“I Do, I Do” Hilarious Poster Shoot: The Shoes Make The Man

One of the cutest photo shoots evah!

I Do, I Do‘s male leads Lee Jang Woo and Park Gun Hyung literally walk in “her” shoes for their poster shoot with Kim Sun Ah and Im Soo Hyang.

Bwehe. How funny is it that the guys can barely keep their shoes on? Lee Jang Woo’s toe cleavage is plain unsexy, and why is Gun Hyung the only one in pink pumps? They do go with his baby pink trousers 😉




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  • Aisu says:

    All of them definitely hilarious, the guys, the shoes size couldn’t fit with their foot size
    buwahahaha. Someone said KSA and LJW looks alike, yes I think so, just look at their laughter…you won’t deny it :)…many times saw the picture I still laugh XD. This drama surely Daebak!! does the shoes shape grouping their age??

    • jann says:

      Ahhh….she’s so cool and sexy…and LJW matches her flirty side really well…i love them already…

  • mizweng says:

    am so excited!!! I love the cast!!! I hope the story is very well written…

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