King 2 Hearts: Meeting of Ms North and Mr South

Lee Seung Gi is back with a new drama for 2012. It’s been a long time since My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (MGIAG)  so this one is surely a treat for me.

This drama is hilarious. I really had a great time watching it RAW and never did it waver when I finally watched it with subs. Lee Seung Gi is such a.. what’s the right term? Vainglorious? He’s played an arrogant-jerk in Shining Inheritance as a Chaebol. Then as an irresponsible, action-star-wannabe in MGIAG. Now, I feel like its a combination of all the characters he’s played and it fits him to a T. The teasers for this show kinda threw me off.. because I never thought of seeing Seung Gi to be so serious. I mean, military? Then again, drama surprised me since they didn’t really strip off Seung Gi of what I’ve known him to be and what I’ve grown to love about him.

That said, let’s dive in to the world of Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) who is currently just the brother to the King. I think his future is about to change, literally.

EPISODES 1 and 2:


The future King of  South Korea, Lee Jae Kang, wander around the Palace, frightened of the commotion that surrounds him. He was thinking that a war might just erupt at any given moment. However, he was just worrying for nothing. Instead of a war beginning, the news was better since the Berlin Wall has just fell. This means, no more division and yes to peace. Something the young King aspire to have in his own country.

At School, Jae Kang was seen being bullied by his classmates. He wasn’t fighting back knowing very well the consequence his position might entail. But then came Jae Ha, his little brother mightily saving his Hyung from being hurt further. Fighting ensues and it was a sweet brotherly scene knowing that the two would be protecting each other no matter the given circumstance. Jae Ha was defending his brother when a stabber came at his back side, piercing him with a pen. Good thing teachers finally came in to stop the fight.

Jae Ha was injured and his brother lovingly tend to treat his wounded arm. As they talk, the topic turned awry when Jae Ha threateningly told Jae Kang that if he gets into trouble and Jae Ha becomes King, his hyung will be dead meat. I suppose this two doesn’t want to be King. But there’s one person who surely wants to, the pen stabber! He gave me creeps when he wrote at the window and stared back at Jae Ha with evil eyes.

23 years later..

Jae Ha has finally finished his mandatory military service. What happened through those years growing up? He hasn’t change even one bit. On the other hand, Jae Kang is now the King with a project aiming to unify the North and South. A World Officer Championship will be held soon and he wants the two opposing pole to participate as one.

The King had a gathering to celebrate the World Officer Championship (WOC). Three soldiers from the North where chosen and one of them happens to be a woman. She is the North Korean General’s daughter that he’s very proud of. Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won) is the best soldier an army could ever have. She’s practically a battalion of her own. With her strength and skills, 100 men just can’t cut it. Okay, maybe that’s too much to say. Nonetheless, she’s a trained fighter and with outstanding skills to boot. Hang Ah isn’t an original member of the North Korean squad that was assigned to participate. Just that, one member got badly injured and she’s the next big thing. Besides, she won’t let her team be defeated. Moreover, the Commanding Officer promised a future husband once things are over. Hah, goodluck with that..

Young Bae and Kang Suk join Hang Ah’s group and they all arrived in Seoul. They had a courtesy call to the King and he warmly greeted them alongside the North Korean General. On the other hand, Jae Ha finally concludes his military duties and an officer gladly gave him an insignia as a symbol of gratitude for his Majesty’s hard work. Jae Ha gladly signed the certificates handed to him thinking its all over. To his surprise, his journey has just begun. Poor thing, 2 years with Military men just can’t seem to change this stubborn and obnoxious fellow.

It’s seems that the King is using his brother for his vision. And we can see that even this two brothers don’t align. They have different views with regards to unification and their role in today’s society. Both has their own weight on this matter. The King used his last straw to convince, say force, Jae Ha to join the WOC. If Jae Ha decides not to participate he’d be stripped off all his Royal benefits therefore being cast out of the Palace. Of course this leaves him no choice but to succumb to his brother’s will.

First day and Jae Ha met the Head Advisor’s son, Eun Shi Kyung. It turns out that Shi Kyung would be joining Prince Jae Ha in the same group. This two started out on a wrong foot. Jae Ha was prompting Shi Kyung to shoot him, making it appear as an accident so he would be sent home. But things didn’t turn out that way. Jae Ha thought Shi Kyung will really shoot him for good. His arrogance led him to shoot Shi Kyung and feared with the fact that the same gun could have shot him. He’s really angered by this.

