Lee Si Young Busts Lee Dong Wook In the Boxing Ring (UPDATE: +2 Photos)

Ignoring the hair. Ignoring the hair …

I got the worst translations of the articles for these Wild Romance stills, so, I’ll just state the obvious: Lee Si Young kicked Lee Dong Wook‘s tight buns. 😉





Source  |  Osen  |  TV Daily  |  Good Day Sports  |  Wolyo



  • ran says:

    Interesting wardrobe they get for our leads here. esp LSY, the hair and now this. strangely enough (or maybe not) I’m getting more and more drawn into it. January can’t come any faster?

  • Marie says:

    It’s interesting that even in that hair, Lee Shi Young still looks attractive in the first pic.
    Lee Dong Wook is hot in that hair and mustache.

  • ripgal says:

    Omo, I love that look on Wookie! And strangely so, I’m not that turned off by Lee Shi Young’s look here? I think they’re going for the scruff and gruff female bodyguard look compared to the killer kick ass arrogant female bodyguard look we’re used to seeing in the past?

  • wickedyeoja says:

    Yeah righ…. Ignoring the hair, Ignoring the hair…….and the beard too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kekekeek ❤,❤

  • wickedyeoja says:

    Yeah right.. Ignoring the hair, Ignoring the hair……………….and the beard too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kekekeke❤,❤

  • Raine says:

    Oh my god that hair…but LDW makes up for it by looking so good. But I really like that the chick kicked his butt.

  • nyann says:

    why oh why k-drama gods why the male lead always have to look good looking, attractive, cool, rich n everything that almost every girls falls head over heels for and the female lead looks like……………………..the complete opposite? can’t the female lead romance the guy while lookin’ gorgeous,badass,cool n all **all i can do is keep hoping** anyways looking forward to lee shi-young kicking lee dong wook’s butt^_^

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