my heart. So I’d really enjoy Dream High and You’ve Fallen For Me. I’m not a fan of heavy laden angst simply because I really cry easily! So I prefer stories that are low-key most of the time.

goodange  |  I lean toward stories that go against trends and ideals. At this point, I find noble idiocy, piggybacks, and Cinderella stories to be exhausted features, and I like my characters flawed, not perfect saints. Tone-wise, I like films and dramas on the easy-going side and not over-the-top melo. I like it when the angst is relatable, and the conflicts are more organic and internal (like a character who struggles with his inner demons) rather than external (i.e. disapproving parents, second lead machinations, etc.). I have a long list of favorites, but some of my loves include the drama Coffee House (duh!), the movies Girl by Girl, Blue Gate Crossing, and Linda Linda Linda, and the shorts Disa Moves to Japan and Doki-Doki; each of these fall in at least one of those preferences.



leila  |  Lee Jin Soo in Cofee House because it was unexpected; that made it very special.

clock  |  I’m going to go with Coffee House. I love the seven reasons that ended with the most special and important of all.

goodange  |  Let’s make it unanimous—Coffee House and for the reasons Leila and Clock listed. 😉

Jin Soo to Eun Young

First, I wanted to stop your uncertain wedding.

Second, I didn’t want you to become the heroine of a tragic story.

Third, no matter what the responsibility of the violence is mine.

Fourth, if I lost completely I felt you would be in agony, so I found a way to get out of the situation.

Fifth, if I had to find a scapegoat, I wanted him to be someone worth beating the living daylights off.

Sixth, I did things that I’ve never done in my life, and they are for Eun Young.

And Seventh, because I love You.



leila  |  I have two. First is the playground kiss between Jan Di and Jun Pyo (Boys Over Flowers). The way Jun Pyo stared at Jan Di at that time while saying the line “I want to … everyday …” is simply mesmerizing *melts in the puddle of goo* It was the best lip press ever!! Or should I say Lee Min Ho just has his own version, since he said so himself, “I put a lot of effort into it …” *goes back to memory lane*

Second phone booth kiss in Coffee House … the sensation and passion of that one scene still lingers …

goodange  |  No doubt it would have to be the phone booth kiss between Eun Young and Jin Soo in Coffee House. Second and third favorite kisses would be the 2nd and third kisses between EunSoo 😉 The first and second kisses had so much passion—a result of the characters’ years-long pent-up emotions.

[vodpod id=Video.5033775&w=640&h=360&fv=]

clock  |  I think it was episode 11’s kiss in MNIKSS. It was just so desperate and honest. After he tried to run away from his feelings after returning to Hee Jin but he couldn’t stand to see her with her ex so he drags her into the men’s bathroom and passionately kisses her. LOVE IT!



leila  |  Dream High. It is open and just the right touch for my SamMi—sealed with a kiss.

goodange  |  The final scenes of Blue Gate Crossing (see Day 08: Favorite Line(s) By A Female Lead). It leaves the viewers feeling good about Meng Kerou and Shihao’s future—about their friendship. Though her sexuality may bar her from ever having romantic feelings for Shihao, it’s understood that they’ve formed a lasting friendship in each other.

clock  |  It Started With A Kiss‘ ending was awesome. I don’t even know if it’s the final scene specifically but the final episodes were epic.



leila  |  Midas. What happened to Noh Min Woo?!?! And the OTP started to feel cold. I just couldn’t continue.

goodange  |  Are these dramas we couldn’t stand to continue? As much as I adore the pairing of Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young, I had to break up with Mary Stayed Out All Night. I even dropped reading the recaps.

clock  |  I am the queen of dropping dramas so do you have all day? I guess the most significant one is Coffee Prince. But I stopped at episode 15. I enjoyed the story but felt there was nothing left to see. There are many, many others I stopped because they sucked.



leila  |  Boys Over Flowers, Coffee House, You’ve Fallen for Me, Hana Kimi (Taiwan).

goodange  |  My Lovely Sam Soon, Goong, Nodame Cantabile, and a selection of episodes from the following: Coffee House; How To Be A Perfect Neighbor; Playful Kiss; Delightful Girl Choon Hyang; and The Man Who Can’t Get Married. I have a lot of favorites, but I don’t always have the chance to watch some of them more than once.

clock  |  MNIKSS, Coffee House, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, Long Vacation, Orange Days.



leila  |  Mary Stayed Out All Night. I was able to endure it because of Jang Geun Suk and it’s my first drama to ever recap. No choice but to continue. Heh.

clock  |  Winter Sonata. I don’t know if it’s a bad drama but I’ll just say the second half made me want to hurl.



leila  |  Kang Ji Hwan mesmerized me on how he portrayed the multi-layered character of Lee Jin Soo with depth and heart. I was simply in awe. One minute Ji Hwan can make you laugh like crazy and the next he’d grip your heart with his undying love for Eun Young. Just insanely perfect.

goodange  |  I’d gladly say Kang Ji Hwan, but he’d be in a tie with Uhm Tae Woong, Ji Jin Hee, Tony Leung, and Koji Yakusho.

clock  |  Kimura Takuya (I think). He’s so charming that I don’t care that most of his characters are similar. There’s something about him that makes me (along with millions of other fan girls) stay glued to the screen every time he appears.



leila  |  Lee Yo Won. I loved her with Jo Hyun Jae and with Jung Il Woo. So how the heck she was able to pull off a great chemistry with two gorgeous guys in one series is beyond me. Great acting skills! I cried in most of her scenes … she simply moves me.

goodange  |  There are too many to mention, but my favorites of the best actresses would be Bae Doo Na and Ueno Juri. Doo Na’s acting is effortless and natural, and I’m drawn to her odd looks. As for Ueno, I like her approach to acting. It’s along the lines of method acting. She really takes the time to study her characters, immersing herself in them.

clockwatcher  |  Shinohara Ryoko. I just find her utterly charming and lovable in every single role she’s in.



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  • yitiantulong says:

    Eee! You gals rock this topics… and Goodange, I love you to bits for talking about “In the Mood for Love”, my fav movie of all time- and those scenes of ‘play perfidy’ always make me shake. And Tony Leung! (I’ve had a crush on him for over 20 years now- Kang Ji Hwan is awesome, but Tony is G. O. D.

    (The first review I ever wrote was for ITMFL because I was so overwhelmed by the experience of watching it I had to let the energy out somehow!)

    Clock, KimuTaku is my 2nd choice for best actor… ultra charming, but his latest gigs have been disappointing. I love him best for “Hero”(which incidentally might be what I consider overall the ‘most perfect’ drama ever).

    Ah… the kiss one was obvious… 😉

    Thanks for sharing, I might have to go look up some of the dramas you gals mentioned that I havent’t had the pleasure of seeing!

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