One True Pair Favorites – What’s Your Type?

Bickering OTP vs Lovey-dovey OTP vs Hot for each other OTP.  I choose this for my next topic thanks to a suggestion from goodange and while watching King2Hearts EP 3 today. It turned out to be an intriguing idea that got my mind whirling. Seeing Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Ki trading barbs, wise-cracks and generally trying to get under each others skin made me stop and think: out of all the drama OTP’s I’ve seen, which type do I enjoy the most? Which are my favorites and why? What about you guys? Who are your favorite OTP? Which OTP makes you jealous? (of their fictional relationship not the actor/actress)  My mind wouldn’t stop so here I am. *hehehehe*

The OTP in Moon Embracing The Sun were lovely. Butterflies, love notes, lettuce plants…(wait, lettuce plants?) all very sweet. But it just wasn’t ME. I never at any point felt jealous of their relationship or wished for something similar in my own life. Prince Hwon had a playful, funny side to him but his Crown Princess never dished it back much. (she had a lot of opportunities but I guess women weren’t allowed to make smart-alecky remarks back then?) The dramas Love Rain and Shut Up: Flower Boy Band are also about first love. Passing lollipops in the hallway – super cute but that only works if you’re still in school. Maybe I’m too old for this “first love” type of OTP now? There are many dramas about first love but none of the OTP’s have stuck in my head.
Arrow OTP
What about the “I will DIE for you” type of OTP? The Princess in the Princess Man took an arrow in the back for her love. She also threatened to cut her own throat. She refused to marry someone else her parents had picked out for her. (in a day and age where women did NOT refuse things parents ordered) I cried my way through that whole drama and felt like a wet noodle by the end. What desperate, heart-wrenching love! (the heroine was amazing, she stood up for what she believed in the whole way through) I also loved that neither of them ever wavered in their feelings , not once. I did feel a tiny bit jealous of this OTP but when it gets too serious, I get uncomfortable. (or maybe it was Park Shi Hoo)  If he looked at me the way he looked at her, I’d take an arrow for him too.
In Wild Romance, the OTP bickered a lot but then she usually kicked his ass. Same for Secret Garden and Me Too, Flower. (or she whips a gun on him – LOL) I loved the back and forth bickering but at some point, it turned serious and wasn’t fun anymore. Or the guy turns into a pompous, arrogant jerk with his sarcasm turning nasty while the girl cries all the time. To me, this happens because there is a massive power struggle going on to see who is actually in charge. Does she give in to him? Or does he give in to her? Who wears the pants? The KING of the power struggle was “Full House”. That OTP switched up who was in charge on an almost daily basis. Their fights were epic and never fail to make me laugh. But the fights were somewhat childish & didn’t seem like flirting to me. They genuinely didn’t seem to like each other at all, until much later. Then the cute fighting stopped.
Then there is the Mommy/Daddy type of OTP which drives me bonkers. In Operation Proposal, the female is leading the male around by his nose. Telling him what to do, when to do it and how. That also happened to an extent in “Mary Stayed Out All Night” and “In Time With You” Ya know, those dramas where the male stammers/stutters while the female gives him hell? OR the male tells the female what to do and she meekly says “okay”. Like she doesn’t have a brain in her head or any thoughts of her own. The Musical also turned out this way although the female started off very strong and opinionated. But then for some reason she turned into airless cotton-candy. MEH.
What about when a OTP are together and you have no idea why? (Ahahaha!) I still can’t figure out why the couple in “A Thousand Days Promise” were together beyond a strong physical attraction that kept them busy ripping each others clothes off. Or why the OTP in “Scent of a Woman” found each other irresistible beyond being able to perform a hot tango together? Their conversations left me confused. Was it one of those opposites attract things? He’s boring, cold & lifeless – she’s perky, spunky and full of gumption? I dunno, I couldn’t figure them out for the life of me. What did they talk about? Did they talk?
Scent OTP
For me, sarcasm is number one. And a sense of humor. Not only about the world but about one’s self. If you can make fun of the world and laugh at yourself, you’ve grabbed my full attention. Being able to trade snarky remarks or a quick witty back/forth with someone curls my toes and makes my hair stand up on end. (Oh, that sounded much more sexual than I meant it, I hope everyone gets what I’m saying) *blush* Get your minds out of the gutter and FOCUS. *hee*

While I enjoy the tension brought about by long, meaningful glances as much as the next person, I prefer humorous banter and playful arguing. No, I don’t mean “aegyo” or acting cutesy either. In fact, I hate baby-talk and I’m the least “aegyo-ee” type of person in the world. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean I’m the super strong, muscular I-don’t-need-your-help-thank-you-very-much type either.

