King 2 Hearts: Four in One

I’m so behind BUT the recent episodes really gave me a boost to summarize this series.

After watching two of Lee Seung Gi’s drama, I’m always taken when he cries because I cry with him, every.single.time. Even his photo, speaks to me. What more now that as Lee Jae Ha, he experienced a loss so great that I can’t help but feel his pain. He has taken a tough ordeal, he’s currently the King. It breaks his heart that he is, moreso because he lost a brother that for him can’t be replaced.

Episodes 5 to 8:

It’s a brave move that Lee Jae Ha confessed his love for Hang Ah publicly. I honestly love that scene because it’s really when Jae Ha is serious that his heart truly beats. It seems to him that what he did was for the better, he told the truth. Because King Jae Kang’s speech is a cover up for politics sake as well as for the Royal family. However Jae Ha espressed what his heart wants, and it surely resonated sprinkled with humility. For someone like him, it’s surely is a feat. He wants Hang Ah, badly.. his words betray him since his actions, his eyes shouts love.

That said, we are well aware how tricky, and how mischievous Jae Ha is. He’s never gonna let anyone have the upper hand, especially Hang Ah. She’s tough but has a heart of a feminine, very very soft.. At 30, she’s acting like being in like for the first time. Well, technically it’s her first anyway, so I’ll spare her cuteness. On the downside, Hang Ah knows Jae Ha, well enough to decipher his agenda. She’s not dumb and ordinary as Jae Ha would sometime think of her as.. so our Prince really had a hard time securing Hang Ah’s heart. Serves him right since even he’s the Prince, he isn’t to be spared of the harsh reality love gives.

First: The Rejection.


Jae Ha is so cheesy! I never expected that a dinner date will be like that.. doughnuts everywhere. Okay let me get this straight. There’s nothing wrong with doughnuts, but for a dinner date?? There were too many servants as well, where’s the privacy? Sadly, it was all for show. Our Prince is still dimwitted. I’m happy Hang Ah wasn’t there to see all that! Yes, plus the kneeling.. No wonder it’s a fail.

Just a break. Shi Kyung is turning out to be a good, loyal man. On top of that, he’d fall for the Princess?? Who is a rocker in disguise! Haha. This is quite a ride for the Royal family. So Jae Ha is not only the thorn.. Jae Shin is free-spirited, living a life outside the palace. She’s not swarmed with escorts and can go anywhere. It is when she was in Seoul that she’s back being Royalty with all the inclusions.


Now let’s go back to the OTP. Since the failed dinner date, Jae Ha decided not to meet Hang Ah for the rest of her stay. We are in for a miss-me mode tactic this time. Or the I’m-hurting-so tactic to gain her sympathy..Ahhh. So this is his way of winning a woman’s heart?? Jae Ha, is such a tease! The piano scene  was next and that’s exactly what I expected of him.. simple yet very enticing. Okay, you had me there!! (Or should I say, Seung Gi took me away..)

Here’s the real catch though, Jae Ha was simply baiting Hang Ah! He planned this to lure her into wanting more of him. Not bad. Since it made Hang Ah think more of him.. it is when they are apart that Hang Ah becomes mindful of Jae Ha and try to see him differently. In fairness, Jae Ha is actually putting much effort! But I think it will be him that’s going to be trapped in his own bait of making a woman fall for him deeply.

Second Harsh love realities: The Heartbreak.


Jae Ha has conscience. Beneath that troublesome, brat exterior is a man with heart. His plan was moving accordingly but like what I’ve guessed, he’s fallen for her too. This means, he can’t hurt her as planned. He preempts the damage by confessing to Hang Ah that everything that happened was an act. Just when Hang Ah was willing to marry him with pure intentions, he broke off the engagement. It’s heartwrenching for Hang Ah. She was ready to step in, defying her Father and yet she only got her heart broken.

Both flew back to the the Palace for the press conference and was seen not sitting in the plane together. Before they were led to the room, Jae Ha briefly told Hang Ah that she need not say anything, the MC will announce everything. She just needs to smile. Jae Ha was really sad seeing Hang Ah hating him. The press conference basically was a turning point since Jae Ha’s plans backfired. How? Hang Ah announced that she is in love with the South Korean Prince and that she’d marry him. Say WHAT!! Haha. Cool, she has the upper hand now.


This two is driving me into nuts!! Each fight to have the upper hand, in the end Hang Ah will succeed. With the help of Princess Jae Shin, Hang Ah found out the truth. That the Prince is really into her afterall. Check Mate.

