“Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” Showdown: Cha Chi Soo Vs. Choi Kang Hyuk (MV + Poll)

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is entering its final two weeks *sniff*, and typically at this point in Kdramas, viewers are juiced up on OTP “couples” scenes. While we’ve been hammered with plenty of romantic and salacious highlights, Eun Bi’s feelings continue to be tugged between Chi Soo and Kang Hyuk.

Who is the better choice? I think the arguments for either one even out, but I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide 😉 Vote for your flower boy below.

But first, check out a very fun MV that examines our leading men’s cute relationship. Please, please, please watch it. I don’t know how long it will stay up because the first upload was taken down, so, give it a chance in case it disappears again. It’s worth your 2 minutes 😀 And if you love it, please give the uploader a shout-out on his/her channel.




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  • jmv says:

    I love Chi Soo…but I’m going with Kang Hyuk on this one!! I really hope he gets Eunbi!!

  • wanzhaf says:

    Logically, Eun Bi should be with Kang Hyuk:

    1. Age wise, he win
    2. Maturity wise, he win

    But unluckily heart doesnt recognize logic 🙂 so Cha Chi Soo might win at the end!!

  • wickedyeoja says:

    I want Kang-Hyuk to be w/ Eun-Bi but I’m team Chi-Soo… Gosh, whats wrong w/ me?!!!?! Cant she have them both?!!!! kkekekeke ❤,❤

  • tessieroo says:

    Of course she’ll end up with Chi Soo, he’s the lead male. (just out of curiosity, can anyone name me a drama where the 2nd male lead actually got the girl? I’ve never seen that happen) But I agree with wanzhaf – age wise- KH wins, maturity wise- KH wins. However … personality wise? Hmmm, I’d say Chi Soo is a little bit more interesting and fun. (although KH dancing into the kitchen cracked me up, EB wasn’t amused or impressed) And if he were draped in only a towel in MY kitchen? *gasping for air* I happen to think KH is very funny & flirty. Also love when he picks her up. But EB doesn’t respond to KH the way I would. (LOL) And kiss ability? OMG, no contest whatsoever. Chi Soo won that hands down. (KH closed his eyes before he even got close enough to her face to kiss her) Maybe KH has never kissed anyone? Dunno but it’s obvious Chi Soo has. Lots.

    • couch kimchi says:

      “How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor” and “Queen Of Reversals” are the only ones that I know of in which the 2nd male lead ended up with the female lead. Funny enough, Park Shi Hoo was the 2nd male lead in both. With “Neighbor”, the viewers’ opinion had a lot of sway in having him paired with Bae Doo Na.

      Anyway, it goes without saying that she will be with Chi Soo, but this is kind of fun. 🙂 I am curious how the story will move on when she makes the choice … I’m usually against time-jumps, but this is the exception.

      • I resented How to Meet the Perfect Neighbour so much because of it. Kim Seungwoo should’ve won the girl. At least he won Kim Namjoo in real life.

        • tessieroo says:

          Thanks! I’m off to hunt down those 2 dramas to marathon this weekend! It’ll be different to see the second lead win. (why am I strangely excited about that?)

          Well DUH, it it was Park Shi Hoo, then I totally understand. 🙂

          • couch kimchi says:

            Good luck with the marathon! They’re both pretty long. “Neighbor” has 20 episodes, and I think “Queen of Reversals” is over 20 or maybe 30.

          • Purple Lee says:

            Try BAKER KING, KIM TAK GU! This makjang drama fulfilled my “shipping” dream! Hihi ^^ That’s why I love this series no matter how bad the villains are 🙂 Gu Ma Jun (Joo Won), the antagonist got the hero’s ladylove (Eugene)

        • couch kimchi says:

          I felt bad for Kim Seungwoo in “Neighbor” … not so much because he didn’t end up with the lead girl, but because they made him a bit pathetic and pitiful when he “fell from grace” so to speak.

          • tessieroo says:

            I was wrong about being able to marathon these this weekend. (LOL) But I am on EP 12 of “Neighbor” and OH MY GOD, there’s another first. Park Shi Hoo’s mom told him she would kill herself with the drug she prepared if he didn’t go through with his wedding? WTF??? Wow, first time I’ve heard a parent threaten that in a drama.

            Anyhoo, it’s really been good so far so thanks so much for the tip! I’m enjoying the idea of the second lead getting the girl. I’m eager to watch “Queen of Reversals” next.

  • sakurakiss says:

    cha chi soo—-omg soooo sexy and naughty at the same time— too bad it ends in four more eps.

  • dmko says:

    love that Cha Chi Soo!

  • If I were in Eunbi’s shoes, I’d sprint so fast to Kanghyuk’s wide chest and stay there. Unfortunately, this is K-Drama, where bad boys inevitably win.

  • otchosais says:

    I never had 2nd lead syndromes before so even I love KH, I still go for CS

    even if CS is still immature, he have the potential to change for the better for EB..

    KH fir me is EB’s father figure/protector/guardian/strength whenever EB runs out of “realism”
    and “rationality”

  • yukichan says:

    Definitely cha chi soo! Even though i like kang hyuk and it’s gonna make my heart ache when je sees chi soo taking eun bi away 🙁 either way one of the best dramas i’ve seen so far ≧▽≦

  • pag says:

    cha chi soo all the way he makes me sleepless man when will monday and tuesday come, oh days it frustrats me to death anywez since he can make me lose my sleep how can the intern resist him she is inside the drama with him and i seriously dont’ mind the age difference ha if it were to be the other way round( cha chi soo 6 years older than intern) people would obviously not mind the age gap and would instead be head over heels for the couple and would want them to be together. i really really wanna see them together but something tells me that they may not end up together and it bothers me so much but i have complete trust on the creaters of this drama they gave so much depth meaning to such light hearted drama making it so interesting like literally every episode you watch you think it can’t get any better than this, but it actually surpasses the incredibility of the previous episode i am so loving this drama so just need to wait and see how they end the show………..cha chi soo and intern should get married right now.

  • Literati says:

    TT.TT so sad but I know Cha ChiSoo is gonna get the girl. Mother Lovin’ Second Lead Syndrome sucks, it’s like a fresh wound everytime the better guy doesn’t get the girl.

  • Eui says:

    CCS all the way *0*~~ sorry KH =(!

  • Li Xin says:

    She will end up with Chi Soo la!
    1.They showed Chi Soo in the episodes before Kang Hyuk.
    2.Hey! Chisoo was the male lead!
    3.Look at the votes.

  • Elay says:

    I strongly dislike Cha Chi Soo!! If Eun Bi doesn’t end up with Kang Hyuk I will cry and get angry!! D=<

    • jayejaye :) says:

      I KNOW RIGHTTTTTT!! I have no idea why everyone loves chachi(yeah i call him chachi so what -V-)… kang’s wayy more mature and caring. I know she’ll be with chachi in the end, and i really hate how all the dramas are so similar to each other it gets boring :(. You guys should watch I miss you ITS REALLY GOOD (:D

  • tina says:

    I want Eun Bi to end up with Kang hyuk. BUT NOOOO she just hadd to fall in love with Cha Chi Soo. how come the better guy never wins? I didnt finish the drama yet but i already know shes gunna end up with Cha Chi Soo because he’s the main lead. -___- the REAL nice guy never get the girl. AIIISSSH. so fustrating.

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