B2ST’s Yoon Doo Joon In The Running For Full House 2


Actor No Min Woo may also be out of Full House 2, as news comes that B2ST‘s Yoon Doo Joon is a contender for the lead role. While Doo Joon and his agency are considering the project, nothing is finalized at this point. If I’m interpreting Google’s translation correctly, Full House 2 is aiming to start production in November or by the end of the year, and that could be problematic for Doo Joon’s scheduled B2st activities.

Barring my low expectations for Full House 2, I’m not all that worried if Yoon Doo Joon lands the lead role because he has already acted in a few shows—okay, not exactly the best gauge of one’s acting skills, but he has at least some experience. If Doo Joon expects to grow as an actor, this is a decent step in that direction.

As for Full House 2, there’s no way of knowing its success at this time, but I think all these casting news have drum up more interest in it. Any publicity is good publicity, I guess.


Source  |  The Star Chosun



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