First Look At Kim Soo Hyun’s Cameo On “Dream High 2” (UPDATE)

Sam Dong’s back … just temporarily, and it’s safe to say him on that bus is intentional. Hmm, I wonder if this is a break-up bus scene (don’t hate me Hye Mi fans)? They look somber???

Catch Kim Soo Hyun‘s special appearance as top star Sam Dong on Dream High 2‘s premiere date, January 30th.

Update: SHOUT OUT TO ANI! Thanks, Ani, for clarifying things 🙂 So, the bus scene is a meta of sorts. It’s for a drama or a movie in which Sam Dong and Rian (Jiyeon) are starring. They are reenacting that famous moment in Dream High: Sam Dong’s farewell with Hye Mi, this time played by Rian. 



Source  |  Newsen



  • Melissa says:

    it better not be a breakup scene! He’s supposed to be with Hye Mi…making the long-distance relationship work! lol
    I hope he is just giving the girl some advice on how to be a kpop star

    • couch kimchi says:

      Heh, part of the Google Translate of the Newsen article says “breakup bus scene”. Everything else was garbled, that’s why I wonder if this is such a scene. I obviously can be wrong 😉


  • Ani says:

    I saw a preview of this scene, he’s filming a movie or drama with Ji Yeon playing the part of Hye Mi !
    They are reenacting their kiss in the last ep of the first season ^^
    But there is a quack with Ji Yeon xD and they have trouble filming the scene xD
    (I think it goes along with Jiyeon’s character description xD)


  • bluecosmos says:

    omoooo~ Soohyun super handsome as always. I can feel his Samdong aura just from the pictures, I wish I can see Samdong’s smile though

    And I won’t hate you unni! But … please please please please please drama, don’t let it be a break up scene between them. At least make it so that um… they’re teasing the relationship between the famous “K” and his lover, so they’re making a movie about it? Ah I don’t know~ hehehehe. My mind is coming up with every other possibility that is not Jiyeon and Soohyun being a couple :S…..

  • Ani says:

    I found the video ^^

    Here’s the scene of the bus :
    you can see the scene at 2:45
    Enjoy =)

  • tessieroo says:

    HAHAHA! He looks bored while filming the kiss scene! Reminds me of Park Min Young falling asleep while filming the kiss scene with Jang Woo here: (starts about 3 or 4 minutes in when she falls asleep)

    Course everyone is falling asleep. I wonder how boring those scenes actually are. *snicker*
    Thanks for the clip!

    • Ani says:

      I really think it’s part of the character xD not some NG scene, you know ?
      Sam Dong gets bored waiting for Jiyeon to play their scene ^^
      it’s like a drama in the drama, so funny xD

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