Jo In Sung Is Not “The King”?

I really hope this fresh news sticks because I would hate to correct this post!

We shared earlier that Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won would be in The King, after reports have confirmed their re-teaming, but it seems official news can be premature. On December 9th, Jo In Sung’s representative revealed to Star News that The King would not be a possibility for the actor, and essentially, he’s carefully exploring his options.

From what I know, nothing has been heard from Ha Ji Won’s side, so, she may still be on board. I will say production better clinch a male lead that spurs the same kind of interest as Jo In Sung and Lee Byung Hun, who was also considered for the role; they’ve elevated the bar, so to speak. And production should hold off on official announcements till they have their actor’s signature on the contract!


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  • Leona says:

    Usually the producers go with the noise that a certain actor is IN for the role, so they could catch the public attention and freeload some advertising with the names. Or even better to catch the actor/ess . Sometimes they bother to send the script, sometimes they don’t. Remember that some dramas had noone for the main role weeks before, however some production companies kept going with big names for the chars.
    The most recent one is Vampire Idol. Just a week before airing I saw the posters and No Min Woo was in Japan doing his FH2. Even so NMW was on their web page. I called it publicity stunt. What if his agency would sue them? or it was made with CCM’s media accord.
    Park Bo-young, Park Shin-hye, and Sulli were all rumored for Playful Kiss,
    For MGIAG the list was even longer for the role of Gumiho. The main male char was Lee Seung Ki just after finishing his Brilliant Legacy.
    City Hunter was an interesting serious case: Lee Min-ho was cast first ( September 2010 or earlier) , then the director brought on, and lastly the writer. After that the girls, without too much drama.

    *going to research about other cases

    • couch kimchi says:

      Thanks for all that … Those are very intriguing “case studies”.

      It’s just interesting that a number of reports made an official confirmation … Publicity’s all good, but this kind is just shitty because we can’t even trust on the reliable outlets to give us concrete news.

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