The King is the sweetest brother one can have. He’s genuine and his earnestness is really admirable and truly warms my heart. The talk between Hang Ah and King Jae Kang touched me but not more than when Hang Ah’s father humbly bowed down to Jae Ha and entrust his daughter to him. This scenario from a loving father never gets old. It’s the perfect sample of surrender and trust. This marks a significant turn as Hang Ah becomes a South Korean and moves to the Royal household.

Danger is brewing around the midst. Bong Ju planned for the assassination of the King. It irks me that Shi Kyung’s father has something to do with it. With minions in tow, everything was set up. Unfortunately, Jae Shin was at the Royal rest house and she was caught too. Talk about shooting two birds with one stone. While that is happening, Jae Ha and Hang Ah had a lovers quarrel. I love that Jae Ha knows how to adjust to her now, even apologizing when he has done wrong. It’s kinda sweet of him, really. Especially now that he’s learning to recognize his mistake, is really a big leap of attitude from him.

The King is having a great time with his wife. He has time to spare so he called Hang Ah to check on her. She was being polite and assured the King that Jae Ha has been treating her well, even if they had just fought awhile back. Jae Ha was pissed and brushed aside his brother’s drunken state of sweetness. Heh. He even deleted a message from him while Jae Kang waits for his reply. Shoot. And this was the last thing the King did with Jae Ha. To add cherry on that, Jae Shin let herself fell off the cliff, rather than let the chocolate lady take her life. That was such a brave move. Good thing, Shi Kyung was first to the site where she fell. He was on his way to the rest house and found Jae Shin lying on the ground, unconscious..

The tension is up now.. The Royal Security went to the King to report about Jae Shin’s incident. But they are in for a surprise too, the King was seen with his wife lifeless. Oh my.. just like that.. Jae Kang is gone.

Jae Ha was out for an event, while addressing everyone with his speech, Secretary Eun came barging in announcing in public that the King is dead. With Royal guards behind, they bowed down and everyone follow suit. In a split second, Jae Ha is now the King. With tears forming in his eyes, he was then called His Majesty.

Secretary Eun reports to Jae Ha the cause of death of the King and the current state of Jae Shin. It was too much to hear and bear.. Jae Ha was still in shock knowing he just lost his brother. It’s way too much so he yelled his command to stop the car. Outside, he was trembling and we can see how afraid he is since he’s going to take in all the responsibility now.. with tears for his brother, determination kicked in and we suddenly see him stepping up to his plate. He told Secretary Eun his plans, prioritizing what is needed the most. Shocks, our Prince has now become the King.


Jae Ha arrived at the hospital. Before he finally gets in the room, he took some air of courage and faced his mother. Honestly, this is heart shattering.. the Queen mother and her Son.. trying to be each other’s strength.. *tears* This scene needs no translation nor subtitle.. simply looking at them, you can just feel what they are feeling.. it resonates on screen and one can’t help but be drift away with their emotions.

Rituals where being performed in honor of the King. Jae Ha went home to change.. and this scene just.. tears, why keep on flowing? *sobs* While changing, Jae Kang’s last words to him was being narrated and a montage of a happy King was being shown. Jae Ha was crying his heart out.. *my Seung Gi tears just flows abundantly now*

Hang Ah met Jae Ha at the hallway. She saw how red his eyes were and became more concerned. To show proper courtesy, she addressed Jae Ha as His Majesty. He then stopped infront of her to tell that he doesn’t want to hear her call him that. Well, since he was young, being King was something he really doesn’t want.. he fears even the mention of it. Hang Ah can see that.

We know this was coming, that eventually Jae Ha will be King. But to have this sequence of events to go with it is really heart stopping and heart wrenching knowing who we lost. It was an emotional ride and seeing how Jae Ha tries so hard to face this burden is even more gripping. As the new King, he has to take in a lot of responsibility. His day became even longer. He pulled out an all nighter just so he can cope with everything he has missed, studying everything he had to. I really love his will power. This is admirable about Jae Ha, when he wants something, he really gives in full. Not to say that he loves being the new King now. I don’t think that’s the case. Just that, he’s now proving himself worthy of his position.


After the crying, all I want to see next is Jae Ha’s smile. When he finally did, after seeing Hang Ah in the garden, the episode finally took a breather. Jae Ha was so busy to the nth power. He finally felt relieved just basking in the sight of Hang Ah. Awww. He even asked for her help to take care of Queen Mother and Jae Shin. Coming from him made it more significant, Hang Ah felt happy to oblige since she really wants to lend a hand.


