“Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” Episode 14 Video Preview (UPDATE: Official Preview Out)

Who knows if CJ E&M DRAMA will be releasing the official video preview of Episode 14, but let’s get by with the preview shown at the end of episode 13.

As we learned from the written preview, Cha Chi Soo and Kang Hyuk’s personal relationship will be revealed to the rest of the ramen family. Also, Chi Soo will be moving into the shop to live the “poor” life, and as we know, this means even more craziness in the household. Eun Bi, just take it all in! It’s not so bad being nursed to health by four concerned boys, not to mention being sandwiched between their bodies 😉

Now, based on the video, the drama could follow a melodramatic and near-tragic storyline … Eep! I hope that doesn’t happen. Let’s keep the drama balanced with the lightness, yeah? 😉

Update: Just hours before Episode 14 will air, CJ E&M has finally released its official video preview! 🙂 Also check out the alternative preview posted below.



Alternative Preview


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  • Lucy says:

    I hope she’s not sick, because the’ll ruin this drama if they end with a death. So far it’s been a joy ride and I hope it continues this way!!! No tragedies, please!!!

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