Jae Ha was then led to his room. He was supposed to be in the same room with Kang Suk but Jae Ha was taken aback by him. Scaredy cat! Haha. He run off the hallway and immediately talked to the South Korean General asking for a switch in room. This of course led to the classic Korean roomies, boy and girl in one place.


But before the bonding, Jae Ha gets to see how Hang Ah isn’t just a typical woman. The atmosphere during their first lunch get together was tensed. Especially when Hang Ah lost her control sending Jae Ha wimping like a loser. Heh. I enjoyed the bathroom scene. Jae Ha badly needs to know where he stands. He truly thinks he’s high and mighty knowing well that he’s of Royal birth. He has privileges but I’m happy he’s never going to get royal treatment with Hang Ah around.

Let me spare myself with all the pen-stabber backstory. He’s totally creepy and a Psycho who just killed his own father to gain control of the M Society. He wants more than that of course. He’s aiming for the Royal family from the very start,  and I think he wants to rule over the entire Korea.

Anyway, let’s just talk about the roomies instead. They are far more interesting. Jae Ha and Hang Ah shares the same room now. Looking at things, Jae Ha is more of the girl here. Hang Ah noticed that he has more beauty products than hers. They aren’t going to be close and I love it this way for now! Jae Ha teasing Hang Ah seems to make him happy so their dynamics is fun to watch. I hate that I have a blind spot for Seung Gi.

The team had their very first meeting. While the discussion was on going, they were suddenly attacked by armed and masked men breaking the window and firing at them. Hang Ah was quick to react and even led the entire group. What was Jae Ha doing while the ruckus abounds? His very first instinct was to save himself and not care about other people. Shoot! He’s such a useless coward! Aigoo. Though it was fun to see him freak out when the Commanding Officer just woke up after. Everything was just a set up. It was part of the training everyone has to go through. Part of it was recalling the incident and learning from it. However our Prince does not want anything to do with it and just hands it all to them. What a jerk!

Everyone now moved to North Korea. The training is still on going but before things get serious, each member bonded in a bonfire enjoying the North Korean hospitality. Jae Ha wasn’t with them, he’s busy just looking from afar. And since he’s not content, he even called Shi Kyung just when everybody was enjoying his singing prowess. The best way to ruin the mood. Sometimes, it’s so easy hating him here. Everyone was pissed. So Hang Ah thought of a way to force Jae Ha into training. She set up a conversation for Jae Ha to hear. It’s about a planned assassination and Jae Ha is the target. LOL. He really fears for his dear life. In this effect, he easily gave in and trained with Hang Ah closely.

Later at night, Hang Ah got herself a date. She’d be meeting an old friend. At the train station, Hang Ah had a flashback where Ki Yoon gave her make-up and  happily recalls the moment. When she finally arrived at the meeting place, everyone started to sing as she came in. Ki Yoon knelt down suddenly asking to make their relationship official. As Hang Ah was about to accept the flowers, Ki Yoon quickly stood up. As it turns out, he was just practicing for the real proposal. WHAT THE!!! Hang Ah’s eyes started to tear up as things dawn at her and decided to immediately leave. Who can possibly stand that celebration??  Poor heart..


She went to the gym to vent. Jae Ha was there and saw a dejected Hang Ah. As she was running, she lost step and fell. Jae Ha noticed she was crying and easily asked who was the cause of it.  Like friends, they talked and Jae Ha gave her comforting words. Sweet. Funny how Hang Ah said she does not have high standards in men but started to rumble about her ideal mate. After hearing it all, Jae Ha then approached her closely, as if reaching out to her for real. He told her that guys are nuts since for him Hang Ah is a woman. Smooth dude. Jae Ha then started to touch her hand and looked at Hang Ah’s eyes deeply.. Is he about to kiss her? OMO! Then again, it wasn’t gonna end in that direction.

After Jae Ha took a shower, he told Hang Ah that he’d be willing to pat her back to help put her to sleep. He did just that. Aww. Sweetness!! After few minutes, Hang Ah closed her eyes to sleep. Jae Ha then tucked her hair behind her ear and held her hand again. He then leaned closely and kissed her neck.. OMO, is this for real now??? In an impulse Hang Ah shouted ” No!” and.. shoot, it was just a dream. Darn it.

