Wednesday – Thursday Dramas: The First Week

There’s a battle going on with regard to the Wednesday – Thursday drama line-up. It’s just the starting month and I feel on a rush, thinking it’s really going to be a very busy year ahead. I remember back in 2010 that something like this happened. It was between Cinderella’s Sister, Personal Taste and Prosecutor Princess. Ratings showed how each fared but in the end, Prosecutor Princess was the clear winner, for me.

So what is going to happen this time around? All dramas are really interesting. For one, I’m not sure we’d be recapping though msclockwatcher will do Wild Romance. I will focus my energy with Dream High 2 once it airs. But who knows, when a drama really can speak to me asking for a recap, I’d take the plunge.

MOON THAT EMBRACES THE SUN (MTES) – It’e EPIC, gorgeous and I’m totally loving it. MTES successfully took my heart away.

I know that by this time, the adult version of the leads are not yet going to be shown in the near week. But I’m already invested. More than the story, I’m anxious about the love angle. My heart is already feeling torn and broken. How to choose between Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo?? That aside, I think I’m gonna see a story that will make me realize that “It’s not about winning the girl..” Well I hope it will.. kinda show me that. Just so I can feel better.

Initially, I’m not a fan of sageuk (historical) dramas. But the writer of Sungkyunkwan Scandal happened to be the same writer of this series! You know how much I loved SKKS. I just hope writer-nim will end MTES much better than SKKS. That said, this series is so beautiful to look at and as expected, the writing is poetic that just enthralls me! A historical set up really has the best back drop, the most colorful costumes and a very authentic feel to it. This series has that fantasy like vibe, and it feels very romantic. Just looking at how Prince Hwon met Yeon Woo the first time.. It’s a classic first meeting but it never gets old. I’m seeing the possibilities and I’m hoping for the best.

We are not yet seeing the main leads, but the child actors managed to anchor this with supreme acting and amazing chemistry. Just thinking of Il Woo romancing Yeon Woo few weeks from now.. *swoon* And Kim Soo Hyun, I feel in my heart he’d just be amazing.

The Joseon Era feels like the time of change and making a difference in a society that sets people in a designated pathway. Those who dared to step out of that carved path and made their own changed everything. We are enjoying that path they have created now, at most. I love when a series shows us that we can defy the norm and be a cause for change and make life better. I’m always drawn to this concept and MTES just let me see that. I know how much I will enjoy the love and romance here, but I love that there’s so much more to see, so much more to learn. I’m looking at this series with much anticipation, anxious to know where it will take me at the same time crossing my fingers it wouldn’t disappoint. I’m expecting it will deliver more than it possibly could.

It’s just the first week and even though I’ve only watched it RAW I’m happy to say that it broke the barrier that I have when it comes to sageuk dramas. This series wants me to just enjoy the ride, and I think I really will.

TAKE CARE OF US, CAPTAIN aka PLEASE CAPTAIN (PCAP) – the drama and its heart will make this really special, IMO.

I love the emotional beats of this series and good thing its balanced with the positive vibe. I’m not finding it too serious since the characters have grounds to feel the way they do. Ji Jin Hee is my Captain and forever will remain as one. I’ve first loved him in the series Jewel in the Palace. When it was shown in our country, he’s been known as “Kapitan” or Captain and its engraved in me eversince.

This is interesting since the production boasts of being first to present aviation in a Korean drama, with full gear and simulation to make it more believable and real. The overall ambiance is a stand out. More than that, the actors are doing a great job so far. I’m an avid fan of Ku Hye Sun and she’s showing the side of her acting that I love. I don’t really like when she’s playing cutesy or funny as much as I like her when she does emotional scenes. I’ve said it before, it’s where she shines best. So I love that PCAP is tapping this side of her more.

I know Hye Sun has been criticized because of her acting. It upsets me that some are superficial about it or worse when they expect more than what she’s already giving. Hye Sun is an actor of her own. She’s not one that’s trying to be the best out there but she’s someone trying to be the best of herself. Clearly she needs to be polished. So I’m praying that in this series, she’d be able to hone her skills more.

It’s a positive series and we’d be enriched for sure. Han Da Jin is a feisty woman living her life fighting, facing any trials that comes her way with a dash of dignity, sprinkle of sweetness and a cup of courageous heart.

WILD ROMANCE (WR) – hilarious.

I’m glad that I watched this last since I needed time to loosen up. MTES and PCAP are beautifully dramatic yet has a great balance of lightness while Wild Romance is a far cry from them. Well, this is my POV.

msclockwatcher already did a first impression. Most often than not, I agree with her and it is the same case as this. I was actually hoping clock will like WR so she’d have a fab first drama recap this year. Well, let me not lose hope just yet. I hope this drama will show some more flavor later on.

Lee Dong Wook is a revelation here. I never expected him to be this.. fun! His arrogance is quite appealing, actually.. though to a certain extent. I’m glad that Dong Wook has this side of him, I find it refreshing since he’s dashing in My Girl and so manly in Scent of a Woman. Now, he is just so carefree, a man-child at its finest. I know nothing much about the female lead. Honestly, while watching this I’m reminded of Protect the Boss. Both are fun to watch, but its not making me want to watch it or crave for it more. Maybe because the concept is nothing new. I really do hope that they spiced this series up a bit. It is just the first week after all.

Clearly we have the OTP hating each other now, but once Dong Wook’s heart be hit by the kdrama cupid, I think its going to be more interesting. Sooner, we’d find his bodyguard fall for him too. It’s going to be a drastic change, I think. The characters are presented like two opposing pole. I wonder how drama will make both ends meet.