Instead I find myself testing guys to see who most quickly & easily responds to my smart aleck remarks. Who hits back calmly with the right amount of sarcasm that isn’t hurtful but funny. (and flirty) And who is able to keep up with me (or PASS me) with intellectually stimulating, snide remarks. (okay, that sounds snobby but that’s not how I mean it) I mean someone who keeps you on your toes conversation wise. This is exactly the type of OTP I love to watch and cheer on.
Right now I’m cheering on the OTP in King2Hearts because they most resemble what I love in OTP’s.  I want a couple who can do what I call “flirt-fighting”. With witty smack-downs and quick sarcasm. I want them to get right in each others face! (and secretly leave the other hot & bothered for days afterwards with a simple brushing of the fingers) Don’t misunderstand – I DON’T want anyone to end up with hurt feelings or for anyone to say anything nasty (like Jae-ha did to Hang-ah by telling her he doesn’t see her as a woman) I’m talking about the rapid-fire responses flying back & forth between two people who are very obviously flirting and enjoying it.


I want this. I want to stick my tongue out at someone and have them chase me around the room. I want to shoot him with a paint-ball gun and put him in a body bag. (all while he’s yelling smart ass remarks at me) I secretly love witty, smart asses. *snicker* Maybe because I can be one myself sometimes? So which is your favorite OTP? Which drama couples relationship do you most envy? I’m curious so if you don’t mind sharing: Speak your mind!


  • soo bin says:

    i should be transported back in time.sometime in the Joseon dynasty when i could be a witness to the”love defies all” kind of love of my lovely couple seung yu and seryong.but of course,they should be impersonated by park si hoo and moon chae other actor/actress can do justice to the roles of the one else could!

    • tessieroo says:

      Agree! So you like the “I will die for you” type of relationship for your OTP? (I kinda do too, I love that they never wavered) How amazing to have someone love you SO much, that no one and nothing could keep him or her from pursuing you to the ends of the earth. *sigh* So romantic!

  • dcdramafan says:

    The Smile, You couple was the first one that I came across and really liked their cute and comical bantering. It was a pleasure watching the guy’s feelings developed from this-person-is-making-my-life-difficult to protective-caring-friend-family to could-there-really-be-something-there because the emotions were realistic enough and honest, thanks to the writer. The girl was steady and strong in her conviction, and their chemistry and comical timing together was perfect pitched. Story went a bit too long for me to finish but the writer and cast solidly held it together.

    • tessieroo says:

      So was it the “flirty – fighting” type? That’s my absolute favorite type! (LOL) I’ll have to check out Smile, You! (thanks for the tip)

    • caffeinate_me says:

      I have swooned at so many OTPs before but I have never been jealous of one. That is, until Hyun Soo and Jung In of Smile, You came along. It’s easy to separate drama from reality, because while the douchey chaebol with a secret sensitive side might be the perfect male lead of a bickering courtship in a trendy romcom, seriously though, I don’t think you’d want to date one in real life. But good lord, Hyun Soo and Jung In, I swear I have never watched a couple like them before because while I couldn’t care less about the rest of the drama (the family shenanigans went kinda draggy), I tuned in for all 45 episodes just to see them fall in love and maintain a relationship. All I could utter after watching them was: I want what they have. All of that. I want that.

      I think Thundie said it best when this couple won the Best Couple Award for Dramabean’s 2009 Editor’s Picks:
      “Both have been newly disappointed in love, but you can’t tell unless you watched this from the start. Seeing them now, it’s as if they have always been together. The way she gazes at him, you have no doubt she loves him completely. As for him, he has unfinished business that he must tend to, but from now on she will always come first. Theirs is the sweet flush of first love, looking and smiling shyly at each other as they walk hand-in-hand. Yet it also feels like an old couple’s relationship, where trust is unwavering, and where there’s comfort in just being under the same roof without having to talk or do the same things. When you see Jung Kyung-ho and Lee Min-jung together, you feel an unmistakable sense of joy and hopefulness. “

      • mirai says:

        I really like your comment. Smile you couple is my favourite couple also. I feel like reality of love. BEST COUPLES EVER !

      • tessieroo says:

        Okay, that’s quite a few of you that have mentioned “Smile, You”. I am definitely going to make the time to marathon that one. I feel like I’ve missed out on something really big! 🙂

  • areliz7 says:

    The type of OTP I enjoy the most is the one that helps and changes each other, for the better… Is this couple that influences, makes you different and gets out the best in you: for example, In my My name is Kim Sam Soon, Sam Soon teaches Jin Heon about true love, give everything, forget the past and open up. In BOF, Goo Yoon Pyo learned through Jan Di to appreciate the simple things in life and that you CANT buy everything (people, love, friends).

    The OTP that I totally envy is the Heastrings couple: Lee Shin and Lee Kyu Won, because they are so open with their relationship, comunicate really well and say the truth… no noble idiocy.. (except the silly ending).

    I prefer bickering OTP all the way! Right now my favorite OTP is the one in Rooftop Prince, Lee Gak and Park Ha… they’re hilarious. and again, they learn things from each other: Lee Gak to be humble and hardworking and she learns that its ok to behelped once in a while.

