Jang Geun Suk, Yoon Ah, And Other Cast Members At “Love Rain” Press Conference (Update: Additional Photos)

Okay, I’m amending this post … apparently, these are photos from Love Rain‘s press conference held at Daegu Children’s Hall on December 13th. I think they also filmed a scene right afterwards??? Yeah, it bites not being able to understand Korean. I apologize for any misinformation … anyway, just check out the photos 😉





Source  |  The Star Chosun  |  TV Report  |  Newsen  |  FNNews  |  Star News 



  • wickedyeoja says:

    I’m excited for this drama, so dont disappoint me jebal….✬ڼ✬

  • tessieroo says:

    I’m actually really worried for this drama. I still can’t get over them casting Yoona as I don’t think she has ANY acting chops at all. Which worries me (for JGS) After the MSOAN disaster, I was looking forward to his next project being a solid one. *sigh* It’s not gonna happen with this female lead.
    This is just my opinion, so don’t hate? (LOL) Thanks for the pics! Wow, everyone always looks so ridiculous in 70’s clothing/hair!

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