I Need Romance 2012 – Quick Recap: Episodes 3 & 4

INR2 catch
EP 3 begins with our couple playing catch while our leading lady comments in voice-over that there are no winners or losers in the game of catch. She compares it to sex. (LOL) Catch is simple and everyone forgets it after playing. Sex is messy afterwards. She wakes up after a night of romping around in bed with Suk Hyun and finds herself alone. Did he get up yet, is he in the shower… Yeol Mae doesn’t seem able to handle casual sex. She freaks out that he’s not in the house and calls him. She freaks out even more to find out he’s getting ready to watch a movie alone. He tells her he has a lot to do so she should do her own thing too. Youl Mae complains to her gal pals that she likes waking up holding each other, how should she take this new arrangement?
INR2 1ntstnd
She reminisces how things were in the past – they woke up holding each other while she mewed like a cat. (Why is that so cute?) Jae Kyung tells her it’s different because they’re not officially dating right now, they’re having casual sex. Yeol Mae thinks back on their night together and she’s convinced that he fell in love with her all over again. They discuss the way Suk Hyun gazes at women while Yeol Mae insists he looks at HER differently. (yea, keep telling yourself that) Jae Kyung tells her the answer lies in him leaving her in bed alone after the first time they had sex in 3 years and didn’t she just want sex anyway? Why is she trying to make it more than it was?
INR2 grltalk
Yeol Mae finally admits she didn’t just want sex, she wanted to start over with Suk Hyun. Ji Hee tells them the doctor she’s dating suddenly brought home a mirror and hung it above their bed. (Ewww) He then forced her to look at the mirror while they were making out. (Double Ewww) This poor girl is in over her head, she needs to tell him how uncomfortable she is! But it appears (to me) she’s playing games with this guy in order to get married? Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t understand why she’s even seeing him. Anyhoo, her friends ask why she put up with it and she tells them because he’s the person she likes. *sigh*
INR2 mirroreww
Yeol Mae questions herself about what she wants.  Suk Hyun made it clear to her 3 years before that he hadn’t thought of marriage even once. (so she needs to be hit over the head with a hammer?) You can’t get any clearer than that! Suk Hyun comes back with the sushi she loves, he even got up right after the ending credits to rush out and buy it for her. Has he changed his mind or is he purposely trying to confuse her? ARRRGGGG, I hate these games people play! Yeol Mae asks the dreaded “what type of relationship are we in?” to which Suk Hyun replies “do we need to define it?”. Yeol Mae quickly says she wants something uncomplicated and simple – just sex partners. (LIAR) Suk Hyun says that’s fine with him.
INR2 define
Yeol Mae gets defensive, why is he acting like she’s the only one who wants that? Suk Hyun says it’s also what he wants. Yeon Mae then wants to add rules – Suk Hyun says that won’t work, they can’t schedule sex. (LOL) So they decide on a “code” for when they want it. She can leave out those killer high-heels when she wants it, he can move the cat figurines closer together when he wants it. They spend some time discussing what signals to use when they don’t want it. Yeol Mae says holding hands, touching her shoulder or other places outside of the bedroom are not allowed. She also says nagging is banned, no butting into her life. Suk Hyun agrees. And I’m laughing because we all know this will never work when feelings are involved.
INR2 signals
Yeol Mae mourns her lost innocence with her gal pals, thinking back on her first time with Suk Hyun. Jae Kyung says it’s more embarrassing to act innocent now that they’re older and Ji Hee admits she’s never felt aroused before. Jae Kyung tells them to stop romaticizing their first time – do they remember the first time they had a coke? No, so what’s the big deal? (LOL – WUT again?) Ji Hee tells them she tried to tell her doctor-boyfriend that she wasn’t satisfied during sex with him but a strange man was sitting too close during the conversation. It’s Heo Tae Hee from the first I Need Romance in a cameo, he played Hyung Joo’s fiancée (the one who didn’t show up for their wedding)
INR2 jogger
Ji Hee’s doctor-boyfriend begins to belittle her while talking about what a great catch he is. (this guy is a total ass) The jogger on the bench pretends he’s listening to music but he’s hearing every word. When Ji Hee has finally had enough, she grabs the joggers Coke and throws it at doctor-boyfriend. She gets on a bus clearly hurt and jogger man chases the bus down. He tells her she’s cute & sexy and not to shed any tears over comments from a jerk like that.  (Sweet) Yeol Mae is at work when she gets a phone call that an album she’s been waiting for just arrived at the record shop. She runs out to buy it but Shin Ji Hoon gets to it first. (second meeting with second lead – why is he so hot?) She wants the album, he won’t give it to her.
INR2 album
She chases him down the street finally inviting him to eat with her. He orders the most expensive thing on the menu but says he’ll pay. They talk about the album, he invites her to his place to listen to an album. He tells her she can come and listen to music anytime she wants. Back home she tells Suk Hyun about it and compares the two men. One shares his feelings and the other has a stone heart. Writer Kang Na Hyun (Kim Ye-Won, Operation Proposal) shows up to give Suk Hyun a piece of her mind, he apparently re-wrote something of hers. Suk Hyun is rude and condescending to her about the writing business, he’s been doing it for 10 years. She tells him he ruined her story and made it trash. He insults her further – is she naive or just stupid? He only did what the studio wanted and made it more commercial.
INR2 comp