The next day, Hang Ah asked Jae Ha if something happened the night before and Jae Ha asked if he did something. Haha. She quickly said no and left leaving Jae Ha with a smirk on his face. When Hang Ah met up her comrades, rumors was spreading that she joined WOC to find herself a husband. She immediately went back to her room and confronted Jae Ha if he was spreading rumors around. Jae Ha used this is to bait her!

Things got really serious when Jae Ha started mocking Hang Ah thinking of last nights event. That maybe she desired him and that she’s indeed in dire need of a man. Nappeun namja!! To make things worse, Jae Ha grabbed her hand and told her point blank that he doesn’t feeling a thing since he’s no woman to him. Bulls eye. Hang Ah’s tears just fell as words pierced her badly.


What a way to end the first week. Jae Ha is such a pain here. But it is in this moment that we see how there’s a huge room to fill for change.

Diving in this series, I thought that it will be serious and action packed with full military combat. I was a bit skeptical and hesitant. But for the love of Lee Seung Gi, I just brushed that off and proceeded anyway. I’m so glad I did. It isn’t as heavy after all. I enjoyed watching it and want more.

Seung Gi cracks me up. Even if he really doesn’t intend to at times. The teaser kept me wondering since I’ve read that this will have a touch of comedy and yet the teaser shown serious stuff. Seung Gi turned me off as Hwan in Shining Inheritance because he’s a natural jerk. But he can make me swoon big time when he’s sweet. Such is the case here. But as Lee Jae Ha, the character does not know camaraderie and forgiveness, he is someone who harbor grudges. He will make sure to give it back. Maybe that’s why the unification for him is not worth all the risk his brother is doing. Jae Ha said he’s not a comrade of the North. So how would he fall in love with a woman from that side? That really intrigues me.. more than the hoopla of Mr Pen Stabber.

The scene at the end is really way below Hang-ah’s belt. But that’s the real Jae Ha, somehow. I remember the scene where he deliberately pushed Shi Kyung’s chair for him to fall. And now, since from Episode 1 Hang Ah threatened our Prince, I think it was pay back time for him that’s why he was that cruel. Then again, nobody deserves that. Jae Ha is going to be a tough cookie to crumble.


I love Hang Ah, Ha Ji Won makes her sweet and vulnerable. She’s tough outside, but so feminine within. She’s your typical girl really. Just that men can find her intimidating or too strong to handle. *coughAlphaMalecough*. But she’s someone our Jae Ha needs.

I’m a week late but I’ve watched the Second week episode RAW already. I’m in this for a long haul since this series is shaping up nicely. I’m loving the heart show is giving me. And I just don’t mean the OTP. King 2 Hearts is making me crave for Wednesday and Thursday once again.

Until next time!!


  • Agnes says:

    You meant Ha Ji Won, right? But this drama is indeed funny and I agree about more of the OTP less of the crazy penstabber please!

  • tessieroo says:

    This one is my new obsession too right now. Wait until you see EP 4 – it’s the best. Perfect amount of comedy mixed with some really serious stuff. The chemistry between Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Ki is OFF THE CHARTS HOT. *hee* Looking forward to reading more of your recaps. I’m so happy more people are watching this one.

  • wanne says:

    Thanks for this recap!

    I’m really loving this show right now, so to be able to read more reviews, insights and opinions on this drama is a great pleasure!

    Looking forward to your 2nd week recap ^^

  • Meow says:

    Thanks for the recap ! Love this drama after watching episode 3 .

    Looking forward to your next recap .

  • sam says:

    seunggi is awesome in this one. Just like you, watching the first episodes made me think that his acting is the combination of BL and Gumiho characters. the goofy parts is a dialed down dae wong without the overly comic expressions and when he’s being an ass, as Hwan. But this has an overall different flavor and I’m loving it! Especially at episode 4 like a coming of age of sorts and he was just great in it. I would love to know your thoughts after watching 3 and 4. The subbed vids are already available.

  • wondergirl says:

    I must be in the minority. I thought the drama was boring. The villain too over the top, almost comical and the plot unrealistic. Yes, the South Koreans will openly welcome a North Korean agent as the queen of their country. Yeah right.

    Episode one was good, episode 2 was okay, after that it all fell apart.

    • mandy says:

      I have to agree with you here. I thought it started good then after that it just isn’t the same anymore. I love the casts but the storyline gotta go. It’s a bit boring now and really predictable. I wish the writer would of done it better. 🙁

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