    • tessieroo says:

      The bickering couples are my favs – as I said, if things get too serious for some reason I get uncomfortable. (embarrassed? I dunno) Thanks for pointing out the learning-from-each-other type! That never even crossed my mind! (I’m a Heartie too, loved that drama) 🙂 Most drama couples don’t communicate and it drives me insane.

  • princesagr says:

    Well, what I want is an OTP does the ”click” for me, ! Sure, I loved the chemistry in many (Secret Garden f.e.) but I m not ”feeling” with them.
    ( I -also- disagree with you about the ”Scent of a Woman” otp, but neither that would get my vote as well.)
    I prefer the OTP that will make me want to feel what they feel. From pain, to joy, to love.
    (And yes, the bickering couples are always more charming ♥ )
    I looooooved the secondary couple at Capital Scandal. This is my absolute favorite drama couple EVER. I also loved Coffee Prince and Que Sera Sera couple.

    • tessieroo says:

      Secondary couple…wasn’t that Ryu Jin and someone? (can’t remember that actress’s name) YES! They were a lot of fun too! I just couldn’t pull my eyes from Kang Ji Hwan. (Han Ji Min was funny too) You guys are bringing up some great ones! That one is a tiny case of distraction for me, the lead actor actually DISTRACTED me from his character and the story. (LOL) Yea, I’m kinda pathetic.

      • princesagr says:

        Yes, it was Ryu Jin and Han Go Eun (my absolutely fave character in a drama EVER!).
        Kang Ji Hwan is such an eye-candy, but the pair was not as lovable as the secondary!
        This is not pathetic, this is the purpose of the leading actor. To attract the attention ♥

  • wanne says:

    I like a lot of OTP in the dramas I watched and they’re kind of different types. Actually, writing, acting and chemistry play a big role for me to be attracted to the OTP. For example, I dont think I favor 1st love-from-childhood that much. I prefer Wonbin with Song Hye Gyo in Autumn In My heart. But I do love young Hwon and Yeon Woo in Moonsun. Hmm, i guess I can say I prefer the witty bickering flirty type. Even in real life also, my type of relationship is like that ^^ and yeah, I’m obsessed with King 2Hearts couple right now!

  • I love bickering, snarky couples. My favorite!

  • Amanda says:

    Weirdly, I feel like a lot of dramas forget to show us that their lead couples actually like each other; the scripts get so wrapped up in keeping the couple apart that they don’t build a convincing case for why they should be together. My OTPs are always good buddies in addition to being romantic partners—the ultimate, supreme, I-can’t-believe-how-much-I-love-them pairing being Choi Han Gyul and Go Eun Chan from Coffee Prince.

    • tessieroo says:

      I know what you mean, I get frustrated once the writers pull fabricated scenarios to keep the main OTP apart before we’ve had time to enjoy their relationship. (I especially hate the “self-sacrifice” mode) Being good buddies is a must (I think) for any romantic relationship so I agree with you there. I didn’t like that Eun Chan had to dress up as a boy in order to build that friendship/relationship with Han Gyul (implying that girls shouldn’t or wouldn’t act the way she did) but I also agree their relationship was charming! 🙂 Another one of my fav drama OTP’s!

  • Hahanzyy says:

    I like Kim yoon shik & lee soon jun in SKKS, bcoz I think they help each other to become better and better in all areas…
    Love Love Love K2H couple ….
    Love Sassy Girl ChunHyang coupling too, their bickering, their love that develops over the years, which also brings out the best in each other, etc

  • ekap says:

    Oh my,it’s rather difficult to remember and to choose my unforgetable OTP. Actually i love all of them…and i love my OTP in GOONG and Pasta (sorry i’m totally forgot their names).
    And i dont know why i love them….
    For all of OTP i’ve ever seen i really appreciate their hardwork to make us…their fans smiling and crying in this place called dramaland.

  • formerquébecoise says:

    the greatest love, (kim bum and kim so eun couple) boys over flowers, all about my romance, gentleman’s dignity (every pairing was good but i loved yoon and maeri the best), the king 2 hearts (i preferred lee yoon ji and jo jung suk, due to their amazing acting in almost everything i have seen them in, they are my favourite korean actors), you’re beautiful (especially jang geun suk – for some reason he really shone in that role), flower boy ramen shop (i still hear the broccoli tune in my sleep), oh! my lady (never was a big siwon fan until that gem smacked me upside the head; was always a chae rim fan – her quirkiness is awesome), answer me 1997 (superb all around), i do, i do (i love lee jang woo’s smile, wow; hits me like lee seung gi’s smile), dream high (like bof, i preferred the wooyoung and iu pairing more than the lead triangle), omg omg omg love LOVE i hear your voice coupling (older woman and younger man is just sooooo awesome to me and lee jong suk totally does it for me) and i could go on forever. i kove kdramas and cdramas, twdramas, jdoramas, etc. way better than the slut and cuss fest on american style tv.

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