I happened to watch ALL of these dramas RAW. I guess subbers are having a hard time joggling all of them. Depending on your taste, you may choose to enjoy one of it, atleast. For me, what matter most than how beautiful it looks on screen is the value of a drama. It’s a plus that we all have someone who can pull as into watching it, especially that these dramas have their own awesome hotties to boot. But if you are going to ask me, I recommend The Moon that Embraces the Sun. Blue of Electric Ground is so generous enough to translate the novel. So for those who are interested, just visit her site.

Like I said, 2012 is exciting because of the different genre we are going to get. I want to make this year better for Couch Kimchi so I do hope that we’d get to enjoy more dramas and ditch less.

See you around ♥


  • aileen says:

    I love the way you views and presented your comments. You are honest and your opinion regarding these 3 dramas are well balance. I don’t see any favoritism.

  • tessieroo says:

    I’m beyond help with my obsession for METS already. From the moment I watched the first episode.
    From loathing Empress Yoon (power hungry bi***! GO DIE!)
    to Kim Yoo Jung’s beauty (how is her skin that flawless)
    to hearing Yeo Jin Goo’s deep voice (when did THAT happen?) & laughing at his shifting eyes
    to Lee Min Ho’s adorable cheeky grin (love that his character is a stalker as a teen)
    to already hating the Bo Kyung character *shudders at the evil*
    to all those beautiful hanboks…
    Yep, I’m a goner. 🙂
    Thanks for any and all updates on this one!

    • couch kimchi says:

      METS? I think I’ll borrow that acronym. Thanks! It’s a pain to be writing the whole, lengthy title, and that sounds better than MTETS and/or TMTETS, which sound like diseases.

      You know, I still haven’t watched the drama. I skimmed through the 2nd episode, but I’ve only read the recaps. After watching Chunhyang, sageuks just haven’t been my cup, but thank goodness the narrative of this drama isn’t in pansori.

      I do think the child actors are giving the adult leads a challenge … In a way, they’re a tough act to follow.


    • leila8mae says:

      angie, don’t be discouraged! Sageuks aren’t my cup of tea too. But i’m feeling good watching this one, it isn’t hard to digest. go ahead and try it! I think you’ll love the visuals as well. It’s stunning! Like SKKS, this series just transports me to that era. I can’t wait for Epi 3!

      aileen welcome to CK and thank you 😀

      tessieroo I’m happy with the child actors too! The one playing Yeon Woo is lovely and adorable. I love that Prince Hwon fell for her not just because of her beauty but more because of her wit ♥ young love is sweet.

      • tessieroo says:

        You haven’t watched it yet? Put this on your “MUST SEE” list right now. (LOL at my attempt to be bossy) It’s not heavy on the politics, although the first episode got a little bit gruesome. EP 2 was wonderful. I too can’t wait for EP 3! (and more chapters of the book from Blue)
        leila – I would like to apologize for my rather harsh criticism of GHS. I didn’t realize you were a fan until I read the above reviews. *blush* I’m sorry if I went a little overboard in my bashing her. I was extremely frustrated with “The Musical” although I enjoyed parts of it. (and I still have the “I Sing You” from the OST as my ringtone *hee*)

        I’ve added “Wild Romance” to my list of things to watch, it was too funny. (plus it’s LEE DONG WOOK) 😉 Once again, I’ve blabbered on for too long.

        • leila8mae says:

          constructive criticism is always welcome but some anti-fans are really superficial. Someone had to speak up 😀 I always read your comments tessieroo and you weren’t bashing her in a bad light. So it’s ok.

  • sPark* says:

    I’m only watching MoonSun and Wild Romance, but am enjoying both a lot more than I expected.

    I wanted MoonSun to be worthwhile and good, and so far… it is! I tried very hard to keep my expectations low, but the first two epis have raised them. I love the child cast (from previous dramas as well) and cannot wait to see more of them. Then again, I usually end up either enjoying the child cast or not really being bothered by them. Unfortunately, I am already under second-lead syndrome as much as I adore Yeo Jin Goo’s Hwon. I also loved SKKS until the last couple episodes. I’m hoping MoonSun continues to be good until the end of its run. Kim Soo Hyun + Jung Il Woo <3 Please have plenty of bromance scenes (just like in SKKS)

    As for Wild Romance, I like it a whole lot more than I expected to. I was actually going to pass on this because of Lee Shi Young's hair, however, I like LSY and adore LDW enough to try it out. Enjoyed it immensely! I love how their hatred for one another is due to their baseball team loyalties. Plus, they're both kind of… rock heads (as in not so smart lol). I can forsee lots of dumb, but cute and funny moments happening between them. I'm hoping that MY falls for EJ first. He'll be so confused, in denial, and so in love (hopefully) heh My choice of fluff for now 😀

    I have passed on Take Care Captain due to Gu Hye Sun. I can honestly say I am not a fan of her acting style. I liked her in Pure 19 and Nonstop. However, ever since Boys Over Flowers, I find myself cringing or feeling very blegh when she's on the screen. I was okay with her for the first portion of BOF, but got increasingly wary of her as the series progressed. I don't mind the rest of the cast, but I'm not crazy about any of them in particular though Lee Chun Hee is adorable lol If the drama continues to be good, I will make an effort to try it out 🙂 I am always open to actors changing my opinion about them!

    Sorry for such a long comment….

  • Bhet says:

    I’m an Avid fun of goo hye sun.. love her on “TAKE CARE OF US, CAPTAIN” aka PLEASE CAPTAIN.. but i want to see her on a action drama like the “BLOOD” movie a vampire girl with blade or guns anything with action…. co’z she kinna acts like tomboyish and her expression when she’s mad is fit in a movie with more action and emotion and it’s better for her acting too since some people don’t like seeing her on tweetums and cutetums drama. just a suggestions…(^_-)… don’t bite me.:)

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