She leaves crying and Yeol Mae tells Suk Hyun he was mean to that young girl. He yells at her to stop taking sides and storms into his room, slamming his door. Yeol Mae says in voice-over that he’s done this before, gone into his dark hole alone and stayed there for days. The first time it happened they broke up because she was too young & immature to understand him. Now she just leaves him alone because she knows he’ll eventually emerge from that dark hole. Once he does, they share some cute moments together at a greenhouse with him trying to hold her hand. She reminds him those things aren’t allowed but he does it anyway. (and you can tell she doesn’t mind) On the way home, they pass a themed hotel they stayed at in the past and sneak in since no one is around. (it appears abandoned to me) After having sex in one of the rooms, on the way out they run into Jae Kyung with Jeong Min. (NOT her husband)
INR2 school
EP 4 begins with a photo shoot of our 3 leading ladies. The report asks how long they’ve been friends and we find out when it all started. A flasher had shown up to terrorize Yeol Mae and Ji Hee in High School but Jae Kyung saved them by chasing the guy down and beating the crap outta him. So they became friends because of a man. (LOL) It turns out the man Yeol Mae and Suk Hyun saw Jae Kyung with in the themed hotel was one of Ji Hee’s old boyfriends. So these girls are keeping secrets from each other which will probably come out down the road. Ji Hee finds out a new boss has been hired at her job and in walks the jogger guy. (So Heo Tae Hee will be a regular for this season too?) They agree to never talk about that day.
INR2 work
The “sex partners” agreement between Yeol Mae and Suk Hyun appears to be working for now. When she wants it, she puts on those killer high-heels and walks around which brings him running. When he wants it, he moves the cat figurines closer together which brings her running. Another gab session with the ladies where Yeol Mae tells them she’s falling more in love with Suk Hyun than ever. She even wants to have his children. (Ruh roh) When Ji Hee goes to the bathroom, Yeol Mae questions Jae Kyung about her marriage. Both of them are cheating so the marriage is all for show? Isnt’ she afraid of being found out? Jae Kyung claims her husband doesn’t know she’s seeing someone. (interesting) Jae Kyung’s company needs financing so Jae Kyung tries smooth-talking hubby into investing but he won’t.
INR2 hostile
He tells her to solve her companies problems herself, they agreed to not discuss money when they got married. (more interesting) Some insults fly between them. WOW, these 2 don’t even LIKE each other! Why on earth are they married? Yeol Mae isn’t getting what she wants from this sex-only relationship with Suk Hyun so she relies on her imagination to fulfill the wishes in her heart. She wants to be loved but she doesn’t want to beg for it. She asks Suk Hyun to pretend like he loves her. (why is that so sad to me?) She tears up when he gazes at her and calls him a womanizer. He curls up in her lap and she gets more upset so she yells at him to leave. (GIRL, you need to move!)
INR2 shower
Ji Hee is talking with doctor-boyfriend and tries to explain why she’s avoiding his calls. She’s dissatisfied with something about him but when he asks what, she can’t bring herself to tell him its the sex. He yells that sex is more important than food to him. (ROFL) Yeol Mae goes to the record shop and asks where Ji Hoon is. He pops up asking why she’s looking for him? (She’s lonely) She asks him if she can go to his house and listen to music today. He asks what type of music she’s in the mood for and she admits she’s depressed and hates herself. He asks if she’s dating? She replies it’s nothing like that. (How could she admit “no, I’m just sex-partners with someone”) He plays a love song and Yeol Mae flashes back on all her sweet moments with Suk Hyun.
INR2 2ndcpl
She asks Ji Hoon about fate and he talks about chance meetings with someone. OH MY GOD, he’s met her more than a few times! He first met her when he attended guitar classes where she was the teacher. Then she kept coming to his coffee shop and falling asleep. (he remembered her!) Then she signed up for his coffee-making classes. He tells her he remembered this woman because of her unique name. Yeol Mae says it can’t be as unique as hers. She asks about fate with that woman again. He remembers her showing up and mistaking him for her blind date. Then he says they also met at a different location. (the record shop) Ji Hoon says he’s just observing her for now, he finds her interesting. He think they must be bound by something.
INR2 past
Yeol Mae tells him it’s fate and he shouldn’t miss out on his chance to catch that woman. HAHAHA! She has no idea he’s talking about her. (so he’s a romantic? SO CUTE) He asks why she’s speaking informally to him? She thinks she’s older than he is, isn’t she his Noona? Nope, he’s 33 also which means they’re the same age. She says they can be friends then and speak informally which makes him laugh and agree. Okay, these 2 are adorable together. The young female writer, Kang Na Hyun waits for Suk Hyun to talk more about her writing. She tells him she put her whole heart into her scenario that he ripped apart, he’s a writer too so he should understand. She tears up as she’s telling him this and when she leaves, he watches her squat down on the street clearly upset. Yeol Mae comes home to hear a womans voice coming from Suk Hyun’s room.
INR2 jealous
She walks in to see Kang Na Hyun there. Suk Hyun tells her later that he’s going to write with Kang Na Hyun. He smiles while talking about this young writer and Yeol Mae ends up having a complete melt-down. She cries and tells Suk Hyun she’s a mess. (YOU NEED TO MOVE!) The next day as Yeol Mae is gathering dirty clothes from Suk Hyun’s place, she tells herself she knew from the start what type of man he was. He’s the type who didn’t hold onto her when they broke up. But her heart still keeps going towards him. As she heads upstairs with the vacuum, she sees a womans legs sticking out from under the covers in Suk Hyun’s bed.  She pulls the covers back to reveal Kang Na Hyun. When Suk Hyun comes back in her house with groceries, she throws the cat figurines at him and yells that he’s a monster.
INR2 bkup