The only thing that can break the Royal family stubborn ways is Hang Ah. When Jae Shin experienced being helpless & felt embarrassed, she threw tantrums. Good thing Hang Ah came. She’s tough and can’t be stopped. The poop scene turned from an embarrassing moment to a happy sister bonding. The Queen Mother arrived moments later and saw Hang Ah taking care of Jae Shin. She was really touched that she’s willing to help and be there for them. This lead Mother to teach Hang Ah the Royal’s favorite dish in secret. Teaching her to cook is like passing on an heirloom, since its a dish that has been taught to the Queen Mother as well. She’s now officially a family. Sweet. They even ate together in the hospital.

Jae Ha’s tears is incomparable when the Queen Mother finally had her moment of release. That scene in the car when she was on her way home is really.. a mother’s touch of love. I’ve already cried buckets.

During the memorial service, the Queen Mother and everyone cried except Jae Ha. Not even showing any sign of vulnerability. It’s tough to be brave. But after this, when he was left alone, again we see his pain and love for his brother. I’m glad Hang Ah was there to remind him how important it is to take care of himself and to just let out what he feels, to not try and cave it all in. These are the kind of words that needed to be heard from someone who cares. It’s a reminder and Jae Ha needs it. We can’t see clearly when are are experiencing problems. It’s a blessing to have people like Hang Ah in one’s life.


To make things lighter and brighter for our dearest King, Hang Ah asked permission to have some time out. So she prepared food and drinks plus an intermission number. Jae Ha was holding his laughter in while Hang ah performs a song and dance. Cute. She even called him “Oppa”, to lift his spirits. Just when we are having fun with this Kpop moment, the mention of Jae Kang burst the bubble and we are in for another round of tears.

Good thing Hang Ah was there to comfort him. Her presence means a lot to Jae Ha since he’s so tired and hadn’t have enough rest. He dived in, head on in this ordeal because he had to. It’s nice to see him breathe with Hang Ah and let loose because his world just collapsed. Having Hang Ah around to lift him up and help in this dire times means a lot to him. I love that this pivotal event brought them closer. It will be significant in the coming episode since they have to have this solid foundation for them not to be destroyed easily.

We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg since Bong Gu has something more up his sleeve.


In my mind, it seems that when I think of Lee Sung Min I’ll remember the funny President of La Sfera (Pasta). He didn’t resonate to me as much as he did here, as King Jae Kang. I felt the loss, like I’m part of their family. He’s such a perfect Hyung to Jae Ha and Jae Shin. Moreover, he’s the armor of Hang Ah. With him gone, what now? His character is very pure and earnest. He just wants the North and South to attain peace. While achieving that, it caused his life to be taken away from him. What’s really heartbreaking is that his loss bares weight to everyone he left. His memories alone will pierce deeply.

That aside, we now have Jae Ha as King. Like I’ve said we expect this to happen. But I was still taken by the transition. I fear of Jae Kang dying since his character has been presented so well. Then again, he has been grooming Jae Ha to be prepared, unbeknownst to him. During these episodes, we have seen that the brothers have differences. Both have their own advantage and disadvantage. I would like to emphasize Jae Ha’s persona that I think is better fit to be King.

Jae Kang is really pliable, in a way. Just looking how he responded with the news regarding Jae Ha’s arranged marriage. His advisers can easily influence him and he’d be thinking more of the overall impact, benefiting everyone involved. Jae Ha on the other hand has a mind of his own and he’s brave enough to follow it. Sometimes I question his decision but it is his firmness and his agility that will bring better decision making for the whole as well. I love his heart, he always speaks from it even if it can hurt someone. He has no breaks BUT when I see him with Hang Ah, this guy is learning.

Jae Ha can take good care of Bong Gu better. You see, Jae Ha is quirky and mischievous so he can get by with Bong Ju’s swings. He has tricks of his own. He’s the perfect trouble maker anyway so he’d be able to execute his plans well, even better this time. As long as Hang Ah is on his side, I think he’d weather the storm. I personally don’t think that he’d think of Hang Ah as an enemy long enough before he figures that she’s all he needs.

Until next marathon!!


  • tessieroo says:

    I really miss King Jae Kang! The poop and bathtub scene with HA and JS was such a strong scene too. Ah! So many moments are strong scenes! I could watch these 2 try to get the upper hand against each other for hours and hours. Definitely my favorite couple ever.

  • Guam200 says:

    What happen to the rest of the recap. This is the best K-drama I have ever watched and I think it deserves some credit.

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