I finally felt the snappy, witty dialogue was back watching these 2 episodes. I get the feeling it’s a huge mis-understanding and that Suk Hyun didn’t sleep with the young writer but since both these characters have a large amount of pride, Suk Hyun won’t even bother to correct her assumption. Which will lead to her visiting Ji Hoon more often and further mis-understandings. Yeol Mae is forcing herself to accept a sexual relationship with Suk Hyun when she wants more. We have yet to discover why Suk Hyun is so against marriage. Ji Hee is also accepting a relationship that leaves her wanting more. If both of these women could admit to themselves that these were “temporary” relationships (in other words, not marriage minded or serious) I think it would be okay. IF they were able to deal with that type of relationship. But neither of them appears to be that type of woman so the relationships are doomed to failure and these women will end up hurt. Don’t step into the fire if you can’t handle it. We also found out that Jae Kyung’s husband is not the only one cheating! (yet another shocker for me) I was all prepared to despise her husband but turns out she’s doing the same thing. Now it’s a matter of finding out WHY both of them are cheating and why they ever got married in the first place. So far, I really like Shin Ji Hoon but I feel like he too will end up being hurt if he gets involved with Yeol Mae. She’s very obviously still deeply in love with Suk Hyun. Choosing my OTP is gonna be hard in this one, I’m rooting for the second lead already. *sigh* I hate it when that happens. I can’t wait for next week!

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  • wap says:

    thanks for the recap! i’m enjoying this one 😀

    well, what to do with these two? it’s so difficult to be involved with your ex without any expectation.

    and the doc is a perv! selfish to boot, it’s all about self satisfaction huh? why doesn’t he just do it all by himself. lol!

    • tessieroo says:

      ROFL! I heartily agree! (doc doesn’t appear that skilled to me anyway) I think YM needs to move and as quickly as possible. She needs to get on with her life. IF Suk Hyun figures out he loves her and wants to marry her – then let him COME TO HER. If not, she’s already moving on.

  • midori says:

    Ji Hee’s boyfriend is a jerk but she makes the situation worse by not being honest and telling him what she wants.

    I’m second lead shipping already. Go for the new adventure. Yeol Mae and Suk Hyun keep making the same mistakes over and over and it’s time to start with someone new.

    • tessieroo says:

      Hi Midori! I agree, Ji Hee is playing games but is it just to get married? (to anyone?) She doesn’t appear to have much self-esteem. I still can’t believe YM has been with SH for 12 years! I mean, what does it take for her to acknowledge he doesn’t want to marry her? Yeeesh, move on girl.

      • Midori says:

        Especially if her goal was marriage JH should be more honest than it would improve both of their sex lives. Doc Jerk may never figure out how to please her but she’d have given it an honest try. But then again their lack of communication about sex symbolizes their lack of communication in the relationship.

  • NJ says:

    Hey, does anyone know what song it is that plays when Yeol Mae and Seok Heon are… ahem… together in the car? The Hoochie Coochie one.

  • done watching up to episode 4. i can’t contain myself now. thanks for the recap , because those where exactly what’s in my mind right now

    ah kuchi kuchi ftw!!

  • ha nguyen says:

    thanks for the song. It was great and funny.

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